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Coming into Darkness

Prologue- Deceiving Fate

The new kid at Richard Hardy Memorial High School was called Draco Malfoy, whom was a full-fledged-Gothic-hard-ass. It was in his blood, he said, but Hermione Granger, the best-looking girl in school, loathed him and disdained him whenever she caught him watching her, which had happened over seventy times in one day.

Hermione would have to admit, his platinum hair slicked-back looked sexy. Especially with the outfit, he wore that day she snapped at him for staring at her. He wore a black A.F.I. jacket over silver cargos; his sapphire eyes drawing her in she almost forgot why she had been cross.

"What do you want, Malfoy?" She spat, and he grabbed the bottom of her chair and scooted it towards him. "Get away from me! I'll call for Ms. Stephenson!" She whispered and she looked helplessly over at the sleeping teacher.

"We're in the 10th grade. Shouldn't we set aside the anti-Goth shit?" He ran a hand up her thigh and she shivered, and he pulled her seat closer to where she could feel his breath on her earlobe. "We failed for three years straight. At 18-"

"Goths are all anti-social retards. Get that hand away from me." She stood up, but he caught her around the waist and pulled her onto his lap.

"What are you going to do about it, Granger?" He murmured and she rolled her eyes at him. He traced her lips and smirked at her before leaning and switched his finger with his lips…


"AAH!" Hermione glared over at her friend Ron before rubbing her head. I can't believe I dreamed about Malfoy… She thought and shook her head, and Ron eyed her strangely.

"We need to get to school. It's 6:30, and you usually are ready at 4:00, Hermione." Ron arched an eyebrow at the exhausted look on her face.

"Oh shut up… Go and wake up Harry. Or is he already up?" He nodded and Hermione crawled out of her bed and Ron left the room.

For a year now, Hermione and her best friends had shared an apartment, each having their own rooms. Hermione kept having dreams about Draco Malfoy, who it seemed, hated her, but was always her partner in their eight classes together, and there was some truth in her dream. Only she caught Draco glaring at her, not staring at her, as she wanted him to. She was the one with the goddamned infatuation, not him.

"Damn you, Malfoy." She muttered before walking to the open door to her bathroom, and welcomed herself to the wonderful blades of her razor across her wrist, the blood spilling into the sink. She smiled vaguely, put band-aids over the cuts, and put on her watch over the band-aids.

She striped herself and put on deodorant and perfume. Dressing in white cargos, red Nikes, a loose yellow shirt that had in bold red, 'I go bloody' she pulled over a red hoodie over the shirt so she would get in trouble, and put on dozens of bracelets and a few rings and applied beige eye shadow and cherry lip gloss. She brushed her curly locks before putting it up into a high ponytail. She smirked at herself and painted her fingernails a dazzling red. Now she was all set, after applying some concealer on her bruises.

"Hermione, you alright in there?" Her bespectacled, dark-haired friend Harry called to her. She looked into the mirror and saw him packing their stuff. Smiling wryly, she nodded.

"Coming, Harry!" She mouthed and walked out of the bathroom.


5 min bell/Science: 8:20=9:30

Draco Malfoy leaned against his black Cadillac, dressed in all black; his beautiful sapphire eyes and platinum hair the only thing making him stand out. He was tracing the red flames he had painted on his car, a bitter look in his eyes. His dark-haired pregnant sister was blaring their own band, which didn't surprise him much, mouthing the words.

"Break now, don't stop the feeling… Burn now, stop all the numbness…" Draco muttered under his breath. He was waiting until the five-minute bell rang deliberately, because of one reason. Hermione fuckin' Granger. Granger, the anti-Gothic. She would have been an excellent Goth, but she had to hate black… He rolled his eyes before taking a deep breath and nearly choked on his cousin's cigarette smoke.

"Blaise, stop that shit. I'll smell like smoke and bloody get a present from Grandmother." He shuddered and Blaise immediately put his cigarette out. The 'present' was his Grandmother picking out an anti-Goth for him to make fall in love with him and go out with him for five years. He didn't want that again. He was relieved when the bell rang and he ran across the school grounds and entered through the backdoor, sprinting towards the Science door and entered right before the bell rang, and smirked victoriously.

"Look what the cat dragged in…" Draco looked over to Hermione and caught her staring at him, arched an eyebrow, and walked over and sat down in his seat next to her. "I see you haven't decided to wear any bit of white yet. At all…" She let her eyes wander across what Draco was wearing, and didn't notice the smirk Draco was giving her.

Granger, why does it seem that you hate us Goths so much? What's your deal with the colour black? We never have done anything to you… He looked over to Hermione and poked her hard on her shoulder. He wasn't prepared when she slapped him right across his face, his perfect skin now branded with the red handprint.

"Granger," He drawled arrogantly, "keep those conformist hands to yourself… I wanted to ask you; very politely-" he poked the mark on his face and scowled. "-But you seem to have got out on the wrong side of the bed this morning…"

"I don't normally talk to the people who don't like me." Her answer made him wince, and Hermione noticed. "I hate the colour black and platinum. It's unnatural. Now, what do you want?"

"A new car, girlfriend, to change a certain girl into a rebel… That's it." He looked over at Hermione and she scowled back at him.

"Get Pansy Parkinson. I hear she has a huge crush on you." She sneered at the nauseated look on his face.

"She's a pug-faced fool. Look, I need paper and a pencil. Think you can manage that?" Draco pointed at her paper and at one of her spare pencils, feeling Hermione's piercing glare.

Their annoying teacher had entered the classroom and Draco and Hermione glared at another, ignoring her entirely. She had black, greasy hair, which went down to her waist, and everybody hated her.

"Today we're doing the review. All you have to do is copy what I write, or you'll fail." She sneered at Hermione and Draco, the smart kids, and scowled at Neville, the failing kid in class.

"I'm smart enough without this sodding review shit…" Draco muttered under his breath, and Hermione felt herself silently agree.

"Practice makes perfect…" Hermione murmured and Draco looked apprehensively over at her, an eyebrow arched.

"Reviewing is bluntly reading what shit you've already learned. There's no point with it." He mouthed, and she scowled even more, though she couldn't help agree with him in her mind.


SS: 9:35=10:45

Hermione waved goodbye Harry and Ron and headed towards her seat, a bit disappointed in herself. She had finished her Social Studies homework the day before, but her partner hadn't. She wasn't about to help him with his problems at all.

Draco rolled his eyes and hurriedly wrote the answer to his last question right before Mrs. Church had entered the room. Mrs. Church was a slightly plump blonde whom everyone liked. The reason of that was that she rarely gave homework that you had to do out of class. Hermione loved all her classes, and Social Studies were running a close race between Language Arts. Draco hated all of his classes, Social Studies being the least to look forward to.

"Today, class, we'll be doing basketball review…" 'Basketball review' was actually Church asking questions about what they had studies then, even if they got it wrong, they could go and shoot with a tennis ball to a trash can about 8 yards away; the other side of the room. Draco was always either on Hermione's team, or Hermione on Draco's. Hermione was never with her friends, which depressed her a bit.

"Let's go, Granger…" Hermione glanced over at Draco before rolling her eyes at him and followed him to their row of desks. Hermione looked over at her friends, oblivious to the hard look Draco was giving her.

"I wish I didn't have to always be near you…" She muttered, but Draco still heard her. He scowled and grabbed her wrist and pushed her into a nearby desk. She just looked up at him, her chocolate hues wide with shock, anger, and confusion.

"I don't like being near you either," Draco spat and Hermione held her breath, her heart pounding when he leaned in and whispered in her ear, "but opposites attract. Different kinds of people help another the best. Good can be changed, but when you're bad, you can never go back. Don't you forget it, Hermione." He let go of her wrist and sat in the desk in front of her, and Hermione shivered because of the closeness. He called me Hermione… She shivered even more.

"Blood's better than slaughter…" Hermione took out her pencil and poked it lightly into her arm, just enough to cause a trickle of blood to slide. What she didn't know was that Draco had been watching her and he was pressing the tip of his pen hard into his skin.

"You shouldn't do it, you know…" He whispered to her while she just stared blankly ahead. "Leave it to me… Let me relieve it from you… You're fucking perfect… To us… No one's really that way… Show your real self to me… Soon. I bet you will…" He turned around in his desk and faced her, meeting her chocolate hues and smirked lightly. You'll be in the palm of my hand… Without Gran telling me to seduce you… Near you just makes me want to die… But you know what? I'd love to see you cry, Hermione. Cry for me. Scream for me… I'll make you a Goth in no time…

"I'm not that weak, Malfoy. I can take care of myself. My past is too deep for you to handle… I don't rely on people… I rely on myself." She stared stubbornly into his eyes while Mrs. Church called on Patil to answer a question. They didn't cheer when the ball went into the trash can, caught up in the other's eyes.

"I'll make you be."


LA: 10:50-11:30

"I love this class! I love reading, I love every part of it!" Hermione entered the classroom and rushed to her seat, waiting for the teacher to come in. She was about to burst when her partner came in instead.

She realized then that Draco had been following her, and her insides squirmed.

Draco had walked inside only after her, and was now scowling at the excited look on his partner's face. He hated Language Arts and he had requested every time to be her partner since he had came to RHMS that it was known all around the grounds that no one else could be her partner besides him. Besides, he was only with her because he felt like there was the will in her that could make her a good Goth. He felt like he needed to change her and make her be on his side, the side of anti-conformity, and, also, to make exceptional grades like her own. He caught her staring at him, strode towards her, and took his seat.

"Today, we're doing a quiz on adjectives, big adjectives, not like the daft ones, Mr. May. Ms. Capps will hand out your quizzes. We're doing the first part together, since it's the easiest." Stephenson looked pointedly at Matthew May, who sent her back a dark look from hell.

"Ever think, or wonder if black truly was your colour, Hermione?" He sneered at the hesitant look in her eyes.

"Malfoy, I don't want to be in your gang, a Goth, or anywhere near you. So, civilly, shut the hell up so I can pay attention to Ms. Stephenson!" It was ironically like her dream, which irritated Hermione. She was glad when Ms. Stephenson told them they couldn't be in the same group that day and fell into pure bliss.


Lunch 11:40-12:40

"And this is why I'm on a diet." Hermione said to Ron and Harry, whom were eating their pizzas like maniacs.

"It's good, Hermione. You should try it." Ron said through mouthfuls and Hermione rolled her eyes.

"I'd rather keep the figure I have, thank you, Ronald Weasley." She took a bite into her apple and Harry found himself staring into space.

"Y'know, I think our enemy has a crush on you, Hermione." Ron said thickly, and Hermione looked over at him. "I mean, it's quite obvious, don't you reckon? I mean, he's always your partner and whenever he sees you he follows you around like a bloody watchdog. Doesn't that scare you, Hermione?"

"Well, I don't find it comforting, to say the least. He keeps on trying to persuade me to turn Goth. Could you imagine me Goth?" She shook her head and Harry nodded.

"Actually, 'Mione, I sort of can. When you first came here you were all black wearing. Do you remember?" He blew upwards to send the bangs away from his face. Hermione smiled slightly.

"Yes, I was Ms. I-don't-give-a-bloody-hell… I was always slitting my wrists and glaring at you two. It's hard to believe we were enemies back then." She laughed quietly and Ron nodded.


Reading 12:45-11:56

Draco entered the room, Hermione right behind him, pressing the tip of her nail file hard into her wrist. She knew very well that Mrs. Brooks wouldn't be in the room until five minutes after the bell rang, and she took advantage of that. Everything was all right until Draco had to glance at her and his eyes met up with the blade, his eyes widening with shock. He swallowed and turned around to face her.

"Hermione fucking Granger… Doing suicide… Idiotic… Childish…" He ripped the nail file harshly out of her grip and looked deep into her chestnut eyes for answers.

"I'm only going to be a writer. There are tons. Why would anyone care about Mrs. Perfect? They all want her dead."

Draco knew from there he had gone too far. He grabbed Hermione's shoulders and roughly pushed her into the wall. She was so shocked she dropped her nail file and Draco brushed his lips gracefully against hers before pulling away and grabbing the nail file, leaving her in his wake, eyes wide with confusion, cheeks redder than a cherry.


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