' What did I do to deserve this?' Charlie wondered as he tried, once again, to find a

comfortable position in his seemingly too large bed. 'I didn't ask to fall for him. Damn it! I

am not in love with him! I can't be! He's my brother for Merlin's sake! Even if he wasn't, there still

wouldn't be a chance for us to be together. He'll never see me like that. I'm just going through

some hormonal changes and taking it out on the most attractive person available. I don't love him.

I don't.

Charlie rolled over onto his back and looked through his skylight as his eyes started tearing


"Why does it hurt so much if I don't love him?" The redhead threw the sheets off of himself

and crept towards his door. "I give up." Slowly, Charlie tiptoed down the hall to his brother's room.

' I can do this. I can do this.'

Upon opening the door slightly, he looked into the room as his love turned his attention

from his Potion's summer homework to the boy standing in his door.

"Another nightmare?" he asked.

"Kinda. Do you mind?"

Charlie watched as the older boy ('No,' his mind supplied, 'young man') turned down the

covers on his bed, slid in, and patted the spot next to him, a clear indicator for Charlie to join him.

"Of course not. I've never turned you away before. I don't intend to start now and leave you

to the mercy of those nightmares."

Gratefully, the younger of the two climbed in and sighed in contentment as the other

wrapped an arm around him.

' Alright, I admit it. I love him.'

"Goodnight, Charlie."