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This takes place about a month after X2, has some spoilers, like JEAN BEING THOUGHT DEAD, and I'll be including Henry McCoy, the Beast, as the doctor, duh and lol. I will also be using a few other Evo characters like Spike. Please review, I would be ever so grateful for feedback on this one. Thanks!

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"Ororo, would you go and get the rest of the team to meet me up in my office? There is a mutant girl who I'm concerned about," Xavier said.

"Of course," she replied, "But are you worried about her attacking us or is she in some kind of danger?"

"I can't tell, that's why I'm worried," Xavier forced a smile and Ororo nodded, walking away immediately.

Five minutes later Logan, Scott, Ororo, and Kurt were assembled in Xavier's office, waiting for the professor to speak.

"I have found a mutant girl," Xavier said, looking at the group. Kurt looked interested in what the meeting was about, as was Ororo. Logan was looking at him, arms folded across his chest as he listened, and Scott was standing stone silent, staring straight ahead. He was still trying to get a handle on his life after Jean's death, as most of the X Men were.

"We gonna recruit her?" Logan asked.

"I think we should check into it, when I saw her in Cerebro I got the sense she was in trouble, she's currently in Concord, Massachusetts."

"We'll go now," Ororo said, looking around. Kurt nodded and Logan grunted, while Scott remained motionless. "Scott?" Ororo asked. Scott's head jerked.

"Uh, yeah, of course," he said. "Right now." Ororo and the professor exchanged looks but Scott turned and left. "Come on, we'll need to get moving if she's in trouble." The rest of the team followed after him and soon Xavier looked out the window and saw the basketball court disappear and the Blackbird rise out of it and fly off. He sighed and looked at some papers on his desk, and wondered briefly who the girl was. He looked closer at the papers and remembered that the new doctor was coming today, Henry McCoy, also known as the beast.

The team walked up the road and looked around, and Ororo pointed to one small white house. "That should be the one," she said. Kurt looked at it, then nervously back down at his image inducer, which the professor had just given him. He was still nervous about the disguise breaking down and him being left back in his natural blue body with the tail, ears, fangs, and three-fingered hands and feet to match.

"That's it?" Logan asked, looking at the house skeptically. "Looks pretty empty t' me."

"Well, the professor said they were still home," Scott said tersely, walking forward. The others followed him as he reached the front door and knocked, carefully adjusting the dark sunglasses on his head. There was a faint sound of something falling over coming from the inside and then silence, and after a few moments Scott knocked again.

"Vy aren't they answering?" Kurt asked, looking at Ororo.

"Maybe the parents know who we are," Logan said. "And don't want anything t' do with us." Scott knocked again harder.

"Hello?" He called. "Mr. Drakings?"

"Drakings?" Logan said. Scott scowled at him.

"The professor told me," he said tersely. Logan grunted and then looked up at the covered porch, walking over and looking in a window.

"Well, Mr. Drakings is in there," he said. "Jus' ran off. Wait, he's back again." The door banged open and a tall man with brown hair and dressed in a dirty pair of jeans and a white shirt glared at them.

"What do you want?" he demanded. Scott had to look up at him slightly, and he carefully kept his small shock hidden.

"Mr. Drakings?" He asked. The man nodded. "My name is Scott Summers, I'm from Charles Xavier's school for Gifted Youngsters, may I speak with you about your daughter?" The man jerked slightly.

"I don't have a daughter," he said. "You're thinking of the Drakings who live in Hell, try there Mr. Summers," he said. Logan walked back over and peered around the man.

"Yeh don't 'ave a daughter?" he said. "Sure looks like it, or is that yer wife?" The man turned around to the wall behind them, which showed a bunch of family photos, including a teenaged girl with short brown hair and amber eyes.

"Get off my property," Sam Drakings said in a low voice.

"But we can help your daughter," Ororo said, speaking up. The man looked at her.

"You can't help people like her," he said. "She's going to Hell, that isn't going to change because some pretty boy and his little gang are going to try and take her away." Logan's eyes narrowed and Ororo closed her mouth, Scott just looked at him.

"Sir," he said in a strained voice. "Your daughter is still your daughter, she's just a mutant as well, we can help her and if she goes to our school, you can remember her whatever way you would like, as a mutant or not, and you can wait for her to come back able to control her mutation and with a good education to match. But whether you choose to let her leave with us or not, you will remember that I said this, the only people in this world who go to Hell are the ones who sin and never repent, and being a mutant is not a sin. Now would you like to know more about the school?" The man stared at Scott.

"No," he said gruffly. "Just take her, get her out of my house."

"Where is her room?" Scott asked, his face set.

"Up the stairs to the left, and hurry up and get out of here," Sam snapped. The X Men walked into the house and Scott looked at Ororo and Kurt.

"You two go talk with the girl," Scott said. He looked at Sam. "What's her name?" he asked.


"You two go and talk to Kyle, and tell her what is going on, make sure you don't scare her," Scott said. Ororo and Kurt nodded and walked up the stairs, leaving Scott and Logan looking at Sam. "She'll be able to make friends and be with other children her age there-" Scott started.

"I don't care," Sam grunted. "I just want her out. She won't come back here on holidays or anything either, turn her out on the streets if you don't have room."

"Listen, bub," Logan growled. "She's still yer kid, and yer gonna remember that for the rest of yer life, if yeh never see her again."

"My daughter died four days ago, and this bitch took her place, I'm going to remember Kyle," Sam said.

Upstairs Ororo knocked on Kyle's door softly. "Kyle?" she asked. "My name is Ororo Munroe, may I come in and talk to you?" Hearing no answer she slowly opened the door and looked in, jumping as she heard a 'flit' sound and suddenly a three-inch long, brown, dart-like this appeared, buried in the wooden doorframe to her right. Ororo looked up and saw a teenaged girl, definitely the girl in the pictures downstairs, only her eyes were pure purple, and intense color like the liquid that had appeared where the giant needle had stuck running down slowly. The teen's mouth was hanging open, her eyes wide.

"I- I'm sorry," she said fearfully. "They just shoot out sometimes, I don't even know what comes out of them." Ororo smiled at her and Kurt looked over the white haired weather goddess's shoulder and smiled at her, noticing how scared she looked and the several bruises on her forehead and bare arms. She was dressed in a small black tank top and brown pants and it looked like her lip and chin had been cut, a purple scab was forming over it as it still looked pretty recent.

"That's alright," Ororo said gently, taking a step forward. "They come out of your wrists?" She asked, noticing the needle-sharp points coming from behind Kyle's hand. Kyle nodded fearfully. "Alright, just keep where the... where they come out pointed at the floor."

"I call them darts," Kyle said shrugging slightly. Immediately a dart shot out of her other wrist and she jumped. "Sorry!" she said, staring at her hands and putting them on into a pillow, which had evidently been shot quite a few times, it's dark purple color on one side from the liquid in Kyle's darts and the original yellow color on the back contrasting greatly. Kyle looked up at Ororo and Kurt. "Are you?" she stopped and looked out the window fearfully.

"Am I what?" Ororo asked.

"Are you the police or something?" Kyle asked, pausing. "Did he, did he call you?" Ororo smiled sadly.

"No, he didn't call us," she said. "And we're not the police. We come from a school, for mutants, like us. We came to see if you wanted to come and stay at the school, and be with other kids your age, who are all mutants like you and I."

"A school?" Kyle repeated, sitting back on her bed and staring at Ororo. "A school," she said again in a soft voice. "With mutants in it...." she looked down at her pillow. "Who are you?" she asked.

"My name is Ororo Munroe," Ororo repeated, and then she motioned at Kurt. "And this is Kurt Wagner, we're both mutants, like you."

"Mutants..." Kyle said again.

"Would you like to come?" Ororo asked. Kyle looked up at her.

"What did he say?" she asked. Ororo looked at Kurt.

"He said it vos up to you," Kurt said. "Though he thinks it vould be best for you."

"He told me to get out of, of the house, right?" Kyle said bitterly. "He said that the other day to, ever since I became- ever since these started coming out of me." Ororo looked at Kyle sadly.

"Did he hurt you?" she asked. Kyle's head shot up and her eyes started to fill with tears, but she looked away again.

"I- I almost shot him, it, it was an accident bu, but" she said in a shaky voice and starting to stutter and trip over her words. "He said it, it would make me control them...." Ororo walked over and sat on her bed, butting a hand on the girl's shoulder.

"That's not an excuse," she said softly. "There's never an excuse for someone hitting you because of what you are."

"But I'm leaving right?" she said, looking up slowly. "So it doesn't matter anymore, right?"

"It does matter, but if you don't want to do anything, that's up to you," Ororo said. Then she stood and smiled at Kyle, who looked up at her. "We'll let you get your things together, we'll be downstairs when you're ready." She turned and left with Kurt, going back downstairs to find Scott and Logan still having a stare-down with Sam. Scott and Logan looked over as their teammates came down.

"She's getting her things together," Ororo said. Then she glared at Sam. "May I ask who told you that beating you daughter would make her control her mutation?" Sam scowled back as the other X Men looked at him.

"Yeh hit her?" Logan growled. Sam folded his arms across his chest.

"She attacked me," he growled back.

"She has no control vith the darts," Kurt said, "It vos not her fault."

"Well I wasn't mine either," Sam snarled. "And what is she gonna do, press charges? She's a goddamn mutant, she'd be arrested or shot the moment she set foot in a police station." Ororo shook her head.

"She's not going to do anything about it," she said.

"Then there's no problem," Sam said.

"But there is," Scott said. Suddenly they heard a creaking sound and all five adults looked at the stairs to see Kyle, in a brown coat and holding a small blue travel bag. Ororo smiled at her.

"Kyle, this is Scott and Logan," she said. The two men looked at her and Logan's eyes visibly lingered on her bruises and chin and she looked down uncomfortably.

"Hey," she said in a quiet voice. Scott forced himself to forget the father for a moment and smiled at Kyle.

"Are you ready to go Kyle?" he asked. Kyle looked up briefly and nodded, coming all the way down the stairs and standing with her arms wrapped around herself.

"How, how long will I be at the school?" she asked, looking at her father, who glared at her back.

"As long as you want," Ororo said, putting a hand on her shoulder. The other X Men walked to the door and Kyle looked at her dad.

"Well, bye," she said, taking a step forward and slightly opening her arms as if to embrace him. Immediately Sam pushed her back, which caused another dart to shoot out of her coat sleeve and bury itself in the ceiling. Sam's face grew red.

"Get out of my house," he said in a low voice. "Get-"

"Get a grip on yerself bub," Logan growled, stepping in front of Kyle immediately. Ororo put a hand on Kyle's frozen face and slowly guided her to the door and through it.

"It's alright," she said. "He didn't mean that, he's just as scared as you are right now." Logan glared at Sam.

"She's yer daughter," he said. Then he turned and followed the others out.

The Blackbird landed slowly and Ororo turned to smile at Kyle, who was looking around fearfully.

"We're here," she said as Kurt and Logan stood up. Scott remained motionless in the pilot's seat, staring out the window as Ororo got up and put a hand on Kyle's shoulder.

"This doesn't really, not really old school like, huh?" Kyle said weakly. Ororo smiled.

"I think you'll enjoy it here," she said. "Come on, let's go talk to the professor."

"Is he like the principle?" Kyle asked, standing up.

"Yes," Ororo answered, then noticing Kyle looking at Scott curiously she directed the teen out. "Let's leave Scott alone right now," she said softly.

Up several flights Kyle nervously followed Ororo and Kurt down the hall, looking around and pulling her coat around her tighter. Once they reached a large door they stopped and Ororo knocked, and hearing a "Come in she opened the door and beckoned for Kyle to go in first. Kyle looked at the professor first but was then aware of a large man with a few bags at his own feet. When he turned around he smiled slightly nervously at Kyle, and Ororo and Kurt stopped and looked at him.

"Hello, Kyle, I am Professor Xavier" Xavier said warmly. Kyle hitched her bag up on her shoulder nervously.

"Hello," she said softly. Xavier looked at Ororo and Kurt and smiled at them.

"As it is Kyle is not the only new member of the school," he said. "This is Dr. Henry McCoy, Hank, this is Ororo Munroe, Kurt Wagner, and Kyle."

"Good afternoon," Hank said. He peered at Kyle's cut but didn't say anything. "Thank you very much, Professor Xavier."