Change of Diet II

Christmas Omake

Disclaimer: Tokyo Babylon/ X/1999 do not belong to me, they belong to CLAMP, and at least one belongs to Kodakawa books… if I spelled it right.

A/N: this is a bit of silliness that has been living in my head for a while now.

Thump thump thump thump

Subaru rolled over. For once, he was going to actually sleep in- especially considering he'd only gotten to bed an hour ago- at four A.M.

Now it was five A.M… and he had a date this evening with Seishirou-san, and for once he wanted to be halfway rested.

Thumpthumpthump- "SUBARU! I know you're in there! Get your ass out here! I have something I want to show you!"

Subaru sat bolt upright. His sister- Hokuto. The Sakurazukamori.

Or the person who kept Tree-san drunk and full of sugar.

He strongly suspected that she did the occasional assassination as well- because not even Pocky (wonderful stuff) could keep the Tree fed ALL the time… but he and his sister had worked out a "don't ask, don't tell" relationship regarding her new job.

Though she was often go to Seishirou for advice- and now that he wasn't totally evil, or at least a sociopath (and man, was he harder to deal with now that he didn't just put up a pleasant front) he was inclined to give said advice.


Seishirou grumbled, and buried his head under his pillow.

"Tell your neurotic sister to go away," he groaned. He'd not gotten much sleep, either.

"Hokuto-chan," Subaru whined, pulling the sheet over himself. "Can we get some sleep? Its Christmas…"

"I KNOW! That's the point!"

"Do you think, if I killed her, she'd go away?"

Part of Subaru tensed, then he relaxed, when he saw the faint smile creasing his lover's face. It was miraculous that their relationship had progressed to this point…


Too bad they still had Hokuto outside the door.

The two males eventually got their clothes on- and bundled up, because wherever they were going it was outside, and a light dusting of snow was falling over Tokyo.

"Come on, come on, COME ON!"

And Hokuto was shoving them along as Seishirou got them into his car, and they drove off… and the streets were nearly deserted.

"What IS it, Hokuto-chan?"

"You'll see!" she giggled, and both men were filled with dread.

They drove- and Subaru wondered if Hokuto-chan had finally decided to become the true Sakurazukamori- they were heading right to Ueno…

She ushered them out, and the trudged through the light snow, which had dusted the ground like sakura petals…

"Oh my god."

Surprisingly enough, it was Seishirou who said that, before he started to laugh so hard he fell to his knees. Hokuto-chan's face split in two with a massive smile, while Subaru just gaped like he'd been told (again) who the Sakurazukamori truly was.

The Tree was covered in tiny, twinkling lights. They wound through its branches, along with green and gold and silver garlands and beads and- well, many shiny things. Inverted star ornaments tangled, caught up in the wind, the petals and snow flakes mixing to the point you couldn't tell them apart.

Overlapping stars rested on the top of the monstrous tree.

"So? So?" Hokuto-chan bounced eagerly. "What do you think?

Subaru looked at his laughing lover- who had yet to regain his feet- and then noticed the presents underneath.

"H-ho-Hokuto-chan! What IS this?"

"It's the Christmas Tree of course!"

Seishirou climbed to his feet, wiping away tears. "I must say, Hokuto-chan… that this has to be your most interesting costume idea to date… but don't you think you should have asked Tree-san first?"

A soft whisper of wind-

"I like it," someone said, and Seishirou and Subaru whirled- to see an androgynous figure with pale pink hair and red eyes… dressed up like Santa Claus…

Seishirou fell laughing, again.

The End.

A/N: Pure randomness, inspired by me laughing every time my family would say something about "The Tree" meaning, Christmas tree. So I thought we fed our Christmas tree presents instead of bodies and… you get the idea.