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The bed loomed before her eyes. It was as if the very sight of it had rooted her on the spot. There was nothing she could do to tear her gaze form it. Memories of the previous night hammered at her mind trying to break free. She kept biting her lips to keep the onslaught at bay but like a snake waiting to strike they came rushing at her torturing with the events of the previous day.

"Why," she kept clamoring to herself?

Why had she allowed herself to fall into his arms?

She had known from the beginning that it was a mistake. Her mind had screamed at her to stay away form him but her heart had not heeded its advice and now she found herself staring at the place where she had lost herself. She had gambled her innocence hoping to keep him by her side and she had lost. She had lost her pride and her self-respect in her quest to make him love her and know there was nothing left.

She kept staring at the bed relieving the night over and over again in her mind.

The room still echoed of whispered words and the sighs of passion were imbedded in its walls forever. His scent was all around her and every time she closed her eyes she saw him. As much as she tried to eradicate him form her thoughts she could see him standing in the moonlight looking like her very own fallen angel.

But, he wasn't hers and the sooner she realized it the sooner she could start to put the broken pieces of her life back together.

He would never be able to look at her the way his eyes followed the woman who held his heart captive. She had to keep reminding herself that at best she would always be his second choice. Her face hadn't mattered last night only the passion her arms could offer for a few stolen moments.

He would always belong to someone else. His heart had already been given away. She had seen it herself. Had followed his steps as he fell in love with the woman she herself would gladly trade places with.

There was no use in denying the truth of her predicament. In a moment of reckless passion she had thrown her life down the gutter. All she had wanted was a chance to show him how much she loved him; how much she had always loved him.

When she had seen him last night he had looked so sinfully beautiful that it had almost hurt to look at him. But she wanted him, "Oh God, how she wanted him."

She had never wanted anybody so badly. She had never needed anybody that much.

For years the love that she had for him had grown, it had matured and cemented itself in her heart forever. She had always known that she would only love once and it would be for always but why had her heart chosen the unattainable? Why of all the men in the world had it picked the one that could never be hers? Why did she have to yearn for the one man that had been forbidden to her?

However, last night everything changed. All the love and all the longing that had been repressed for so long couldn't be contained any longer. Suddenly, her heart stopped listening to her mind and she forgot the rules; she forgot that he wasn't hers to love.

In her mind she can still see things so clearly; his hands so strong wrapping themselves in her hair, his eyes blue fire in the dark, and his lips demanding her surrender.

For a moment she closes her eyes and he's right there once again, touching her, loving her, completing her.

She remembers looking into his mesmerizing blue eyes as he slowly bent his head and took her mouth in an endless, drugging kiss that made her senses reel.

He had kissed her again and again. His hands shifting, exploring, tormenting, seducing until she lost all control.

And she had kissed him back with all the suppressed longing of the last years, her fingers tangling in his silky, thick hair losing herself in his touch.

His arms had wrapped themselves around her, his hands racing over her satiny skin, legs tangling with each other and his body slowly thrusting against her hips, telling her what he wanted.

Touching him was everything. Watching what her touch did to him was more than everything.

It went on forever, caresses, silken kisses and whispered words.

She had fought down her urge to beg him, to plead with him to take her, to love her with his heart and his body, as she had been longing to do almost from the moment he took her in his arms.

His lovemaking had broken down her defenses and left her weak and desperate for she knew that this was all she would ever have. One night; only one night in the arms of the man she loved more than life itself.

As she looked at the bed once again time and place had lost all meaning.

For one moment he had been hers. For one sweet, perfect moment, there had been no past no present, no future.

Nonetheless, even when she was holding him after all this time he was still as out of reach as he had been because of whom she was and what she had done.

Her sacrifice had been all in vain. He would never love her. She had always known that his heart belonged to someone else.

And now she had another wrong to right.

After last night he would have more than enough reason to hate her.

More than innocence had been lost that night.

Within her she would always carry the shameful secret that she had lost everything for a man that would never be hers.