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Live or Swim

          Shiaris clenches her hands tightly, as the group of boys in front of her push her further towards the cliffs edge. Shiaris feels the rock begin to crumble as she takes another step backwards. She glares up at the boys with steel in her violet colored eyes. Her eyes drill into each boy, before she is pushed over the edge. Her long, silver hair billowing out behind her as she falls, into the ocean's swirling depths.

          She hits the water with a heavy splash. She opens her eyes and swims away from where she fell, away from her tormentors. Raising her arms to her sides, she propels her body up for air. She breaks through the water in a small underground cavern, "Stupid boys!" Shiaris growls angrily. Finding a rock that isn't submerged, she sits on it and wrings her hair and shirt out. She sighs as she looks down at her jeans, "I'm going to need the sun to dry them, and that will take hours!" Shiaris grumbles a few choice words about boys in general, before she spots what looks like a dry way out. Slipping back into the water, she swims over to it, and makes her way towards to what seems to be an opening. Pulling back the bushes, Shiaris pops out into a forest. "Where the hell am I?"