Elaborate Lives:

Rating: PG-13 to be safe.       

This is a Yu-Gi-Oh! -Aida crossover fic. If you have no idea what Aida is, that is okay. Aida is a musical. I will be using the story in this fic. The only Aida character I will use is Amneris who is an Egyptian princess. F.y.i. Nubia is an ancient kingdom near Egypt, probably modern day Sudan.   

Warnings: Shonen-Ai Yami/Yugi and YGO cast singing.

Oh Yeah don't own YGO or the Aida story. No, I don't own any lyrics I use in this either. I'm not a lyricist!!! Don't own Amneris either. Tú comprendes? Don't sue me!!!!!! But, I do own the idea of this Fic. Any flames will be used to roast pecans.


Radamès: Yami Yugi or Atem (For those of you that don't know, Atem is his real name.)

Aida: Yugi Motou

Amneris: herself 

High Priest Zozer: Seto

Mereb: Jounouchi

Other castings will come later.


The suns rays peaked through the curtains of a young boy's room. The boy turned over peacefully in his sleep revealing his spiked tri-colored hair that was blond, black, and red. Suddenly the bleep-bleep-bleeping sound of his alarm blared though his misty dreams, giving him a sharp taste of reality. The boy had a fleeing thought of smacking it, but got up to turn off properly instead. He headed sleepily down to the kitchen for breakfast. As soon as he had finished, he headed upstairs to get ready for school. He could not help but feel a little nervous about today. He did not really know why, they were only going to the Domino Metropolitan Museum of Art on a field trip, but he could not help that he felt that something important was going to happen that day.

Upon arriving at school, he hurried over to meet up with his friends.

"Hey Yugi!" greeted a tanned, violet eyed, pale blond haired boy.

"Hi Marik!" Yugi cried.

"Hey Yug!" yelled a taller blond with brown eyes from a distance.

"Hi Jounouchi!" greeted Yugi happily. Then he noticed a white-haired boy running over to him.

"Hello Ryou!"

"Hi Yugi." Ryou panted "So are you guys ready for the trip?" he asked. Yugi nodded slowly. To honest he still had uneasy feeling about the day.

"No, I think this whole thing is just stupid," moaned Marik.  Once inside the school they went to their classroom.

An hour later found them in front of the museum along with a bus full of students from another school. Yugi, who was always a people person, scanned the students from the other school, and then he spotted a boy. A boy who looked almost exactly like him! Only much more beautiful. Yugi's stomach did a complete flip-flop.  This boy, too, had tri-colored hair. But his eyes were narrower and a harsh scarlet red. 'He's gorgeous!' Yugi thought, blushing. Just then the boy glanced in Yugi's direction and their eyes met. To Yugi the whole world seemed to freeze. Nervously he turned his eyes away and followed the rest of the class inside the museum. The other boy stood for a minute, blushed, then he too followed the crowd inside the building.

Not too far away, a figure cloaked in shadow watched the whole scenario. 'Yes,' she thought, 'they are finally ready. I only hope that my bringing forth the past will make for a better future for those two.' Then she began to sing.

Every story, tale, or memoir

Every saga or romance

Whether true or fabricated

Whether planned or happenstance

Whether sweeping through the ages

Casting centuries aside

Or a hurried brief recital

Just a thirty-minute ride

Whether bright or melancholy

Rough and ready, finely spun

Whether with a thousand players

Or a lonely cast of one

Every story, new or ancient

Bagatelle or work of art

All are tales of human failing

All are tales of love at heart

This is the story

Of a love that flourished

In a time of hate

Of lovers no tyranny could separate

Love set into motion on the Nile's shore

Destiny ignited by an act of war

Egypt saw the mighty river as its very heart and soul

Source of life for all her people

That only Egypt could control

Destruction of her southern neighbor justified

Nubia exploited, left with little more than pride

With that she put her hand to her golden necklace and a flash of a white light erupted from inside.


Yeah, I know this chapter is really really really really short u_u hopefully the shortest chapter.   I promise the next chapter will be longer. ^^;; This is just a prologue. Please R+R! LOL ^_________^

Prince Atem watched his soldiers burning down   from his position on deck as the sun shown brightly in the sky reflecting its glorious rays of the cobalt blue waters of the bu