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Chapter 3: Dylan and Beka

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Dylan's POV

"MEDICAL EMERGENCY!!!" Andromeda's Voice boomed over the

"What has that boy done now!" Tyr growls.

"We are going to find out." I reply. We run down to the Med-
Deck. Rommie and Beka are already there when we run in.

"I want to see him!" She demands as we arrive.

"What's going on?" I ask Rommie.

"It's Harper." I look down and spot the blood for the first

"What Happened!" I ask again. She remains silent. I am
getting tired and stressed out. The hologram of Andromeda appears
beside her and is as quiet as her 'sister'

"ANDROMEDA REPORT!" I finally order.

I frown, she still is silent. I am about to ask her what is
wrong when she begins to talk. The hologram speaks
up. "I....We....I...Found Harper this way in his bathroom."

"Ship, what is that?" Tyr growls at her.

"Bleeding to death." Rommie snaps.

"Intruders?" Tyr ask. I try and block the others out as I
think. Tyr and Rommie are talking about something but I block them
out. Then Tyr turns and leaves.

Beka finally finds her mouth. "Is he?" Beka motions to the
middle of the Med-Deck.

"No, he's alive...but barely." Trance says as she joins the
small group.

Trance and Rommie begin to talk. I sigh as Rommie tells
Trance she wants to see him.

"Rommie don't make me give you an order." I say. I rub my
forehead. Gods I want to go sleep for the next three years.

"Then Don't...Dylan...Captain...I need to see him." I close
my eyes and nod.

"Five minutes. No more." I smile gently as she nods and
practically runs to Harper's bedside. I turned to Beka. She looks
like she is going to pass out.

"Beka, are you okay?" She nods and we fall silent. A few
minutes later Trance walks over and I watch as Rommie walks out and
past us. I bite my lip.

Trance walks over. "I need to clean Harper up. Which means
that you have to leave. Go and try and get some sleep." We nod and
walk out. Beka goes her own way before I can speak up. Trance
remains inside. I think about going to my quarters but change my
mind. I need something to do. I think I will go and see how Harper
is doing in the Machine Shops. The moment I walked into the room I
remember the first time I came in contact with Harper at night.


"Mr.Harper!" I yell as I walk into the room. "Rommie is
complaining that you are using more power then you should be." His
dirty blonde head pokes up over a new object.

"I didn't do it...." He messes around with another
gadget. "I mean I might have, but I didn't mean to." He ducks under
the large machine and walks over to the nearby fridge that he had
installed a while ago. He pulls out a Sparky Cola. "Want one?" He
asks me.

"What is it?"

"Sparky Cola." He grins at me. "Just a drink..." He gulps at
his and grabs one for me. He tosses it to me. I catch it.

"If you don't mind, Mr. Harper but why are you not in bed
like everyone else." He looks around the room.

He downs' the last of the drink. "I figure you can rest when
you are sick or when you are dead. Why waste time now...Plus that
fact is that most of the time my mind isn't ready to go to bed even
if my body is." He grins at me and shrugs his shoulders. I laugh

"There are drugs to calm you down so you could go to bed."

"No. Drugs aren't a choice...Can't, they are bad..." He
grabbed another drink. "Any way. I sleep when I get sick. That is
more then enough time." I look at the hyper active boy and open the
can. I smell it and my nose cringes. Harper is looking at me and I
smile and take a small sip. The sweet over-powering drink causes me
to cough. He pats my back. And I can hear him laughing. "Sorry
forgot to tell you about that."

"Is it always like that?" He smiles at me.

"Yeah, that's why I like it." I smile back.

End Of Flashback

That had been shortly after the crew of the Maru had pulled
the Andromeda out of the black hole. And somehow the small engineer
had worked his way into everyone's hearts. Even Tyr's...Even if Tyr
wouldn't let anyone know.

I rub my forehead and sigh. Glancing around I see a old
clock from Earth. It's late. Four in the morning. I haven't been to
bed in a day or so. I think it is time to go and check out the Med-
Deck. I turn around and walk to the room. As I turn the corner I
can see Tyr leaving. I feel a smile pull at my lips. He's forgiven
him. I was worried. I pick up my pace and the doors open in front of

"Trance? You in here?" I call into the almost empty room.

"You're supposed to be sleeping." Her reply comes as she
appears in-front of me. I grin at her.

"It can be our own little secret." I tell her as she walks
over to me.

"How's Harper?" We turn and walk back across the room and
stand beside his bed.

"He could be better but people keep waking him Up." She
informs me. I nod and get her point.

"I get it and I just...I needed to see him for myself." I
try and smile at her. Hoping that it shows "I'll leave now if you
want." I tell her pointing toward the door.

"Actually I was just going to take a break. How about you
watch over him for me?" I can't stop the grin that appears on my
face. that girl always knows what to say.

"I will... Go take a nap." She smiles. And I wonder what
that is about.

"I will..." She turns and walks towards the door. "And
Dylan." I look at her.


"If he wakes up call me." Again I smile.

"I will." I promise her as she turns to go. I turn back
around and place a hand beside Harper's own head. "Come on kid, I
think you have had enough sleeping don't you?" He moves and I jump
back into another memory.


"Harper, It won't hurt to just take one pill." He sips at
his drink as I watch him across the table.

"You don't know that Rom-Doll." He argues to the Avatar he
made. He shakes his head. "Just leave well enough alone.

"Harper, Please you are stressed over what happen with the
Persid last week and you need sleep."

"No what I need is to be left alone." He finishes off the
drink and fishes out another one. It hisses as it opens.

"Harper." I speak up. "what is so bad about just taking a
small pill to help you drift to sleep?"

He mumbles something that even Rommie can't catch.

"What?" She pushes.

"You Can't Wake-up!" He yells at us. I frown.

"Harper. Why what are you hidding from?" I ask him.

"Earth..." His hand drifts threw his hair. "I'm running from
Earth and everything that happened on that damn
planet....Okay?!?!?!" He slams his drink down on the table and runs
out of the room.

"Rommie, where is he going?" I ask. I need to speak to him
about what had just happened.

"Machine shop 17." She announces. I call out for Privacy-
Mode and make my way to the shop. I knock on the door and called out
my code. The doors slide open and I see Harper already working on
another gadget.

"What does this one do?" I ask him. He drops it and spins
around with a wrench in his hands. He sees that it's me and he
shakes as he drops the weapon.

"Sorry." His eyes roll back into his head and his legs give
out. I rush forward and catch him.

"It's okay I have you now....You're safe, Harper you're on
Andromeda." He nods.

"Can you help me to my room?"

"Will you go to sleep?"

"I think I just might have to."

End of Flashback.

Harper'd had nightmares that entire night and I don't think
all were about just his time on Earth. No one other than Beka and
Harper himself knows what he dreams about and I don't even think
that Beka knows it all. I sigh and gently nudge Harper...

"No...please...Hohne is more important....DON"T" He cries
out. I frown and give him a rougher shake. He springs
up. "TRANCE....NO!!!!!!!!" His eyes wide and full of pain. I let him
calm down. He looks at me. "Sorry." He looks ashamed.

"Don't be." He gives me a weak smile.

"I wish you guys would have saved Hohne instead of me."
Harper falls heavily back onto the bed. His eyes having trouble
staying open.

"You are the only one."

"He was better then me...Smarter then me...."

"And how will killing yourself solve this." He doesn't
reply. His eyes close the full way.

"It doesn't." He mutters as he falls back to sleep. I growl
lightly and scrub at my face. I need some sleep. But I don't want to
leave until Trance comes back, in case Harper needs someone. I look
around and spot a push-bed. I walk over to it and guide it back over
to Harper's bed. I climb up onto it and fall asleep as soon as my
head hits the pillow.

Now I will tell you what I've done for you
50 thousand tears I've cried
Screaming, Deceiving, and Bleeding for you
And you still won't hear me
Don't want your hand this time I'll save myself
Maybe I'll wake up for once
Not tormented daily defeated by you
Just when I thought I'd reached the bottom
I'm dying again

~Evanescence: Going Under {Fallen}

Beka's POV

"MEDICAL EMERGENCY!!!!" Rommie screams over the comm. My
heart leaps into my throat... HARPER!! What as he done now? I run to
Med-Deck. I burst into the room.

"What Happened?!?!?! What's wrong?" Rommie turns and I see
her blood stained her outfit. I immediately move toward the bed she
walks to meet me and blocks the view.


"I want to see him!" I demand. Out of the corner of my eye I
see Dylan and Tyr run in. Dylan instantly takes charge of the room
wanting to know what is going on. I can't even tell him anything I
am still trying to get a look at Harper. Tyr starts helping Dylan.
GOD why aren't they worried? Rommie is distracted by Tyr and I look
over her shoulder. The sight make me want to hurl. There is so much

"I will be in my room." Tyr states and walks out the door.

I finally find my mouth(voice maybe?). "Is he?" I can hear
the fear in my voice. I point to the bed. I am speaking to Trance as
she walks back over to us.

"No, he's alive...but barely." Trance tells us. I can
finally breath. There are so many questions but they just won't come
out. Rommie is practically fighting with Dylan. She gets her way
and walks over to Harper's bed. I am so out of it.

"...Are...okay?" I hear Dylan saying. My brain pieces in the
words I didn't hear. I nod and drift back out of reality. Why would
Harper do this? Did he have a choice? Was there someone there that
Andromeda couldn't pick up? Harper was free why did he do this. I
feel Rommie brush past me and I look back up at Trance.

"I...clean Harper ... Which... that you ...leave. Go ...
get... sleep." My confused brain is only picking up half of what is
being said. I get the main idea and nod. I walk out of the room and
let my feet take control. I leave Dylan there as I walk to my


Harper covered in blood laying on the Med-Deck.
A dirty little mudfoot coming onto the Maru for the first
A few months after being on my ship. He is gaining a few
pounds. He looks like a new person.
He is laying on the Med-Deck after the Magog Worldship.
(*sniff* very powerful images!)
End of Flashes.

I let out a loud sob and punch in my code for my door.
Nothing happens. I hit the code again. Still the door remains
closed. "Andromeda, override door controls, authorization 'Valentine
says do what I say or there will be trouble.' The door slides open.
I walk in and stumble over to my bed and fall onto it. Tears are
rolling down my cheeks. The sobs that are still ripping at my body
have began to hurt. I pull my legs up so that my chin touches my
knees. I feel like I am five again after my father had a run in with
me while high on Flash

I shake the memory off and think of happier things. Harper
pops into mind and I let myself think back.


"Finally. You have something other then skin on those bones
of yours." I say as I reach over and pinch Harper's arm. He yells in
protest and pulls away.

"Come on Boss, I'm trying to work here." He says pointing to
the nearby air-lock.

"I see that." I smile and pull out a Sparky Cola. "Then you
don't want this." I stand up. He stretches and moves to grab it but
I'm too tall.

"No fair."

"Tough luck, Seamus." He sticks his tongue out at me. And
begins to tickle me under the rib cage.

"No Stop!" I squirm and drop the forgotten drink. He is
attacking me now. I am yelling and trying to fight back. "Seamus!" I
giggle and he stops and makes a dive for the drink.

"HA!!!No one can challenge me. I AM A GOD!!!" He yells. I
laugh out loud and get to my knees.

"All gods have weaknesses." His eyes go wide.

"Beka...No don't even think about it." He holds on one
finger in warning.

I laugh. And jump forward. I begin to tickle him around his
mid-drift. Girlish giggles stream from his mouth. His hand lets go
of the sticky drink and I feel it roll down my back. I scream out
loud and pull back.

"GROSS!" I yelled. Harper is up and backing away from me.
His eyes scanning the room. I look at him and I calm down. Suddenly
he stops and smiles.

"It's okay...I'm with you Beka...I'm always going to be safe
here right?"

I grin and nod. "Always and forever."

End Of flashback.

Damn even the good memories hurt. I roll off the bed and
walk to the shower. I pass my bathtub and order the water to be
turned on. Andromeda does the work and the water is pouring down. I
practically climb out of my old clothes and get in the shower. I
reach out and grab some soap. I scrub and scrub but I can't seem to
get clean. I softly growl in frustration and threw the soap into the
far wall. The water rushed over me and washes the soap off. Not
bothering to wash my hair I get out and grab a nearby towel. I dry
off and grab the nearest clothes I can find. I quickly dress. I look
around the room and notice a few odds and ends that Harper has made
over the years. I close my eyes as new tears roll down my cheeks. I
wipe them away. I clear my throat and leave my room. I walk to the
Maru and enter. I make my way slowly to Harper's room. I open the
door and go in. I sit down on his bed. I take a deep breath and lay
down. I close my eyes as I remember the first time I ever meet


"Hey, Beka you around here?" I hear Bobby shout as he comes
on board.

"Up Front." I yell back I can hear two different sets of
foot steps as they walk up to me. I turn around as they enter the
room. I jump into Bobby's waiting arms and kiss him on the lips. The
smaller person is nervously looking around the room. I pull
back. "What took you so long?"

"The shipment got delayed." I smile. My nose cringes as the
boy's 'smell' hit me finally.

"Who's that?" I ask and I step back from Bobby.

"Our new engineer." I nod. "I have a few things to get done
yet, so do you think you can deal with him?"

"I think so." I glance at him. Bobby kisses my cheek and
leaves. I turn to the young man. "Well come along." He nods and
follows me. I walk ahead of him trying not to breathe. He smells
terrible. We arrive at my room and I usher him into the
bathroom. "This is a bathtub..You take baths in it...You do know
what a bath is right?" I ask him.

"Of course I know what a bath is." He sighed. "I'm not
dumb..I'm a genius." He softly informs me. His eyes are still
wandering. I lock sight with him and I look him in the eyes.

"And geniuses should be clean!" He looks over at the tub.

"Don't you have like showers'?" He asks me. I am a little

"Yeah, I didn't think that you would like it." He shrugs.

"Okay," I smile at him. "Come on I'll show you the way." I
turn on one heel trying to keep my distance. He smells terrible. I
open the door and let him in. "This was my brother's room." He
looks around.

"It's nice." He walks in and is looking around in and under
things. "A little clean for a guy but nice."

"Glad you like it...It's yours." He drops the holo-novel he
was skimming through.

"What do you mean?"

I sigh. "If you think you can handle it this is your room."
He smiles . "Of course you will have to work for me."

"I think I might be able to do that."

"But you have to shower." He grins at me.

"I think I can mange that to." I walk over to the bed and
sit down.

"Well get to it." I lay back and lace my finger's behind me
head. "Go on...I won't look. I close my eyes and relax. He sighs and
walks off. I hear the shower being turned on. I smile as I drift to

I can hear some one talking to me."Ms..." Someone pokes me
in the ribs. "Boss?" I open my eyes and see the same boy looking
down at me...Clean. I smile.

"Isn't that better?" He has a towel wrapped around his waist
and his clothes is in his other hand.

"Sorry to ask but can I have some water to wash these?" I
smile at him.

"I think we can do better then that." I roll of the bed. I
the boy moves to keep his back out of view.

I offer my hand to him. " My name is Beka Valentine and
yours would be..." He looks at my out-stretched hand.

"Seamus...Seamus Harper...I prefer to be called Harper."

"Then Harper it is." I open a nearby closet. "Here is some

End Of Flashback

I take a deep breath and can smell Sparky Cola. My lips pull
into a smile. Harper could never clean up after himself. Tears roll
down my cheeks and I sob openly at the frightening thought of
loosing Harper after everything that we have gone through. I bury my
head into his pillow and continued to cry. I hear the door open and
someone comes in...Probably Dylan.

"Go away Dylan." I command.

"If I was Dylan I would, But I'm not." I hear Tyr inform me.
My anger climbs replacing my fear and sadness. I poke my head up and
glare at him. "Now stop crying and get up!" I growl and I lunge
myself at him. I slam into him and we fall back onto the floor. I
slug him. I raise my hand to hit him again but he grabs my wrist and
then holds the other one.

"Beka." His voice is calm. "The boy is fine. He's going to
be okay." I sit back onto his chest. My anger is draining out of me.
He pushes me off him and I lean against the wall. He sits next to
me. I look at him. He lightly smiles and pulls me into a hug. I lean
against him now and push my head into his shoulder. We stay like
this for a long time. Suddenly everything is catching up with me and
I am tired. I sag against his chest. He helps me stand. He takes my
arm and leads me to my bedroom. He picks me up and lays me in my
bed. He pulls the sheet up and tucks me in.

"I'm not a little girl." I tell him. He kisses my forehead.

"I know." He turns to leave. I reach out and grab his arm.
He turns around.

"Don't leave, stay the night." He looks at me
puzzled. "Please." He nods and I move over. He climbs in beside me.
I glance over as he closes his eyes. I curl up next to him. His arms
wrap around me. I smile and close my eyes. My smile stays as drift
to sleep. Knowing somehow everything will be all right…

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