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"But why can't Ron wait and take Bill's room?"

"Because I said so," Molly Weasley scowled. "Now stop arguing and go start moving your things."

Grumbling, Charlie trudged upstairs. He ignored Percy's concerned questions in favor of kicking his bedroom door. Percy stared at him, listening as his older brother swore again and again, carefully backing into the shadows.

"Would rooming with me for a few months really be that bad?" Bill asked, leaning against the bathroom door.

Percy watched from his hiding place as Charlie whirled around, coming face to face with the eldest Weasley child.

"I promise not to snore," Bill teased.

"It's not your nose I'm worried about; it's your hands."

Bill stepped closer with a whispered "Not my mouth?" and kissed the resisting redhead. Charlie's hands shoved against his brother, but every push became weaker and weaker until, finally, he was pulling Bill to him instead of pushing him away.

Wide eyed, Percy took off his glasses and quickly wiped them on his shirt. He slipped them back up his nose and blinked.

'My brothers are snogging in the hallway.'

"Kind of hot, isn't it?"

Percy clutched his chest and turned around to tell the twins off for sneaking up on him.

"You shouldn't…what?" Percy stared, flabbergasted, at his eleven-year-old twin brothers. "What do you mean, hot? You shouldn't even know what that is!"

Fred (or was it George?) put his hand over Percy's mouth.

"Do you want to be the reason they get caught?"



"That's it."

"You're going-"

"-with us."

"C'mon then."

The twins herded Percy down the hallway. The last thing the bespectacled boy saw was Charlie's door closing behind a flash of Bill's ponytail.