The change.

I sit in my room at the dead of night. I don't have a care in the world just waiting for the moment when the change will come. I love it so much the feel of fur rippling on my skin. The moon on my back helping the creating the change. I love it when the full change is on and I am able to run with my kin and be free and wild. I love to chase little rabbits and animals that are small and stupid. When the change comes I know it for there is the crunching of my bones and the popping of my joints to better shape my new look. My jaw widens so that I can howl and my fur grows all over my body. I love the feel of the wind through my fur this is where I belong. When the change is done instead of the tall and tanned girl that was there before now sits a female wolf wit red glossy fur and dark blue eyes. I run out the window and into the woods to enjoy all the things that I love so much. I meet up with the pack and we go off to hunt then there is the fights which are also much fun. I enjoy this time of the week so very much and I love the change that I can barley wait for it the feel of the earth under my paws. The change is a wondrous thing and I feel for the people who will never know it. I wonder around all night fighting with the others and doing the things I can only do while in the skin of a wolf. I love the change but before too long the dawn approaches and when she is at her peak and the first morning light shows I change back into the girl I was and await the next time I can become a wolf and enjoy the change.