Hello again! I had gotten an awesome idea for a Vampire/Tmnt fic after reading the book, Crimson Shadows by Trisha Baker. It was a cool take on the whole idea of vampires and the supernatural and it gave me the inspiration for the story of my own. I hope you enjoy! : )

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Blood Lust


He stirred from where he lay.


That was all he smelled.

Opening his eyes, he immediately recognized his surroundings. The white wall paper and blue curtains made it undeniable; he was in his girlfriend's apartment. But…it was so dark, very unlike Centrice. She usually kept everything bright and happy, but now…

Thick curtains were closed shut, the sun's light blocked. Some of its rays managed to escape the barricade, despite the blockage, and cascade from the edges of the dark curtains. These rays played and danced on the furniture in its wake, illuminating the black couch along with the tan carpeting. The rest of the room was claimed in darkness.

He sniffed the humid air once again; the smell of blood still filled his nostrils. A few weeks ago he probably wouldn't have been able to pick up on the aroma, but now it overpowered his senses filling his nostrils, rousing him from his unconscious state.

Where was it coming from?

He unconsciously licked his lips and froze. His tongue came back metallic.

'What the hell?' He licked his lips again, just to be sure, and yes, he did taste blood. It was all he smelled and tasted. He shot up from his spot against the wall, only to be stopped by some dead weight. A dark mass of hair occupied his lap, and in confusion he flipped it over only to gasp in horror. The beautiful face of his girlfriend lay before him. Her features blank, her face lined with a trickle of crimson. The source, unseen. He took in a breath, she looked almost…dead. The blood ran from her dark hair to her chin, of which it disappeared under her dark locks. Her face, although beautiful, looked lethally pale. His mind went into overdrive.

Centrice was dying.

"Oh god…." He picked up her limp form, holding her head to his, an ear to her throat. Her breathing was very shallow, her heart beat weak. She definitely would die if she did not get medical attention soon. He went for his turtle com, but felt nothing against his belt. Actually, he did not feel his belt at all. With interest he also noticed that his knee and elbow pads were also missing, as well as his bandana.

Those were trivial compared to the current situation.

He laid her form onto the floor; he would have to use the telephone. However, just as he moved to reach for the phone, a lock of her hair fell to uncovering the source of all of the blood. A rather large bite wound inhabited her neck. The sight of it brought him back down, falling to his knees.

"No….NO!" He brought his hands to cover his mouth but was stopped, his lips were moist.

His fingers came back red.

"What have I done?!" He couldn't remember anything. Nothing at all, except for the satisfaction he had felt before falling into that sleep. Now he looked down in horror at the source of that satisfaction.

He had drunk his girlfriend's blood.

His tears slipped from his cheeks, mingling with the scarlet pools on her own. How could he let this happen? He had been fighting the cravings…the temptations…for days. But now, it all came crashing down around him, just as he thought it would if he gave in to the craving. In the end, he still had hurt the ones he loved, his biggest fear. Now his girlfriend laid bleeding and dying before him. The sweet soul that comforted him when he was troubled, that worried and fussed over him when he was injured, that loved him…was lying in a heap before him.

And it was all his fault…all his fault.

His sobs echoed in the strangely empty apartment, his tears falling free. A hand patted his shoulder. Startled, he looked up and into the face of his brother. Leo looked down at him and into the sad orbs of his brother, his friend. Donatello had gone dreadfully thin, his skin paler than it has ever been. Donatello had indeed reached the bottom, his spirit broken.

Maybe now they would be able to put him back together.

Leo eyed Michelangelo, of who was bent over the form of Centrice. He gently picked her up, her lax arms falling to the ground, and carried her over to the now open window.

He would carry her to the hospital.

With a nod in his direction, Mike turned and was gone. Mike would probably leave Centrice at the entrance, and knowing his brother, he would not leave until he had made sure that she was seen and comfortable in a hospital bed. That just left him and Raph alone with Donatello, of who had not moved through out the ordeal, sobs still racking his body as his tears flowed free. Leo fell to his knees, bringing Donatello into the hug that he knew he needed. Don hugged back, grasping his brother as if his life line, weeping silently into his shoulder. Soon another pair of arms joined the circle, embracing both of them. Leo allowed a small smile. He knew that Raph felt just as torn as the rest of them, these last few days had been very trying. Ever since Don had come home that one night, everything had changed so quickly.

It all had started after Splinter's death…


Author's Notes: (AP English Style!!!!)

This chapter, or segment in time, can be seen as a forecast as to what will happen. Or, it can also be seen as present day, what is happening. Any interpretation is acceptable from my view point. The fact; Donatello, alone, had murdered his girlfriend, although his motives are unknown to the reader. That, with the actions of his brothers, was supposed to raise interests in the readers, bringing about the questions of "how?" and "why?" Other than that, the Prologue is what it is, a prologue.


OK, hope you enjoy, I should be updating soon. R and R, really!