By MA-121 Hunter

Antarctic Military Base #13

The hallway looked empty, but Blake knew better. He'd seen something come down here. Things weren't looking good at all anymore. Ever since they brought that Thing back everything went crazy. Those Things were everywhere; they came out of the walls, the ceiling, and the floor. His friend Greg turned into one them too. Somehow these Things could look and act like people. Just about everyone was dead, and the survivors didn't trust each other at all. Blake pulled out his M16A2, and checked around the corner. Slowly as he walked down the hall, he heard a sound. It was low sort of growl coming from the air ducts above him. Blake raised his rifle at the vent, and waited. There were all kinds of these hideous freaks running around the base, and whatever was watching him from the vents, Blake did not want to see it. Especially the big one in the basement. Blake and the surviving members hadn't seen it, but it must have been huge. Then without warning the Thing blasted out of the vents at him. "Holy shit!" he cried, as he fired wildly at the beast. While he knew bullets could not kill these Things, at least they slowed them down. He screamed as he drained an entire clip into the Thing. As he reloaded he caught a glimpse of the abomination. It looked like an upper torso of a man with a horribly disfigured face that resembled a dog's. Tentacles and intestines slithered out of the creature, and instead of human hands it had hooked talons. Green, yellow, and red blood oozed out the bullet wounds, and the creature ruptured into a spray of blood. Out of it's body more tentacle's came out and groped wildly for him as it screamed an inhuman shriek of fury. Blake opened up the thing's tentacles, but there where too many. Blake reached for the compact blowtorch that everyone carried now, and let loose a torrent of flames at the fiendish creature. It screamed and shook violently as it burned to death. Soon it's cries died down, but Blake fried the remains just to be safe. Then he ran back to the weapons locker. The weapons locker was probably the safest place in the base, and it was where everyone stayed now. He just hoped everyone would be alive when he came back.