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Frida felt bitter for the rest of the night with the nagging memory of her competition. When it came to freestyle dance with everyone pumped up and having fun with the strob and glitter and glam she did not dance. She was upset and wanted to go home early but they wanted to stay.

Heat wanted to the most. He went up on stage and performed which caused the attention of many. They enjoyed his little act until a challenge endored with two breakers who looked like twin brothers. He jumped off because he enjoyed watching a challenge that took place to see if he could out dance them.

He knew he could. Unlike Frida he had total confidence in himself. He only wished that Frida did.

They left around one in the morning. Strike was high; very high. He could not walk a straight a line and laughed while talking in spanish. Frida and Heat were so lost because they didn't understand what he was saying.

On the train back Heat threw him down into an empty three-seated row and sat across from Frida.

"Why don't you just leave him here. If he wants to get high and disorientated then let him find his own f'n way home," Heat sad frustated at Frida. She was always worrying about him and if he made home ok, and bailing him out of jail when all did was get high, drunk and cause mayham.

She was looking out the window and turned to him.

"You know he is the only one who looks out for me," she said, "I wouldn't be living where I live if he hadn't looked out for me."

"He probably killed someone for it," he said low but made sure she heard it.

She ignored him for the rest of the ride because she was mad at him. Or was it that she was mad at her self? She took all her fustration out on people instead of on herself. It wasn't their fault so she shouldn't act like it was theres.

Looking at Heat she saw that he was looking out the window and that he was either thinking or he was bored. He was proabbly mad at her because she wasn't taking his side.