The Bet

By Totodile

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon!

Summary: When Gary bets Ash that he can't get a kiss from Misty, what will Ash do? Will he accept the bet? And what happens if he does get the kiss?

Ages: Misty 21, Ash 19, Gary 19, Brock 24, Tracey 22

Chapter 1 - So it begins.

Ash and Gary had made up after Johto and are now close friends. Ash was hanging out at Gary's when the subject of Misty's upcoming visit was brought up by Gary.

"So Ash you ever gonna ask that girl out?"

"Uh, what girl?" replied Ash.


"We're just friends. Anyway, I'm not interested in her like that. I mean she's pretty and all but I don't like her romantically."

Gary looked at Ash's face, he looked serious enough. Hmmm, maybe I could have a little fun with my old buddy. Gary thought to himself.

"Hey Ash! I bet you $100 you can't get her to kiss you! HA!" Gary was smirking at Ash.

"No way I'm kissing her!" Ash said.

Gary started laughing at him, "You're just chicken and besides I'll win anyway. There's no way that beauty would go out with you, let alone kiss you."

Ash was getting pissed, "Oh yeah, I'll show you! The bet is on!"

"Okay, you better pay up when you lose Ketchum! By the way how long was she staying in town?" Gary inquired.

"About two weeks, why?" Ash asked.

"We need to add terms to the bet and you are gonna have to have proof of the kiss somehow. You have to get the kiss before she leaves and you have to get the kiss on film or camera!" Gary said with inner laughter. He was loving this. There's nothing better than picking on Ash!!!

"Camera?!? How the hell am I supposed to do that?" Ash anger was getting the better of him. Oh, that Gary! Why are we friends? But Ash wasn't gonna back down. Nobody calls Ash Ketchum a chicken! I'm gonna win this if it kills me!

"You have to have proof, Ash. Oh and one more thing, there has to be tongue action. A little friendly touch of the lips doesn't count." Gary was still smiling like an idiot. He is really being a jerk, thought Ash.

"Alright! Already!" They shook hands sealing Ash's fate. Ash got up to go home, he didn't want to end up punching that stupid smile off Gary's face!

Ash drove home he still lived with his mom. I can't believe I agreed to such a thing! I'm so dumb sometimes. Misty would never wanna kiss a loser like me. I live with my mother for God sakes! I need to call it off. UGH! I can't do that either, I'll never hear the end of it from Gary! Guess I'm stuck. Oh man.

He finally arrived back at his house to find a note from his Mom. She and Mr. Mime were at the store getting things for the next two weeks. She wanted him to vacuum before Misty arrived. He had not seen Misty in three years. She was still running the gym as usual. All her sisters are married now so it was up to her to run it. She had talked Violet into watching the gym for her so she could catch up with her old friends. Brock was coming to visit to but only for a few days. His Mom had fixed up the guest just for Misty and Brock was gonna stay at the Pallet Motel since he was only coming for a few days.

Ash sighed it was gonna be nice to see his old friends again. He was getting sick of Gary. There was always something! He would mess with Ash's drink. He would dare Ash to do stupid things. Gary needs to grow up really. Gary also has a girlfriend and Ash never has had one. Sure he's kissed a few girls but he didn't feel anything from it. There was no spark of any kind. That's how it'll be with Misty. He thought to himself.

Ash decided that he's gonna have to get some advise because he's not the smartest at what's goes on in girls minds. He decided he'd talk to his male friends about this starting tomorrow. Ash went up to his room after he was done vacuuming. Misty should be here by tonight. He looked over at his bed where Pikachu was now sleeping. Huh, Pikachu's a boy, I wonder if he has any advise for me? Then again he's just a Pokemon. Pikachu woke up, he yawned and stretched. That was a good ketchup dream! Pikachu was thinking. Ash noticed Pikachu awake.

"Hey Pikachu, how do you ask out a girl Pikachu?"

"Well I casually stroll over to her and smell her if she smells a certain way then I have a chance to-" Pikachu was interrupted by Ash. "Chance to what?"

"Uh, nevermind that part, anyway as I was saying, if she smells a certain way then I have a chance for none-of-your-business so I let her smell me and wait for her approval. If she likes what she smells then she puts out her tail for me to shake and I ask her if she wants to go somewhere to uh nevermind that part." Pikachu cleared his throat.

"Pikachu I can't just go smelling Misty. Humans don't work the same way as Pokemon I know that much." Ash stated a little irritated.

"You asked me and I answered, did you somehow forget I'm a Pokemon?"

**Ash sweatdropped** "Uh, yeah I guess that was a pointless thing to ask you. Sorry." Ash apologized.

Pikachu replied, "It was but then again you always have treated me like a human in a way. I am sorta spoiled. So maybe that's why you forgot?"

"Yeah, I guess so, buddy." Ash answered to Pikachu's little question.

Ash heard the doorbell. It's too early to be Misty, maybe it's Mom with too much to carry into the house so she needs me to open the door. Ash hurried downstairs as to not keep the person behind the door waiting. He opened the door and looked up to see. Uh, who is this? "Yeah, how can I help you?"

"Don't you even recognize your best friend?"

"Mm...Misty, is that you?"

"Well do I look like Brock?" Misty laughed at Ash's silly question. She looked Ash over. I didn't think it was possible but he's even hotter than the last time I saw him. Lordy! Misty grinned at Ash.

He smiled back shyly. Wow she looks so beautiful, she really has grown up nicely. She quite a little looker. Misty was getting impatient. "Well are you gonna stand there or invite me in?" Ash felt a little stupid, so he replied, "Oh of course! Here let me get your bags. Why do you need so much for just two weeks?"

"It's a girl thing." She declared. "I'm not twelve anymore anyway."

"Well I can see that, but I still don't get why.....Geez Misty could you even see in the rear view mirror?"

**Misty sweatdropped** and said, "Uh, no actually I couldn't, I should've rented a bigger car, I guess." Ash looked at her car again and replied sarcastically, "Or a Minivan. Hell, why didn't you just rent a U-haul? Are you moving in or visiting?"

"Just visiting, smart a- oh nevermind that, how have ya been? How's training? I missed ya." Misty rambled. Ash replied, "Great. Fine. I missed you too Misty. Come on let's get all this stuff inside. If it'll fit."

Delia arrived home just as they were finishing bringing in Misty's things. "My word dear, I can't even see- I mean I missed you Misty. Glad to have you with us for the next two weeks?" She questioned because of all the things that Misty brought with her. "You must be as bad as your sisters," commented Ash. "Ash, " Misty started, "If you value your life then you will....shut up, I still own a certain mallet." Ash swallowed noisily. Mallet! Oh no! I hope she never finds out about the bet!! I'll be a dead man!

"So dear," Mrs. Ketchum began, "How've you been?" Misty answered her sweetly, "Just great except when it comes to my love life." Mrs. Ketchum leaned over and whispered in Misty's ear. "What about my Ash?" Misty turned bright blood red. "Uh, I don't think he likes me like that." she whispered back. "Well dear we'll just see about that!" Delia replied still quiet. Ash looked at them and tilted his head curiously. Huh? They are acting a little weird. Shrugs. Whatever.

To be continued...

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