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Darkness was her haven. It enveloped her so fully and completely that she could move unseen past those that were her enemies. Night was her ally, her companion, and her protector. It welcomed her and she welcomed it. This particular night there was a new moon and the only light came from the flickering stars. Carya crept silently through the trees, her eyes scanned the darkness. She had been sent out as a scout after their Champion, Lyra Silvermane, had received word that a group of Undead had been spotted. At the thought of the Undead Carya clenched her fist. Their invasion had been swift and their killing had been even swifter. Pausing suddenly she crouched down low. Being a Huntress her senses were sharper then most and she had sensed something. She inhaled sharply and her nostrils flared in revulsion. It was the unmistakable stench of blood.

Warily she continued on her way, the smell was growing stronger each step. Curiosity took over her and besides it may be something worth reporting. She lowered herself down to all fours, and stealthy as a panther made her way over the where the smell was strongest. Lying in the mud near a riverbank was a man. Carya had always been warned to stay away from the race of men; they were no friends of the Night Elves. Still she continued towards him. She reached his side and saw that he was a Knight; he was clad in heavy armor. The she saw the great rip in the steel and blood turning the shining metal into a rust red. His face was hidden from her, protected by a helmet. She could not tell if he was dead or not and was not sure if she wanted to know. Something her elders had always told her when they hunted ran through her head. "Never allow an animal to suffer. Make sure you blow is swift and true, if you fail put it out of its misery quickly." She stared at the man now. Perhaps it was the same in this case. She reached for her arrows, and then decided that a dagger would do. First however, she must take his helmet off. Gently she pulled it off revealing the man's face. He was pale, yet sweat covered his face. She laid a hand on his forehead, he was burning with fever.Raising her dagger she looked at it, unsure of what to do.

The man's eyes flickered open. He lay there in his fever utterly confused. Somehow his helmet had come off allowing the cool night air to wash over him. He managed to look around him and saw nothing but darkness.

Carya leapt back in shock as his eyes opened. They were glassy with fever and pain. In them she saw confusion. She sheathed her dagger, there was no way she could kill him, she felt to much pity. It was something that many of the elders berated her for. Warriors, they said, should feel no emotions. It was something however she could not seem to control. Against her better judgment she allowed herself to become visible. She felt the darkness that wrapped her fade away and the starlight washed over her, revealing her. The Knight reacted much as she expected. He attempted to scream and move away, but in his state he only managed to let out a grunt of pain. Slowly, she made her way back to his side.

The Knight stared up at her in surprise. One minute there had been nothing but darkness, and now there was an ethereal woman standing there. It took him a moment before he realized what she was. The high cheekbones, dark shining hair, animal like behavior, and her sudden appearance lead him to realize he was looking at one of the long forgotten race. He had heard of the Night Elves before. Heard how they had been driven out by their kin, and had been shunned by the Highborn. She did not look hostile and he lay still as she knelt beside him.

Carya hesitated unsure of what to do next. His wound needed to be cleaned before it became infected, and she needed to bind it so he would not lose more blood. "I shall help you if you wish," she said, her voice reminded him of the night breeze. He nodded and she proceeded to take off his armor. Underneath he wore a thin tunic. She ripped it away from the gash in his side. It had started to stop bleeding a little. She reached into a pack that she had around her waist and pulled out a bottle of water and a rag. She cleaned out the wound and then wound a strip of cloth around him. She became uncomfortably aware of how she had never been so close to a man before. She suddenly recalled how her elders had told her that humans would bring nothing but destruction to their fragile race. She looked down at the man lying before her. He did not seem to want to harm her; even if he did he was in no position to. Besides she felt compelled to help him though she did not know why.