I loved Al Lipshitz more than I could say. He was a real artistic type, a painter. He was always trying to find himself. He'd go out every night looking for himself. And on the way, he found Ruth. Gladys. Rosemary. And Irving. I guess you could say we broke up because of artistic differences. He saw himself as alive. And I saw him dead.


A/N: ok. Due to total lack of inspiration for this chapter, I'm putting a twist. Well, actually, to make a long story short--Mona gets cheated on, Mona strangles guy. The End. Interesting, ne? Anyway, this chapter is all about the women's impressions of Roxie and their reflections of what they did themselves. This'll be short, but this story's gotta end!


There's a new girl here today. Poor little kid looks scared half to death. I should remember to ask her what she's in for. Mama Morton seems to like her well enough, though, which is a good sign. I hear her name's Roxie Hart. Pretty neat name, I think. Sounds almost like a stage name (if you ask me, it beats the crud out of the name Velma Kelly. But don't tell Velma I said that).

I was watching her watching us. She's in the cell across from me, and she just seems to be observing--sort of like she wants to ask, "What do you do for fun when you're in jail?" Like a lost puppy sort of look.

I'll bet she killed a guy. Obviously she killed someone, but the way she rocks back in forth with her hands clasped before her like that makes me think it was a guy. Although he probably did something worse than Bernie .... but then, as Mama says, there ain't a guy who got shot that didn't get exactly what was comin' to 'im.

But sometimes at night I can still hear him popping that gum....


Oh dear, I think Hunyak has seen me. She seemed like such a nice girl, and I wanted her to respect me. Now here I am caught on Murderer's Row, and she sees it. What must she think of me? She doesn't belong here .... she didn't do anything .... but I know the cops'd never believe me. Not to mention believe her.

That reminds me--new girl on the block. Mama got me a newspaper and I saw this girl's face spread on the front pages. Roxie Hart, I think was the name. Anyway, apparently she'd been cheating on her husband. But when she found out the guy she was having an affair with was a married man with kids, she was over-the-top with fury and shot him. Ironic, huh?

I mean, I had reason to poison Ezekiel, right? The creep was married--to six other women, no less! It had to be done .... he deserved it. Tricking us females, and not even following his own religion. I ask you--what kind of self-respecting Mormon does that?! My pal Ethel tells me that Mormons aren't polygamists anymore.

Jerk. JERK JERK JERK! That's all I can think about right now. But I'm trying to focus my attention on that Roxie kid now. She looks scared to death, poor kid. I don't think she was really conscious of what she was doing when she shot that guy. Otherwise she'd feel justified that she'd come here. I know that's how I felt.

Maybe she's like Hunyak ... maybe she didn't even do anything but got blamed for it anway. I'll have to remember to ask her about that. But I'll let things simmer down, first. Let her feel adjusted and ready to tell the truth.

I think I'll tell Roxie about what I did tonight. She's got a right to know about the kind of people she's hanging around with from now on.


I saw Velma eating chicken last night. I think Mama must've slipped it to her. It made me so angry .... it's just that every time I see chicken I think of the day that Wilbur died. The day he was murdered .... he had no right to make those accusations ....

Roxie Hart came today. I had seen her before, but had never known her personally. I wonder if she recognizes me. She used to hang out at the same juice joint as me--the one Wilbur played in.

It was Wil, actually, who told me who she was. He knew that Roxie was sort of crushing on one of his friends, a salesman named Fred Casely. Wilbur told me they were both married, but they were still having an affair anyway. Sick to think about, ain't it?

As the story goes (according to the Times, as Annie tells me), Roxie hadn't known that Fred was married. I thought she did. But she felt it was a crime that he hadn't told her, so she plugged him with lead. Sort of interesting. She didn't mind that SHE was married, but it mattered to her that he was .... or I guess she was mad because he used her.

Yeah, that was probably it. What a creep that Casely guy was. I'm glad Wilbur never introduced me to him.


A girl named Roxie Hart came today. The matron acted kindly towards her, although I think she was getting exasperated by the end. I'd tell Roxie what to expect here, but my English is not so good.

I wonder what happened to her? The others seem to have a pretty good idea, but then, they can all read newspapers. I can't. Annie had the Times, and I saw Roxie's face on the cover. I'll ask her if she can try to explain what happened. Not that I'll be able to understand ....

Every night I dream of what might have been with me and Nikolas .... if that one man had not ruined our happiness, just think of what we could have done! And now here I sit, in prison. And even though I do not know what the police are saying about me, I know that soon I will die.

But maybe that's for the better. I could be with Nikolas .... but I don't want to die! I'm much too young, and I know that Nikolas wants me to go on living! I miss him so much it hurts, but there is nothing I can do. I can only pray to God that he blesses my soul, whether or not I die.

It doesn't help that the other women don't believe me. Annie is the only one who does, but she was there and knew it wasn't me. These other girls--murderers--are so jaded and don't find it possible that I am not guilty. Maybe Roxie will believe me. She looks like she has sweet face, even if now it is screwed up in fear and guilt.


Ah, yes. Fresh meat at last. It's been so long since I've had a new girl around here to intimidate and boss around.

When Mama walked by today, I saw this blonde kid with her. I stopped Mama to show her an article about me, and this girl blurts out, "You're Velma Kelly! You are THE Velma Kelly! I was there that night you were arrested!"

"Yeah, you and half of Chicago," I had said distractedly. She was semi-ruining my moment of triumph.

I hear that her name's Roxie Hart. I think she shot some guy or something for using her. I guess it's a worthy cause, but she seems pretty frightened by this place. Poor little tramp.

The guy she shot reminded me a little bit of Charlie. Only not really. I don't know, it's just that it's like both of them used us. For the first time, I thought to myself, Did Charlie only use me so he could get to Veronica?

But that would be stupid for more reasons than one. First off, Veronica and I are almost exactly the same .... in the looks department, anyway. And secondly, they were both majorly drunk when they did that .... it's not like they wanted to....

Should I have shot them? I mean they were only drunk, that's all.

Curse that Roxie kid! Her case has got me all would up, maybe like I shouldn't have shot Velma and Charlie .... I think she's scared at the thought of being killed. I don't show it, but I am too. Fortunately, I've got me one darn good lawyer. His name's Billy Flynn, and he ain't never lost a case for a lady client. I hear Hunyak wants to get him, but there's no way she could afford him.

Since I made about five grand a month, it was easy for me to pay Mr. Flynn. It's a big price, but I'd like to pay it if it means my life. All I have to do is make sure Hart stays away from him. I'd better make sure she never hears about him.


That Lipschitz drives me insane. If I could kill him again, I would. To feel him struggle while I strangled him was one of the most wonderful moments of my life. Just thinking about him makes me want to vomit, so perhaps I should change the subject.

Roxie Hart came in today. She's a little blonde kid who sort of reminds me of a lost sheep. She decides to leave the herd for a little, just to taste that greener grass, but when she comes back it's like everything has changed. The herd won't talk to her anymore--in Roxie's case, it's her husband that I'm sure would like to see her dead.

But when I this idea to Velma, she only laughed. She tossed me an article on Hart, and there were a few lines suggesting that Amos .... I mean Andy ..... or is it Amos? Uh--that Mr. Hart was one of those suckers born every minute. In retrospect, I do remember Velma laughing hysterically now and then when she was reading the article.

I don't quite understand Velma. She seems to revel in other people's misery. I certainly don't--I feel bad for that Roxie kid, because she was stuck in a fix like me. Only she had been married, and I wasn't.

Lipschitz deserved what I got, and I'm sure Roxie felt the same way about that Fred Casely guy. I sure do. Any guy who does that kind of thing with a woman don't have no right living here on earth. They ain't go no right living with God, either, if you know what I mean.

Some people would argue that we women were just as much to blame, but that's ridiculous. A man takes advantage of us dames, and we aren't strong enough to battle them off. It's as simple as all that.


Of course .....

Ugh....I have a migraine and it won't go away....stupid Lipschitz...

---------------------THE END-------------------

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