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OKAY… First the pharaoh remembered…well, nothing really; he just woke up in the middle of a street. He opened his eyes, blinked and looked around confused. After rising to his feet, he looked to see that there was a strange, hard rock thing underneath his feet. It held more rocks inside it, and it was really flat. He looked ahead to see a sign. The thing was, it wasn't in Egyptian…no…it was in..

SIM! (A/n: XD I WOULD say "simian", but..that reminds me of a monkey O_o)

But what was strange about it was…

HE COULD READ IT!! O_O And on that sign that he could mysteriously read, it read:

"Welcome to SimCity!"

"SimCity?" The pharaoh had read to himself. He looked around again. Where was his castle? His servants? The sand?! And most of all…where the hell was his latte?! (a/n: O_o..uh…read the first chapter of "Old Ancient Egyptian Fun" to understand that one…you don't HAVE to though, it's not a necessity)

"Pharaoh!!" came a familiar voice. A voice that was…VERY familiar. The pharaoh dude (a/n: Hmm…I guess I should start using his name, Atemu now? O_o)…err..Atemu looked around excitedly and found Mahado running towards him.

"Mahado!! What the hell are you doing here?!" Atemu demanded. Mahado had run up to him completely breathless.

"P-pharaoh…I…we..we're not in-" he started.

"Hey, Mahado. I guess my hotness really took your breath away, eh?" Atemu laughed hysterically. Mahado sighed and thought to himself, "WHY does the author do this?" And of course, the author will answer through his thoughts, "Because, this story is dedicated to Kaira-chan, and she likes yaoi, and one of her FAVOURITE yaoi couples would happen to be MahadoXAtemu, so BLEGH! =P" (a/n: @_@ Besides, he can't turn back, I've got screenshots of the two of them falling in love and kissing XD GO SEE!)

"Pharaoh.." Mahado had started again. But before he could say any more, the pharaoh had held his hand out as a signal of "silence".

"AHEM…YOU are to call me Atemu now!" he answered. Mahado blinked and tried again.




This time the pharaoh slapped him in the face.

"ATEMU, DAMMIT!!" he commanded. Mahado rubbed the spot on his cheek from where the pharaoh had hit him, and went to say "pharaoh" again, but ceased to do so when he saw him raise his hand threateningly.

"…Atemu…" Mahado said inaudibly. Atemu (a/n: O_o anyone know why the hell I can't make up my own mind?! *slaps herself*) smiled and hugged Mahado.

"GOOD SERVANT! Good boy!" he praised as Mahado raised an eyebrow. He then suddenly dropped Mahado on the ground and pointed down the street in a dramatic heroic-like pose.

"Now…OFF INTO OBLIVION!!" he announced and marched off down the street. Mahado lifted himself from the cement road and quickly followed alongside his king.

And then the two of them finally found the enormous house that the author built for them. (a/n: did I forget to mention it took over 3 hours to make it?! O_o yeah, the Sims will do that to ya.)

It was a two-story house, with many glass windows, and large golden doors. They both stared at it in complete awe, for the author not only did something good for once, but she completely wasted her time like always doing it. They then wondered how anyone could do such a thing.

And then they realised that maybe they should go inside the house, because the story was getting off-topic HORRIBLY.

Mahado ran ahead and opened up the front door for Atemu, and only entered the building himself after Atemu was more than fully inside by five feet. The two of them looked around. The floors and walls were a very shiny black, and before them both was only a huge pool. In the four corners of the room, there were iron, spiral stairs.

"Um…Sooo..pretty…nice…right?" Mahado said, and prayed that his voice did not echo throughout the house. Atemu only nodded in agreement.

"Yes…yes, it is nice," he answered, then grabbed Mahado by the arm, "c'mon!! Let's go look around, let's go-let's go-let's go!!"

Before Mahado could answer, Atemu was dragging him around the house; going through the kitchen to the dining room, then up the stairs into some kind of partying room, then they found the bathroom (where Atemu was strangely enough amused with the golden toilet inside O_o) and finally, found the ONLY bedroom in the house!

They stepped through the glass door (hell, the whole thing was glass actually @_@) to the bedroom. Atemu's eyes had brightened when he stepped on the soft red carpet and he dove on the bed.

"OOOOOH! It's so soft!" he laughed happily as he played with the pillows. Mahado looked around the room. This was quite a fine-sized room, a wardrobe by the door, a gold-framed mirror…one bed…

"Uh…I guess this is..the only bedroom in the house.." he said as he continued to inspect the room, raising an eyebrow. Atemu just kept smiling and rolled around on the bed.

"Oh, well that's no big deal, Mahado. You can just sleep with me," Atemu said excitedly, as if this was the best thing to have ever happened to him. Mahado gulped.

", maybe I'll just…sleep on the floor… or there IS a couch in the other room, I could just..yeah.." he answered, and laughed nervously. Atemu stretched out on the bed leisurely and gave Mahado a strange look.

"Is that so? And why don't you want to sleep with your king? You should consider it an honour, you."

"Well..yes, but-"

And THEN, the author could not take Mahado's un-cooperative attitude, and then appeared in a snot-bubble and beat him over the head with a step-by-step book called, "How to be Gay - for Dummies" and then disappeared in a loaf of bread. (a/n: NO offense to gay people…if you find that offensive in any way O_o..)

After Mahado recovered, he walked up and sat by Atemu, who then also sat up.

"Actually, I was just afraid of kicking you in your sleep," Mahado explained, then hugged Atemu. Atemu hugged him back.

"Oh, that's just fine. I can just kick back," he answered.

The next day, the two of them broke many things (one of which was the dishwasher), but thanks to Atemu's butler (who also just magically appeared XD), Alfred, they stayed broken not for long.

Mahado and Atemu even learned how to use a television that day! Atemu sat in a recliner in front of the television and switched through the channels until he found an action show. In the show, a man started running around on fire. And though this man was dying, Atemu started laughing insanely. He liked fire, it amused him.

Mahado then brought in the mail and showed it to Atemu.

"Guess what…A..Atemu.." Mahado said, (he struggled with it, but he got it ^_6) "look what I found!" Atemu looked at these strange white envelopes, and then questioned what they were.

"Mahado…what the hell are those?!" he questioned. (See, I told you.)

"Oh, these? It is MAIL," Mahado proclaimed, "I found it in the thing outside called a mailbox." Atemu nodded, and tried to keep up with what Mahado was saying.

"Oh…I get it…but where is this…this… 'mailbox'?" he asked. Mahado pointed at the front door.

"Alfred said it was outside. At the end of the walk, right beside the being known as a garbage can," he answered. Atemu blinked, apparently astonished by the fact that there was a strange creature known as a "garbage can".

"Why, that's amazing!" he said. Mahado nodded, then showed him a paper.

"Look! It talks about stars, who's hot and who's not!" he said, "I wonder what they are talking about?"

"Famous people, gentlemen," Alfred cut in. Mahado and Atemu both jumped and looked at Alfred. (HEY! O_O That's the dude from Batman! XD Sweet! Atemu has Bruce Wayne/Batman's butler!)

"Really? Well…why aren't I on this then?" Atemu asked, scanning the list of "Who's hot"- him obviously not there.

"Yeah, the pharaoh should be on the list. I mean, he IS the king of Egypt," Mahado pointed out, then pinched Atemu's cheek. Atemu giggled (Hey, I say he giggled..) and nodded in agreement. Alfred smiled but shook his head.

"I am afraid you are wrong. This is SimCity, not Egypt. So your title here means nothing to anyone. You just live in a really nice house with millions of simoleans in which the author used a cheat code to get, but as far as anyone is concerned, you are of no importance in our society. Basically, you are lower than dirt and have only this house to live in," Alfred answered bluntly, yet pleasantly. (Hey, it's possible..) Mahado and Atemu's jaws dropped in disbelief and rage. Atemu then angrily pointed at the door.

"GET OUT! HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO YOUR KING THAT WAY! YOU'RE FIRED! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!" he bellowed, his voice echoing throughout the house. Alfred nodded in obedience and exited the house. Atemu waited, then rose from the recliner and angrily stomped outside to make sure that he was gone. He then stomped down the street, Mahado following him.

"Oh, don't listen to him, dear," Mahado smiled and put his hand on Atemu's shoulder. Atemu stopped and took a deep breath, then he smiled back at Mahado.

"You're right. Don't listen to him. He just doesn't know who is the ultimate authority," he huffed, then, cooling down walked down the street right into a yard sale. People were busy coming and going, and neighbours were barbequing. A young man had then bumped into him.

"Oh, sorry," the man said, then looked Atemu up and down with a weird look. After he had scanned him about three times, he looked back up at Atemu's face and smiled. Mahado suddenly linked his arm with Atemu's and gave the man a grave look, in which the man just returned with a raised eyebrow.

"Um…foreigners are you?" the man asked. Atemu gave him a puzzled look.

"No. What about you? You're all…pale," he said, then spotted a darker skinned man near the barbeque, "oh, except for him…" The man before them shook his head and laughed.

"But…aren't most of us? I mean, you two are the only strange ones here. You're both walking around in…like Greeks, togas and all. You guys Egyptian or something?" he asked, noticing the tanned skin again. Mahado and Atemu gave him a weird look.

"Uh…YEAH. What, aren't you?" Atemu asked sarcastically. The man laughed again and shook his head.

"No. Oh, hell no. A bunch of weirdos, with their mummies an' all. You two must be the only ones, we don't have many of you walking around here," he replied. Atemu glared at his "weirdos" remark.

"We are NOT weird. If anything, YOU are weird," Atemu shot back coldly.

"Dude, chill out. We're not dissing your cult or anything," he said. Atemu gave him a shove.

"How DARE you speak that way to your pharaoh?! I should sentence you to death for that!" he yelled. People started staring at them. The man looked around with a really weird look on his face, then back at the angered Atemu and Mahado.

" just can't 'sentence death' here, you. That's for the judges in court to do. You are not a judge-"

"I'M YOUR KING, DAMMIT!" Atemu shouted. A little girl then came up and kicked Atemu's shin.

"Oww!! Oww oww!" Atemu cried as he fell backwards in pain. Mahado caught him before he fell and glared at the little girl, who hugged the man tightly.

"Don't hurt my daddy…" she threatened. Two other children appeared, another girl and a boy. They also glared and nodded in agreement with their sister. Atemu gave the little boy a shove, and before any of the other siblings or the father could do anything, he had jumped into Mahado's arms.

"What in the hell are you?!" Another man called from far off. Mahado and Atemu glared at them. People gave them hate-stares, and they returned them.

"Mahado…get…get these THINGS away from me!" Atemu demanded, and as Mahado walked away carrying him, he gave them all looks that said, "You'll all regret this day…"

The two of them were coming up the walk when Alfred met them.

"Hello again, gentlemen," he greeted with a smile. Atemu only turned away angrily, and Mahado nodded slightly at Alfred.

"How come no one knows him?" Mahado asked, "and actually…why the hell did you come back after you were fired?"

"Well. First of all, I already said that this was SimCity, not Egypt. Why you two chose to not listen is beyond me, but…anyway. I had come back because I knew you'd want me back. They ALL do," Alfred replied spookily. Mahado shook his head and took Atemu inside the house, sitting back in the recliner.

"It's okay…we'll find a way to make them know who rules them all..then we will all laugh at them.." Mahado smiled and gave Atemu a pat on the back. Atemu crossed his arms and sat back, quiet and angry still. Mahado then handed Atemu the newspaper and pointed to the famous peoples section again.

"Look…it says 'get an agent'…what's that? Let's think about that together, would you like that?" Mahado asked. Atemu smiled slightly and nodded.

"If the young sir has talent at all, then it would be in his best interest to get an agent," Alfred called to them as he dusted the room. Mahado gave him an angry look.

"Alfred, I was trying to cheer him up by making him think about it himself. Just because you know all the answers…" he said, sighed, then turned back to Atemu. Alfred also sighed, then rolled his eyes.

"If you would like the gentleman to be recognized as an 'important' member in society, or even in this community, you might want to get him an agent. If he proves himself talented enough, people will adore him, everyone will know him. Is that not what you want?" Alfred asked. Atemu and Mahado looked at him with wide eyes.

"You mean…if I use this paper thing..and get an agent, people will all know and worship me like in Egypt?" He asked. Alfred stopped and thought about this, then nodded.

"Well…yes, to an extent. You are not exactly 'worshipped', you have to earn your way to the top, then earn your way to keep you there. But people will know and respect you all around," he answered, "oh..and you don't necessarily use the paper itself to get an agent, you must use the phone as well." Atemu's eyes brightened, and he turned to Mahado. Mahado smiled again seeing that Atemu was happy again.

"This is great! Now…how do I do this?" Atemu asked as he jumped out of the recliner. Alfred sighed, but smiled and led Atemu to the phone.

And then…they got him an agent. His first step to "superstardom" =D

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