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"Of course. Just make sure you show your friends the same gratitude and courtesy that you've extended to Minerva and myself."

"I will. I just hope they know that I wouldn't have survived this far without them."

As they were finishing their conversation, Harry opened the door to leave. He stopped short, however, when he was faced with six incredulous faces and one growling grim.

"Umm . . ."

Chapter Five: Visions of Voldemort dance through his head.

Harry stopped and looked at the people gathered in front of him. Taking in their angry visages, he shook his head and pushed past them. As he strode down the halls back toward the hospital wing, he couldn't get the looks of utter shock and betrayal on his friends' faces out of his mind.

'I didn't do anything wrong' he thought furiously. 'Just because I can put aside my differences with Severus doesn't mean I'm automatically evil!'

Only when he reached the hospital wing did he realize he had been followed the entire way. He tensed, ready for whoever it was to attack. Or not. His body relaxed when he heard a familiar sneering voice come from behind him.

"Tut tut, Mr. Potter," Severus Snape drawled. "No matter how preoccupied you may be, you must always be aware! You should have known I was here before you left that gaggle of idiotic Gryffindors behind."

"Hogwarts is safe. I am in no danger here, therefore my guard was lowered," Harry replied, wincing even as the words tripped from his lips. He knew that statement was preposterous, and that Severus Snape, infamous for his caustic remarks and acid tongue, would tear it apart.

"How very… Gryffindor of you, Mr. Potter. In case you've forgotten, perhaps I should remind you then just how safe Hogwarts is. Do you recall your first year here, when the Dark Lord possessed your Professor? Or perhaps your fourth year will bring things into sharper focus for you. Do you remember the Death Eater posing as Professor Moody? No, Mr. Potter. I am afraid that Hogwarts is hardly safe enough for you. Constant Vigilance, Mr. Potter! Remember that, for it may well save your life.

Harry nodded, abashed. He glanced at his Potions Professor with sincere regret in his green gaze.

"Yes sir. I understand."

"Very well. Goodnight then, Harry."


Hermione sat on the chair next to Harry's bed, reading a thick tome as she waited for him to awaken. She put her book aside, however, when her friend started to toss and turn, groaning in his sleep and growing more and more restless. She knew the signs by now; he was having a dream vision. As if summoned by her distress, Ron came tearing into the infirmary with James, Padfoot and Moony hot on his heels.

Ron, about to say something to Hermione, immediately took in the situation and shushed the others. He knew how James and Padfoot felt about Harry after his Parseltongue stunt, and he was rather determined that they learn and understand just what Harry had to go through, and what information his ability as a Parselmouth brought them. He regretted that they had to learn at Harry's expense, but apparently the aftermath of the last vision wasn't enough for the two idiots.

Hermione quickly took charge, now that there were other hands available to help her.

"Ron, hold his hands and arms down so he doesn't hurt himself. Moony, go get Professor Snape. James, get Dumbledore. Padfoot, I want you to get Sirius and Remus." When none of them had moved with the exception of Ron, she glared at them and snapped, "Now!"

The Marauders scrambled to do her bidding when faced with such an undesirable temper.

Minutes later, Harry was thrashing with Sirius holding his arms and Remus holding his legs. Poppy Pomfrey was tutting over him, although she knew there was nothing she could do about the boy's situation until he was done. Hermione and Ron were standing to the side, out of the way, while Padfoot watched in growing horror as drops of bleed seeped from Harry's scar. James arrived with Dumbledore on his heels, followed seconds later by Moony and Snape. Snape pushed Padfoot aside and began to remove an assortment of potions from the inside of his robes and set them up on the table next to the bed. Dumbledore pulled out a little black rectangle, looking oddly like a muggle recorder would. It was, in fact, a muggle recorder that Hermione had charmed and adapted to run off of magic for exactly this type of situation. Harry screamed just as his scar split open, and rivers of blood streamed down his face.

Harry watched as Voldemort addressed his Death Eaters. The others listened as Harry spoke in an eerie voice, recognized by all but the time-travelers as Lord Voldemort's. But even they began to understand when they heard. But even then, they only knew what Voldemort was saying. The responses given were heard only by Harry. Apparently, however, they were already well into their meeting when Harry arrived.

"Crucio! I expect better next time, Nott! And what of our contacts with the werewolves? How are they responding?"

"N-not so we-well, my lord," stammered Peter Pettigrew.

"I see. You will continue your talks with them, Wormtail, and you will have better news next time. Crucio!"

"I understand that you have news for me, Malfoy."

"Yes, my lord. Draco tells me that James Potter, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin have arrived from the past and are currently at Hogwarts," Lucius Malfoy replied.

"Very good. I want them captured. Bellatrix! You will head this mission."

"Yes, Master," came from Bellatrix Lestrange.

"I want the Potters, both of them! The others as well. Do not fail me!"

Bellatrix nodded as she replied, "Of course not, Master."

"Go! I expect results within a month."

With the usual bowing and kissing of his robes, the Death Eaters disapparated. Voldemort turned to Nagini, who was loosely coiled in front of a fire in the stone room. He spoke at length with her before Harry's vision faded. Only he understood why his connection had stayed open as long as it did. There was information here, and he needed it. Unfortunately, he couldn't remember what was said in Parseltongue, as they had found the previous year.

Harry felt a cool cloth applied to his forehead as he came out of the vision. He turned weary eyes to Dumbledore, and asked him to play back the conversation so he could fill in the gaps. Severus interrupted before Albus could do so.

"Here," Severus said, handing Harry a goblet filled with a vile looking orange potion.

Harry took the potion and drank it, but refused the dreamless sleep that was offered by Pomfrey.

"Not until we're done, Ma'am," he said.

She tutted again, but did not press him. Instead, she moved a portable desk over to him, along with a quill, ink, and parchment.

"Sir?" Harry prompted the Headmaster. Albus nodded and played back the 'tape', pausing it between comments while the travelers exchanged curious looks.

"Crucio! I expect better next time, Nott! And what of our contacts with the werewolves? How are they responding?"

"I don't understand what he was cursing Nott for, as I had just arrived, but Wormtail," he fairly spat the name, "said that the discussions were not going so well."

"I see. You will continue your talks with them, Wormtail, and you will have better news next time. Crucio!"

"I understand that you have news for me, Malfoy."

"Here, Malfoy told Voldemort that those three were here."

Dumbledore nodded gravely. "I have been expecting this, of course."

"Very good. I want them captured. Bellatrix! You will head this mission."

"Lestrange was, of course, agreeing with her Master," Harry sneered, doing an admirable job of looking scarily similar to Severus.

"I want the Potters, both of them! The others as well. Do not fail me!"

"Again she agreed."

"Go! I expect results within a month."

Here, the tape switched over to Parseltongue, and Harry picked up his quill and began writing. He laughed when he heard what was said at first, but then his face became more astonished and pale, fading into disgust, hatred, and pain. When he finished, he began to recite with a sort of deadened voice.

"He was talking to Nagini, telling her his plans. After all, what better way to keep them secret than to tell them to one who can't speak to us?"

Sirius finally spoke up from Harry's right.

"Well? What did he say?"

Harry jerked and began the actual recital.

"He says that it won't be long before they rule the world, and all but his most loyal will die at his hand then. He can't afford to let them live with the knowledge and power they have. They may try to overthrow him."

The Headmaster nodded, as did—surprisingly—Severus.

"Then he said she may finally eat Wormtail, once he has Padfoot, Moony and Prongs. After that, if she's still hungry, she can eat Moony and Padfoot, too. She said she may find them unpalatable, though. He agreed, and said that he was going to make me suffer for all I've put him through."

Ron snorted. "What else is new, mate? He's been saying that for the last six years, now."

Harry nodded and gave him a grateful smile, glad that his friend had interjected some levity into the conversation, despite Hermione's sharp elbow in his side.

"He says that he's going to make me watch as he kills my friends and slowly tortures Prongs, giving his limbs to Nagini one by one until he's dead. He says that after that, I will cease to exist in this world, as my father will never have lived long enough to conceive me, and therefore all of his previous assertions will be negated as they will already be ruling the world," Harry paused and looked steadily at his friends. "I will kill him! I won't let you die."

Hermione and Ron rushed at him, Hermione hugging him and Ron smiling with tears in his eyes.

"We know you will, mate, and we'll be there when you do."

Harry smiled and finally accepted the dreamless sleep from Madam Pomfrey.

Moony, Padfoot, and Prongs gathered in their room shortly after, faces white with terror.

"We have to get out of here! We have to hide!" Padfoot kept ranting.

"Calm down, Padfoot! There's no where we can go. We won't be safe outside of Hogwarts," Moony said, trying to calm his friend down.

"We shouldn't even be here! There's no reason we should be here! Why the bloody hell are we here?"

Prongs, oddly enough, was silent throughout the whole conversation. He kept replaying Harry's words in his mind. 'You-know-who wants us. He wants the werewolves. He wants to kill us, and keep Harry from being born. "He said that he was going to make me suffer for all I've put him through." What has Harry done to him that could be so . . . dangerous?'

Prongs sighed as he listened to his friends argue. They couldn't leave until a way was found for them to get back. He only hoped it was found soon.


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