Continued Survival

Summary: As if dealing with the things life has already thrown at him isn't hard enough, now Ryou is being sent off by his Father to England, to stay with a man named Albus... (Harry Potter and YGO, what else!)

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Chapter 1 A New Hand is Dealt

Fascinating, really, how the second hand on most clocks seem to shudder and fall backwards with every click, instead of forwards. Oh, the hand did make good time around each lap, but still. If a second wasn't a second, he was sure it would look like it was stuck.


Ryou pulled his lighter suitcase closer as he forced his gaze away from the clock, giving himself a moment to reorient his vision before making sure that nothing had changed within the last 3 minutes. It hadn't. Unaffected by the steady stream of people outside the glass wall separating them from the waiting room, the scant few who shared it with him remained in their own worlds. Some chattered amongst themselves, while another was reading as his companion-wife?-fretted over whether or not her daughter had forgotten them.

And he, one of two solitary travellers still there, waited for a drive he secretly doubted would come. After all, who was this Mr. Snape that his father didn't seem to know? 'A friend of a friend' had been his father's dubious answer, and, thoroughly alarmed, he'd decided against asking anything more. Better not to know.

Besides, his father, the same father who was supposed to be gone until mid-august, had gotten him out of the house and onto the plane, baggage and all, so fast that he still could hardly believe that he was in London, not Japan. Ryou hoped that Yugi and his friends didn't worry when they finally noticed his absence.

He'd tried to call Yugi and tell him that he'd be gone for a while, but his father had seized the phone and shepherded him upstairs to pack some of his non-electronic goods, assuring again and again that his clock and walkman wouldn't be needed (though his walkman, at least, had finally made it into the bottom of his unpacked bag… Sadly, his father had taken the liberty of packing clothing for him, and had not been generous in the doing of it). Far more gifted in overcoming shock, Bakura had merely been an amused presence in the back of Ryou's being as the older mortal dished out order after order for the light.

Add on the silence of the plane trip and you have his current position-slouched down in a chair along the back wall, suitcases at lap and feet, as he waited for someone to come, and…

Ryou guessed that he would be fine with just about whatever they did with him at this point, so long as his two-hour-late transportation found its way to him.

At least he wouldn't really be alone if he was, in fact, stranded there, though what a good five-millennia-old tomb raider with a sadistic sense of humour and an ego to rival his years would be, he wasn't quite sure. However, Yami no Bakura was able to look out for himself, and, really, any harm to Ryou's body was harm to the spirit…

Searing pain flashed through Ryou's mind. A small whimper escaping his lips, he clutched his arms close. 'Gomen-nasai, Yami-sama,' he cried in the equivalent of a mental whimper. No response came, but that was more relief than anything else. The sudden change in pace, along with the constant worrying his light produced, were also a strain on the spirit, and, really, it was amazing that no harm had been done to any strangers by the temperamental spirit possessing the millennium ring.

With another yawn, Ryou settled for another round of clock-watching. He was starting to get hungry, but with Yami no Bakura in charge of his life, he had developed quite a tolerance for such discomfort. After all, what is hunger to one intent on… ruling the world, isn't it?

What would possess his father to leave a dig and return home without warning, just to rush him off to London, a place where they hadn't even lived when they had been in England, he didn't know. A twinge of annoyance crossed him and he frowned, wishing he were back in Domino, the only place he would ever be accepted.

It was easy enough for his father to pack up and move on a whim, he didn't remain at home for more than a week or two at a time. Ryou, he had to switch schools, leave friends… the first friends that he had ever had since…

Sure, a lot of the time he wasn't allowed to talk to them anyway, but they had understood that, and none of them had ever condemned him for it.

You know, going back to the fact that Yami no Bakura hadn't bothered any other travellers, Ryou bet that it was because he was, no matter how stressed, cheered that Ryou would be cut off from their influence for however long this excursion lasted. As much as his light liked them, he detested them.

If no one came by midnight, Ryou decided wearily, he'd give up hope completely and have to find an officer for help. He couldn't just walk off into London with nowhere to go.

Derision filtered through the link and coated his thoughts with annoyance. Guess that wasn't an option…

Even if his dark wasn't separated from him, Ryou felt it best to play safe and ducked his head submissively, eyes shutting as he awaited whatever else might come. Nothing did, so he just stayed quiet, both inwardly and outwardly. Best not to tempt those in control, he had learned long ago, especially the spirit of the ring.

Then a bell jingled, singing the opening of the door. Glancing up, Ryou found a sallow-skinned man standing in the doorway with a scowl on his lips, dark gaze roving the room before falling to rest upon a teen not too far from the entrance. The cold eyes seemed to assess the youth, then his baggage, before addressing him in crisp words that gave Ryou a queasy stomach. "Mr. Bakura?"

So this was his drive.

Quietly putting down the bag on his lap and standing, Ryou saw the brown-haired teen give the man a cold glance over his binder. "No."

Swallowing his nerves, Ryou stepped forward and bowed, saying softly, and with a hint of question, "Snape-san?"

Those coal eyes snapped onto him and Ryou gave an involuntary cringe, gathering his long coat closer.

"Snape," the man corrected him crisply. "Professor Severus Snape."

"Yes, Snape-se-Professor Snape," Ryou hurriedly corrected himself, cringing again at his slip. English, he reminded himself firmly. "Go-Sorry." He ended up flushing. For his native tongue, he was certainly finding it difficult to switch back to.

"Well, Mr. Bakura?" The professor prompted after a moment, one eyebrow cocked. Ryou looked back blankly. The tall man snorted. "You may have need of those suitcases." A deeper scowl set over his features as he added, "And a hairbrush."

So saying, and with a derisive glance at him from head to foot, the professor spun on his heel and headed off.

"Hai," Ryou murmured, wishing the heat would leave his face. Guess it's time to go…

He followed the Professor from the airport to the parking lot, placing both of his bags into the backseat of an old, tan car, taking the front passenger side for himself. It was a relief to find that the brisk, cold man was a good driver. Half-wishing that he had brought something to eat, Ryou watched the scenery passing by through the smudged window.

"You speak English fluently, I trust?" Mr. Snape broke the new silence.

Flushing anew, Ryou reached up to run his fingers through his hair nervously, found that he couldn't for heavy knots. "Yes." He responded self-consciously. "It's just a bit awkward. I haven't had to talk to anyone besides Father in English for a long time."


That said, the rest of the trip passed in a silence broken only by the soft shuffling of Ryou's deck, until it, too, ceased, its owner drifting asleep.

Professor Severus Snape, potions master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was pissed. Coming from a long line of purebloods to rival the Malfoys in all but wealth, he had never had to have any dealings with muggles. True, his house had had its share of muggle-born, or, in the least, the muggle-raised, but he let his students take care of them, keeping himself available if needed, but busy enough that few would actually bug him. Besides, what true Slytherin wasn't able to adjust to changes?

And, now, with no prior experience of such creatures, he was driving with a decidedly muggle teen asleep in the front seat of the car Albus had supplied him with. And, to make matters worse, the child had in his lap what looked alarmingly like a deck of Sybil's cards.

And what, Severus wondered, was he supposed to do with the boy whenever the Dark Lord summoned him?

Parking outside an old apartment complex and unbuckling his seatbelt, Severus cast a scowl towards the slumbering teen in the seat next to him. Who knew how long Albus would stick him with the brat. 'I'm not sure, Severus. Just keep him safe, I know you will.' Just like Albus, there was nothing more said than that, as soon as was safely possible, he would relieve Snape of the teen so that the younger man could return to brewing potions in peace.

What he made of the teen himself wasn't much. Scrawny, doe-eyed and rat nest infested hair aside, the boy spoke too softly to be easily heard, and could hardly do that without slipping up here in there. Clearly timid. What was he, a man first years cowered in fear from, supposed to do with him!

"Wake up," he snapped. The lad roused himself, turning startlingly clear, amber eyes to meet Snape's, lips twitched into a half-smirk. His own eyes narrowing, Severus turned and got out of the car. "Get your bags and follow me." He commanded, not bothering to make sure that the boy followed him as he stalked off into the building.

Perhaps this youth wasn't such a timid creature. Something about that smirk bothered him, and hadn't the brat's eyes been brown?

Mm. Ryou snuggled deeper into his blankets, basking in the comfort they gave him. Turning onto his other side, he threw out an arm to pull his extra blanket over him. And found none. Frowning a line onto his brow, Ryou shifted and tried again. Still none, and the bed didn't feel familiar… his mattress was just starting to be beaten in, this one felt long-used, his body sinking into it.

If he wasn't home, where was he?

Worry brought him awake as he remembered Professor Snape and leaving Domino. Ha had been shuffling his deck, hadn't he? In the car? How did he get to bed-and only in his boxers! Only… the professor…

'I brought the body in, idiot.'

Relief washed over him and he pushed himself into a sitting position, blankets tumbling down. The room was very small, with yellow-brown walls and only a chair and the bed for furnishings. It wasn't really welcoming, but it was fine. Where was he? Was he with his father's friend now? Deciding to find out, Ryou threw on some clothing before grabbing a brush and leaving the room.

Judging from his surroundings, Ryou decided that they were either in an apartment or a very small house. In the hall were three doors to chose from, the one leading to his own room, a door for what he guessed to be a different bedroom, and what must be the bathroom. Clutching his brush to his chest, he walked down the thickly carpeted hallway, pausing where it opened to the living room/kitchen. There he found the professor sitting on the couch with a stack of strange looking papers.

"The dead awakens." The man quipped without looking up. Holding back a sigh, Ryou climbed onto a fluffy chair and began to comb his waist-length hair, grimacing over the amount of fist-sized tangles her was finding.

"Sir, when am I going to meet my father's friend?" He asked eventually, when it became clear that the man wouldn't speak without prompting.

Snape grunted, going to the next sheet. "I don't know."

He didn't know… Setting down his brush, Ryou frowned, asking quietly, "Does he know that I'm here?"

"Of course he does." Professor Snape snapped. "However, you will be staying with me until he clears some of his personal up enough that he can manage looking after a teenager."

Ouch. For the first time this was all starting to make sense to him. So, he was being sent away to a babysitter. But why?

"Do you know why Father has sent me away now, after leaving me on my own for all of these years?" He dared to ask. There were too many explanations he could come up with for himself, none of which he wanted to consider.

After a short silence, Professor Snape told him in a much kinder tone, "That is none of my business, Mr. Bakura. You will have to ask your father."

"Do you know when he'll be arriving?" Ryou asked with little hope.

Snape read for a bit longer, before saying, "I do not believe he has any plans of arriving. At least not until term is well under way. Now, let me read, boy. Albus can answer these questions of yours."

So, with nothing else to do, he settled for combing his hair and watching the drizzle outside the foggy window.

-End Ch.1-

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