False Hope

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Summary: Ino breaks down when she sees Sakura and Sasuke together...Shikamaru/Ino!

Not much Saku/Sasu because I don't really like that pairing...I'm only using it for the point of the story ^_^ sorry Saku/Sasu shippers...

Chapter 1

Ino put some flowers in a glass vase and started arranging them by how they complemented each other. Business was slow, though it was the middle of winter and most people seemed to want flowers a lot during this time as reminder of spring. She traced a finger across the top of the vase as she finished and smiled.

She picked up the vase just as the bell on door indicating someone had entered rang and she looked up toward the entrance. It was Sasuke, her eyes lit up, at least until she saw Sakura on his arm, which soon moved to a position around her waist. Ino watched him pick out a single pink tulip and pay her mother for it as he passed it to Sakura who grinned widely in return. She wondered if Sakura had planned this purposely, trying to rub in the now obvious fact that something was going on between her and Sasuke, in her face. Trying to shove the fact that Ino had lost something to Sakura at her. Ino watched them trying to figure out how something like this could happen. Why Sakura over her? Why were they here, it wasn't really in Sakura's character to boast like she was, had they even noticed her though?

Ino set the vase back down and walked out of the store forgetting her jacket, leaving Sakura and Sasuke behind. Once past the store front she broke into a dash, trying to get away from the scene as soon as she could. After getting through town, and bumping into a couple dozen people, she finally came the edge of the forest. She collapsed onto the ground which was covered in snow, and clenched a handful which melted in her grip leaving her hand with a slight burning sensation. She rolled off her stomach and onto her back, feeling the snow melt lightly leaving her clothing damp.

She stared up into the sky. It was a swirl of whites and grays, the kind of sky you get when it snows, which was exactly what it had started doing. The snow fell on her and in her eyes causing her to close them. Tears trickled out of the corners of her eyes and rolled down her cheeks, now pink from the cold. She wasn't sure if she was overreacting or not. This much over one guy. It wasn't just –one- guy though, she had had a crush on him for over a year now. She had fought with Sakura over him for over a year now. She had been trying to get him to notice her for over a year now. Why. Why had she wasted so long on him, when now there was obviously no point. How could everything she dreamed over be crushed so quickly. Maybe that's why it hurt so much. She shivered as she began to feel the coldness. Her light sweater and jeans were damp with melted snow and her skin began to sting as it lightly covered her. She didn't move though, mesmerized with sky, deep in thought, ignoring the irritation of snow landing in her eyes every once and a while. She reached her hand up as if trying to touch it, something.

"Ino?" Some one said from her right. She quickly jerked her hand back and tossed her head to the side to see who was there. It was Shikamaru. Her eyes gazed over him. He had on a olive green winter jacket and brown pants, his face still had that usual lazy look on it, with a hint of concern in his eyes. She moved her head looking back up at the churning winter sky. Her hair had fallen out of its ponytail as she did, causing it to cluster messily at her shoulders. Shikamaru raised an eyebrow and tentatively took a few steps toward her.

"Ino, are you okay?" He asked confused by her state, which was uncharacteristic of her. As he got closer he noticed her eyes a bit red. "Are you...crying?" He asked, more lost at the situation. She still didn't answer him, just looked up into the sky. 'How troublesome,' Shikamaru thought as he rubbed his head. He walked over to Ino and dropped to his knees. He looked at her from straight above blocking her view.

"What do you want Shikamaru," Ino said.

"Is something wrong, you're acting odd," He said.

"Everything is just peachy," She answered.

"What'd Sasuke blow you off?" He said jokingly, not knowing exactly what happened. She snapped to a sitting position, but ended up smacking foreheads with Shikamaru who had been bent over her on the way. He crossed his legs, sitting 'Indian style' as he clutched his forehead. Ino tucked her legs under her doing the same.

"You okay?" He muttered.

"I'm fine," She said as she let go of her forehead. He looked over at her and watched her shiver. Sighing he took of his jacket and wrapped it around her. She tried to shrug it off but he had buttoned it on her.

"You'll get cold," She said not wanting to be a bother to him.

"I'll be okay, let's just get you home..." He mumbled.

"Thanks..."Ino said staring at the ground as they walked.

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