Soooooo sorry guys! In addition, I know this is short, but hey! It is just the conclusion of "Confessions". A will try to have a longer one up before the end of the day! Happy Holidays!!!

Grey Eyed Angel

"Confessions: Part 2"

Lucius raised hand stopped and slowly pulled away. His whole body was trembling. I do not know if it was out of fear or surprise or possibly happiness. He slowly backed up until he hit the front of his huge cherry desk. He them crumpled on the floor.

"Narcissa, are you sure? I mean absolutely?" he said trying to regain his composer. He never liked to seem weak in any manner.

I got up and started slowly walking towards him. I was afraid of what he might do, but I was more afraid of what he might do to himself. I slowly and patiently placed my hand to his trembling hand.

"There is no doubt." I said quietly.

He seemed to relax at my touch, but then he shot up and stood as steadfast as before, though I could see the still faint trembling of his hands. "The Dark Lord will be here soon. He can feel and sense all fears. Go back upstairs and prepare yourself. There will be no limits for him. Do you understand me?" I nodded. I stood. I started to walk towards the door, but Lucius grabbed my hand and looked directly into my eyes.

" Narcissa, he must not know about the baby, understand?" Again, I nodded. I went upstairs.