The Emerald Eye Prologue

The night was dark and the moon was full. The plants bathed in the silver light seemed supernatural as the wind weaved around the greenery. The star glittered like strange jewels above a sorrowful landscape.

A man, shrouded in dark cloaks lay where they had left him, convulsing in agony. His last vision was nearly complete and his soul was soon to depart.

They stared, forming a ragged circle around the old man, the most famous seer ever before, dying before their very eyes. He was not finished yet; he had yet to spew the contents of his vision in his guttural fashion to all those gather.

Suddenly he jerked upright, old joints creaking in protest. For a second the whole landscape was instantly illuminated by a streak of silver light that shot across the sky like a fiery serpent. Its tall lingered some seconds after the flash and soon the serpent was gone like the smoke of a fire.

"The dark era shall rise again as the silver serpent flies once more across the skies" the prophecy was made and his breath ceased. The scribe hurriedly recorded the rasped words that stilled echoed in the glade.

They covered the body and turned away, the time would come, and patience was a virtue. The predictions of a genuine seer always came true.

The Emerald Eye would see no longer, left in the glade. Like Slytherin before him, the seer knew the heir would come forth with the purest of blood to bring about the next dark era.

The wind rustled once more and the trees groaned. The stars continued to watch the world of men so many centuries later…

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