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""- Test bubbled. Reality.

~ -Computer talk

**- Text bubbles for Online use.

--- -Change in scene.

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Ice Blue Eyes: A Lonely Chat

Chapter One: A Mirror to One's Soul.

-By Sakura


"Yeah, whatever! I'm getting online!" A girl shouted as her hand slammed down on her computer. There was no need for that annoying sound of an internet connection… that was the old style… if you know what I mean. That old style no longer existed. Why? This was the year 2020.

~Welcome…Misao…~ Her welcome screen said. The teenaged girl sat in dark room, on a mattress in an empty room. She looked pissed. But then again, you couldn't see her eyes. A PDS… or a Portable Display Screen wrapped around her eyes. People like us, in this time, could probably associate the thing the girl wore over her eyes like the thing from DOTHACK or COWBOY BEBOP.

"Yeah… yeah… Just… get me away…" The girl mumbled out loud to the PDS over her eyes. It beeped a little in response. Yeah, those old PDSs beeped. But she couldn't afford a new one… there just… wasn't enough money. She had an idiot old man grandpa… Okina. He actually wasn't even Misao's relative… Just some old caretaker that didn't give a damn about her. What else was new…? No one cared about Misao. Not in this realm anyway… but online… that was a different story…

----- Online -----

*Misao-Chan!* A voice called. In this digital-realm… this alternate-reality… Misao could see her best friend. Kaoru. Perhaps one of her only friends.

Misao… blinked. Well, her character image did. A smile… made from mere pixels was shown across her face. Either way she smiled, it was a lie. She used to smile very often… but not anymore…

*Konnichiwa Kaoru-Chan! What's up!?* Misao grinned that same lie… those same fake pixel-like dots making it seem like a reality. This so-called reality, what does it look like you ask? A field… that's what Misao had envisioned it to be, thus, what it was. Her friend Kaoru, she had only known online. So, she knew her as "LifeSaving_KatanaGirl45562". But they had become friends pretty quickly and she entrusted her name to her. But… could you really trust people online…?

*Ohhh! Nothing much!!* Kaoru giggled. Misao smirked.

*And what's THAT supposed to mean?* Misao asked. Kaoru blushed a bright red.

*Nothing, except… Kenshin-kun really, really, really likes me! And… he asked if we should go out!!* Kaoru hopped a few times. Misao's eyes widened. Kenshin… Oh that's right… she had met him a few times before. Himura-san. Or better known as "Heart_of_the_Sword008". Someone Kaoru had met online and actually FALLEN IN LOVE with! It was… stupid, idiotic, absurd… Something that was far over Misao's comprehension.

*That's great, Kaoru-Chan!* Misao smiled and clasped her hands together. Kaoru laughed.

*HAI! Annnd! … And I have got to go! I said I would meet him in the Katana Chat! S-sorry Misao-Chan! I gotta go meet him!* And before Misao could say another word… the vision of Kaoru had disappeared in a sparkly of light.

*Yeah, well… good for you.* Maybe Misao was a little jealous… yeah right. Of that? Pfft.


Makimachi Misao crossed her arms as she clunked her head against the wall. She didn't like this. Not a bit. Normally, she would get offline. What could was an escape if… that escape let her down? Oh well. The escape that Misao had before her was a vast one. She would simply move it around to suit her needs. She brought a hand up to move through her black silky-like hair. The rest of her hair was brought back into a braid. She looked as she did online… Today was Sunday. The only day she didn't have school. The city she lived in, Kyoto, no… this world… in demanded far too much of her. She shook her head slightly and refocused her attention to the online dream world…

"Display Chats." She commanded… and the escape obeyed.

------- Online -------

The chat list scrolled down before her. Misao studied the names… but none appealed to her. RPGs, Chats, whatever. Nothing. She almost gave up searching… until something… special appealed to her.

\ Ice Blue Eyes: A Lonely Chat /

Hmm, yeah that sounded good. She may as well enter, there was only one other person in there. She didn't want to be bothered.. But she didn't want to be left alone. It was… perfect.

Misao entered the chat…and it was unlike any other. It was dark, nighttime, the moon out. The area was right on a lake, fertile fresh grass under Misao's digital feet. It was soothing… so soothing… yet… sad.. Lonely… just like herself…

*ShinobiGirl_4Ever…Welcome…* A calm voice said. Misao twirled around to meet a tall figure. Tall, dark, and handsome was a good way to describe him. Their eyes met. He had…Ice blue eyes… A small text box hovered above his right shoulder.

*OniwabanshuuOkashira…Thank you. That's a really nice LogIn Name.* Misao said back and gavea slight smile.

*You are welcome… Interested in Shinobi… are you?* The man said. Misao nodded, she began to walk to a tree…

*H-Kyaa!* Misao's message was cut of as a hand clamped over her mouth. Misao looked up to find a Character Image of a blonde spikey haired teenager grinned down at her.

*I've been watching you for some time, ShinobiGirl… And Umugh!* Now, it was time for this jerk's turn to be cut off. OniwabanshuuOkashira had grabbed hold of Misao's shoulders, pulled her close, and pushed the other guy back.

*People like you don't need to be in this chat. Now, Leave. Before I report the NET System.* He said cooly, yet in a menacing voice. The punk nodded and then vanished. Misao took a step back to look up at her savior.

*Th-Thank you, OniwabanshuuOkashira…* Misao bowed.

*You still follow traditional customs? That is quite rare, yet very… polite of you. Please, call me Aoshi.* He offered….his name, perhaps?

*Aoshi-Sama, is it? You can call me Misao, if you want…* Misao offered in return. Aoshi gave a nod.

*It's really… quite… lonely… here…* Misao's voice trailed off… As she looked into the ice blue eyes of the one named Aoshi.

*It's designed to be that way, or perhaps… a mirror image of one's soul…* Aoshi said. Misao had reached that tree now, and slid down it, to sit. Aoshi sat a few feet in front of her. Misao let out a slight laugh.

*That's pretty poetic. But, yes, I agree… *Misao said, closing her eyes.

*You…? You are lonely?* Aoshi raised a brow. A young teenaged girl should be brimming with energy.

*Hai…People… outside of this world… they're so cruel…* Misao mumbled and buried her face into her arms. Misao heard a rustle in the grass as Aoshi seated himself next to Misao and lay a hand on her head.

*That is how people are, Misao, sometimes you can not escape it. This world is nothing more than…* He said.

*A mirror of our souls?* Misao asked, raising her head to look at him. He nodded solemnly.

*A mirror than shall remain a mirror. One that can never be crossed or become reality…*Aoshi said.

And the two talked for hours, with no one disturbing them. Perhaps they found peace in each other's loneliness. But until Misao let out a yawn, did the two part.

*Goodnight, Misao.* Aoshi bowed. Misao smiled and bowed as well.

*Do you think… we could talk again tomorrow, Aoshi-Sama?* Misao asked, a smile now upon her face.

*Perhaps.* Aoshi smiled inwardly.

*O-okay! I'll see you after school, then!* Misao said with a wave as she disappeared in a flash of light.

------- Reality -------

Misao threw off the PDS headset and watched it tumbled off her mattress. She stood up, walked across the room and turned off the light. The moonlight shone through her window. She laid down to sleep, and she did. But this time, she fell asleep with a smile. One that… wasn't very lonely…

------ Reality -----

Aoshi pulled off his PDS headset and set it down on his desk. He slid back in his rolley chair and stood. He pulled off his shirt and tossed it into the dirty-clothes basket. He then walked over to his bed, stretching his arms, and situated himself comfortably under his covers. Those ice blue eyes slowly closed, those icy orbs… not so lonely…


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