1. Bloody Snow

I went to grab the door knob, but when I did I noticed that I had forgotten my mittens. The snow can wait for a few moments. I really don't want to get sick again. The first time was bad enough. The coughing and constant sleepiness about drove me insane like Sirius. Though, I still love winter and always have for some unknown reason. Mum says that it is because I always like everything so cold. I don't know why that is either. I even like my hot chocolate cold.

As soon as I grabbed my mitten from Mimi, my personal house-elf, I ran outside to play in the newly fallen snow. There was a blizzard last night! I love to build snow people! It is a tradition I do every time I got to play in the winter snow. I built a snow wife and a snow son, but when I started to build the snow husband, a half-blood named Alicia Tambrine came up to me with her group of half-blooded friends in tow behind her.

"What are you doing, Narcissa? Day dreaming are we?" her teasing tone getting seriously annoying to my nerves. Perfect her. Perfect grades and looks. Perfect long straight brown hair and brown eyes. Perfect wizarding family (All in the Ministry of Magic you know. Pretty high up too.). Annoyingly perfect everything!

"You know I own the right to be out here playing in the snow just as well as you do, Tambrine."

"Well then" she said and smiled her perfect smile and batted her perfect eyes." Pure-blood! Pure-blood! You're a Pure-blood!" she and her perfect half-blooded friends chanted. This is not good for me, although I live in a magical neighborhood, it only has two homes (or manors really) that are owned by Pure-blooded families. The families have owned their homes before Hogwarts was built. Now, muggle-born and half-blooded families (about twenty or more) have moved in and order us around as if they were here first. We were here first! Not them! They moved in and bought our land from us! Stupid mud-bloods and half-breeds!

Soon Alicia and her gang got tired of their useless chanting. Truth be told, I'm glade I'm a pure-blood and in Slytherin. At least we're not like half-bloods who try to harm others for revenge for what was done in the past. Get over it really! Slytherins aren't all bad! We don't want revenge or anything. We just get even on our own terms. That's all!

The group turned their backs to go away to taunt someone else somewhere else. Where and who is not really my business. I only know that they will not be here with me and that is all I need to know. But they turn back around towards me and start to through snowballs at me violently. One had a rock in it. I remember because it hit me on the back of my head and left a scare there. I fell to the cold hard ground. Lying here I realized that I left my wand inside on my bed-side table. I'm defenseless. I'm helpless. Not for long though. I hear a familiar and comforting voice getting closer to me. It shoots some spell towards the half-blooded taunters. Which spell it was I cannot tell. The world around me was still spinning continuously. The owner to the voice kneeled beside me.

"Narcissa? Are you all right? Can you hear me?" he said worried. He was always so tender. I don't think he will be like Sirius or any other pure-blood for that matter. I think he will make his own path.

"Yes Lucius, I can hear you." I replied barely realizing what I am saying. I slowly sit up with his help and then he put his hand on my lower back while still holding my hand with his other hand. His tough was always soft and caring with me. I think he was always afraid that I would break. Maybe it was because we are both pure-bloods and the only pure-blooded families in this part of London. Maybe I do day dream too much. I could still be in my soft arm bed back in Black Manor. I hope not.