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It was perfect. Well in her mind anyway. She could put her desk there in that room and keep the goldfish they had bought together over on that shelf. The oh so lived on futon would go against that wall and the television they had yet to buy would have to go across from it. They were still arguing about what size the stupid TV would be. Now that they had their own place Inuyasha wanted a huge wide screen and she wanted something more practical, like either of the ones they'd had in their dorms that they had kept. It was not an argument that was going to end soon and therefore they had no television at all in the room yet. Not that Kagome was planning on complaining about this fact. She liked having all of her mate's attention.

"It's all ours," came a deep voice behind her just before two warm arms wrapped tightly around her waist. Kagome leaned back against the hard chest and just allowed him to support her weight. She felt his next statement coming before it even reached his lips. "After three years in that shitty apartment... That means we can do whatever we want here and no one can interrupt or anything!" he purred excitedly in her ear. Kagome rolled her eyes then turned to face her overzealous hanyou mate.

"Inuyasha, baby, you know I love you but I'm still tired from last night, twice, and this morning in the shower and we still have to move the other half of our stuff in here today." He sighed but nodded his agreement. If he had his way he would have moved most of their stuff in here by himself, if only to get it done faster so they could scrump sooner, but Kagome had insisted on helping and she just wasn't as strong as he was so it took a hell of a lot longer. No way was he going to fight her on it so he just kept his thoughts to himself. Lucky for him he had gotten a lot better at shielding like Kagome so that he actually could keep thoughts like that from her attention.

"We're almost done Mate. We just have boxes left. Why don't you arrange the furniture the way you want and I'll bring the rest of the stuff in?" He knew he could safely ask this because none of their furniture was overly heavy and Kagome was more than capable of shifting it herself while he stacked up a ton of boxes and brought them in. He watched Kagome contemplate this idea for a while before he leaned down to seal the deal with a kiss. He felt her mind melting and he couldn't help the surge of pride. He could turn his woman to mush with naught more than a kiss.

"Alright Inuyasha," she breathed when he pulled back. The hanyou felt guilty for using that kind of attack to get his way for all of a nanosecond then smirked. Who was he kidding; he loved getting his way without a fight!

Releasing his mate with a quick kiss on the forehead he headed outside to gather up the rest of their boxes. Most of them were wide and heavy so they made good stable bases for his planned tower. He then placed the smaller, more fragile ones on top and revved himself up to lift the massive pyramid. He locked the truck again and pocketed his keys before crouching down to get under the stack. It was just barely the right size to fit through the front door and into the main hallway.

"Kagome where do you want all this?" he asked, his face mashed up against the musty smelling cardboard. He waited semi-patiently for her to think about it then ended up setting down the entire load in the middle of the floor. The futon was in place against the wall, Herbert the goldfish was swimming happily in his tank on the shelf by the window and her desk was in the hall on its way back to the second bedroom, a.k.a. the office. But where the hell was Kagome? "Kagome?" he called. She wasn't in the hallway but he couldn't hear her in the rest of the house either. His nose was clogged from the musty boxes so he couldn't smell her if he tried. He could feel her in the area but where exactly, he couldn't say.

The hanyou grew frantic without knowing how and began checking every room in the house. The kitchen was bare and Kagome-free, the living room was as empty of her as it had been when he walked in the door, the downstairs bathroom was naked, the other room they planned to use as an office was also filled with boxes, their bedroom was filled with their stuff but not his mate and Kagome was nowhere to be seen. Now Inuyasha was in a full-blown panic and since it was the last room, he flew into the "master" bathroom without a second thought.

"Kagome!" he cried when he found his mate sitting on the floor of the bathroom.

"I... what?" she asked apprehensively. She seemed like she was hiding something but Inuyasha was having trouble focusing his thoughts on anything else enough to try to read the body language. He threw himself to the floor next to her and flung his arms around her, pulling her tightly to his chest. "Inuyasha? What's wrong with you?" She didn't get a response at first, just light whimpering and his snuffling at her neck to make sure she was all right.

"I came back and couldn't find you and then... what are you doing on the floor?" he asked when he finally realized that this had been where he'd found her. "Kagome are you crying?" It was very obvious she was by the tear tracks running down her face. Inuyasha wiped her cheeks carefully and stared into her eyes.

"I'm fine Inuyasha. I'm not hurt or anything," Kagome interrupted when he opened his mouth to ask. "Can you just give me a minute?" she whispered, sounding a little more than a bit desperate.

"I... Kagome, what's that?" he questioned when he noticed she was clutching something tightly to her chest. He heard her let out a tiny sob as she bean to tremble and looked back into her weepy eyes. "Kagome? Mate?" A tiny note of panic entered his voice but Inuyasha didn't care. Something was wrong with his mate and he wanted to know what the hell it was damn it!

Needless to say the half-demon was slightly surprised to find an oblong white object shoved into his hand. He nearly dropped it in shock but managed to keep a grip on it in the last second. He wasn't stupid, he knew what it was but he couldn't fathom nor believe that Kagome would have one. His already distressed mate took one look at his shocked face and got up from the floor. On a reflex his hand flew out and snagged her pant leg, pulling her back down to the tiled floor.

"Kagome," he breathed. Inuyasha looked at her, wide-eyed, when she flinched away from him. "Is this... is this real?"

"Do you want me to pinch you or something?" He shook his head gently but took a firmer hold of her arms as if to ground them both in reality. Kagome was still trembling, unsure of how he was feeling. Angry, happy, bewildered, maybe he was "tickled pink" as they say. At any rate, Kagome was clueless because she wasn't getting any kind of feedback. His mind seemed to have frozen as well because she couldn't feel what he was feeling either. "I... Um. You're obviously the first one to know," she tried. Kagome squeaked slightly when she suddenly felt the cool tile of the floor against her back and the gentle weight of her mate above her.

"Kagome..." he purred against her throat before kissing his mark. He certainly was getting straight to the point. Kagome had no doubt about Inuyasha's thoughts on the matter now that his mind was open to hers once more. He was over the moon and she couldn't help but mirror his excitement. She'd been afraid at first. Worries of, "what if he's angry?" "are we ready for this?" and other more terrifying questions had filled her mind to the point where she had felt numb. Now the heat of the moment... well mostly of Inuyasha's mouth on her... allowed her to realize how happy and unafraid she really was. Inuyasha was here and he wouldn't let anything happen to her.

"You're not mad then?" she whispered.

"Mad?!" His eyes widened and he pulled back sharply. "Are you joking?"

"I just... I was worried that you might be," she stuttered, looking away. He gently forced her eyes back to his and gave her one of the most serious looks she'd ever seen. His fingers smoothed her hair back from her face, eyes studying her carefully.

"I've been waiting a long time for this. No way would I be mad." He let a soft smile come to his lips. "Guess we'll have to find someplace else for your desk."

"Huh? Why?" Inuyasha laughed at the perplexed look on Kagome's face.

"How else are we gonna fit a crib in that room?"

"You're ridiculous, you know that?" Kagome chided, laughing. Inuyasha gently helped her to her feet, a wide grin on his face. He looked like the top of his head might fall off, the way he was smiling at her.

"And yet you love me! I must be the luckiest ridiculous half-demon ever," he joked. Kagome poked him in the chest while trying to hide her own smile.

"You had better believe it buster! I don't know who else in the world would put up with you." Inuyasha rolled his eyes, Kagome laughing at him. The two of them were certainly meant for each other, if only to spend their lives driving each other nuts. 'No one in the world I'd rather have here driving me nuts,' Inuyasha thought contentedly.

"Hey Kagome?" She hummed to let him know she was listening. He leaned over her, brushing his lips against hers softly. "Shut up." She didn't have time to protest before his mouth captured hers in a searing kiss. Eventually she succumbed to the driving force that is Inuyasha and allowed him to lift her up, carrying her to their brand new bedroom. The bed didn't even have sheets on it yet.

"Inuyasha, what are you doing? We still have boxes to move in." Kagome whispered against his ear when they broke apart for a moment. He chuckled darkly, a smirk firmly in place. He nipped at her lip, her neck and her chin a moment before whispering seductively in her ear.

"We have to break in the new bed sometime..."
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