"She's *still* in there?" Rogue asked, thumping her head on the door.

"I'LL JUST BE A MINUTE!" Kitty screamed.

"Right," Jubilee said. She paused. "Kyle's still in her room too," she said.

"Yeah," Rogue grunted, head drooping. "She's hasn't come out once in three days."

"And you're still staying with Ro?" Jubilee said. Rogue nodded.

"Yeah," she said. "It's not that bad, we talk and she let's me eat popcorn in her room, as long as I don't make a mess and do all my homework."

"Well, I think we should check on her after breakfast, I don't think she's eaten anything," Kitty said, opening the door and walking out, smiling at the other girls. Jubilee immediately shoved Rogue to one side and shut the door till only her face was showing.

"Good, you two can get the food, I'll be a while," she said, slamming the door. Rogue glared at the door.

"I was first in line!" she yelled.

"TOO BAD SUCKER!" Jubilee yelled, firing Rogue's words back at her.


Kyle watched the lawn through the window by her bed, propped up on some pillows. She didn't know how long she had been there, a few days, a few hours, she had no idea. She didn't care.

A knock on the door fell flat, and soon Jubilee, Kitty, and Rogue came through the door, trying to look busy and cheerful as they brought in a tray of pancakes from downstairs, looking worriedly at their friend, who's pale face was turned away from them.

"Hey Kyle, you're missing out on some great food downstairs, so we brought some up!" Kitty said in a fake-cheerful voice.

"Not hungry," Kyle muttered.

"Aw Kyle, you can't just turn into a skeleton on us!" Jubilee said, flopping down on Kyle's bed and putting her head in her lap, looking up at Kyle until the purple haired dart-shooter had to look down. Jubilee smiled as Kyle just gazed. "There, see? Looking, it's nice to look at people when they aren't only five hundred plus yards away from ya!" she said. "And the next step is to actually open your mouth and shove some food down it."

"Want me t' do that airplane thing?" Rogue joked.

"If I was a baby, sure," Kyle said, looking back out the window. Jubilee sat up and mock-glared at her.

"Well you're acting like one, not talking about boys or clothes or even Valentines day," she said. "Evan's been asking every day about you, and so has Hank!"


"Well, I think Hank just wants t' run some tests on ya," Rogue said. "But Evan likes you, I know that for a fact!"

"So?" Kyle repeated.

"Well," Kitty said. "For one, it means you have a stalker on your trail, which is what a lot of girls really go for nowadays, even if you do know who he is and take classes from his aunt."

"I'm not hungry," Kyle repeated as Rogue held up a plate.

"We're worried about you," she said frankly.

"Why?" Kyle asked, looking at her.

"Why?" Jubilee repeated. "Why?! God girl, you've locked yourself up here for days, you won't talk to any of us, you won't eat anything, you won't change that bandage or just take it off, or change your clothes either! You won't move, or do anything except sit here day and night looking out of this window! I'm ready to go hire some big investigator to go look for ya, because you definitely are NOT here!"

"We just want to help you," Rogue said. Kyle looked down.

"I know," she said quietly.

"Then come to the mall with us this afternoon," Kitty said. "We'll skip class and go shopping, get some new stuff, look at the tough guys who are skipping too-"

"Right, the mall," Jubilee interrupted. She stood up decisively and hit the foot of Kyle's bed. "We're giving you half an hour to get up, eat something, and get dressed, and then so-help-me GOD I will drag you out of here to the mall, so GET MOVING!" With that she turned and grabbed Rogue and Kitty's arms, hauling them out after her and shutting the door with her foot. Outside she looked at Kitty and Rogue. "You two get moving to," she said.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Rogue asked. "What if she has a breakdown or something?"

"Please, you just saw her! How much more broken down can you really get?" Jubilee asked, rolling her eyes. "If nothing else is working, I'm gonna try this. You guys can say it was my idea if anything goes wrong."

"It is your idea," Kitty said. Jubilee chuckled.

"Nope, it was yours," she said, walking down the hall to her room to get her keys. In her room Kyle blinked, processing what her friends had just said. She considered going, then just staying put, and with obvious effort pulled herself out of her sitting position and slowly stood up. For a moment her legs shook and she wondered if they'd give, but they held in the end and Kyle slowly made her way over to her closet. A quick look told her she'd find nothing good in there, so she slowly made her way over to Rogue's closet and dug around, pulling out an outfit that looked alright.

After she dressed Kyle walked into the bathroom and saw the dried remnants of her nose-blood on her chin and above her lips, and the dirty bandage Hank had put on her about a week ago still clinging to the side of her head. Digging under the cabinet Kyle found fresh bandages, and painfully pulled the old one off, washed around it and the rest of her face, and redid the bandages. She looked at herself in the mirror and quickly applied some blush, realizing she did look like a skeleton. After a little more blush than usually needed she decided that it was as good as it was going to get and came out of the bathroom, immediately seized by Rogue and Kitty.

"Come on!" Jubilee cried, running in front of them as they made their way down to the garage and hoped in Scott's convertible. Rogue grinned and jingled the keys before turning the car on, looking at Kyle, who was putting on her seatbelt and blinking the bright sunlight.

"Scott really should lock his bedroom door, or at least hide his keys," she said, driving away.

"Oh, here," Kitty said, leaning in from the back and handing some pink sunglasses to Kyle, who looked at them. "They go with your hair, don't worry, you cant see your eyes from behind them," she said, laughing madly and standing up as they drove outside the gates of the mansion. Jubilee grabbed her and pulled her down, shouting over the wind.


"YES!" Kitty screamed. Rogue looked around as her hair blew in her face and saw a fancy-looking button, and pressed it. Immediately the cover came up from the back and swept over their heads, hooking up to the front of the car.

"Ooo!" Said the teenage girls, looking up at it.

"That was cool," Kitty said. Kyle smiled briefly, for the first time in a week feeling some sort of happiness in her body as her friends started to talk about girly stuff. Maybe this trip to a mall was what she needed.

"So Kyle, when are you gonna kiss Evan?" Jubilee asked. Kyle managed another smile.

"Dunno," she said, a little less strain in her voice now. "When you kiss Matt whats-his-face I guess."

**************************************************************************** **

Well, I finished another. People should note that I wrote this during a time of depression, or at least started it, so the whole purpose pretty much was for me to make someone else as miserable as I could, and since all I could to was write it, well, there ya go, hope ya enjoyed its blackness. Please review!

-Ice Lynx