Summary: Vandal Savage's time machine works with perfect efficiency.

Disclaimer: All of these characters remain the property of their owners/creators.

Rating: PG-13, for themes.

Time Frame: Just after Superman's "death" in "Hereafter"--quickly becomes AU. (spoilers)

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Author's Note: My first JL drabble--and there's no real reason it *couldn't* have happened this way, is there?


"We don't do that to our enemies."

"Speak for yourself," Diana replied coldly, contemplating breaking the less powerful hero's grasp without hurting him.

"All right then--don't squash the annoying little man's head. *I* don't want you to." The grasp on her hand grew slightly tighter, and Diana was shocked to recognize the new voice.

Diana turned, and saw an old friend standing next to the Flash and looking as if he had just survived a six-month nature hike. "How?" she gasped.

"Well, it's complicated--" Superman began, but was cut off by a powerful hug and sobs of relief.

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