The Bet

By Totodile

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon!

Summary: When Gary bets Ash that he can't get a kiss from Misty, what will Ash do? Will he accept the bet? And what happens if he does get the kiss?

Ages: Misty 21, Ash 19, Gary 19, Brock 24, Tracey 22, Todd 19, Rudy 23

Chapter 14 - Short and Sappy

Ash was nervous which is understandable seeing as how the rest of his life and happiness was on the line. He had to say exactly the right words. He had to win her heart back. I'm glad she's at least going to let me talk to her. He sighed in longing anticipation. He hoped that everything was going to be okay. They reached a spot at the lake where there was a rock and they sat down Ash was facing Misty. He began a very long winded speech to her.

"Please don't talk, just hear me out and then speak, please. First off, I love you, too. I always have deep down. I just never realized it and as stupid as it may seem to say. I'm glad Gary made that stupid bet. Because it made me look at you in a whole new light and I...I was never so happy than I was with you...especially when we kissed. That was when I really was positive that it was love. But being the fool I am I never said anything about love at the perfect moment and I'm so sorry for that. Misty I love you so much that if you will not take me back. Which I totally do not deserve. Then I will never be with anyone else. Do you hear me?"

He stopped to breath and then he continued. "I will wait in hopes of you forgiving me and in hopes that we can be together. Spend the rest of our lives together. I want you to be the mother of my children. I am so sorry for the damn bet but I would have never woke up to what I have always really wanted. You are the reason that every time I was kissing or with another girl. I couldn't have any feelings cause in the back of my mind and hidden deep in my heart, hell to the very core of my soul was a burning desire to be with you. I love you and I hope that you can forgive me and I hope that you will be mine. I do love you. So if you give me a chance, I'd like to prove just how much. Please, I am begging you here. I'll get on my knees if that is what it takes, so Misty can you ever forgive me for being an utter childish fool? Can you forgive me for taking something like this to realize just how special and how great you really are. How much you mean to me. Please can you?" He finished and she looked deep into his eyes and she knew he was being sincere.

She smiled at him. "I can't help but forgive you, Ash. My Ash. I love you. You know how much now don't you?" She questioned him. He grinned. "Yes. Misty can I kiss you?" She giggled in sheer joy. "You don't even have to ask. You can always kiss me."

His gloved hand took her face and held it gently and closing the gap between them he kissed her with more determination, desire and longing than he had ever felt in his entire life. Her will power was gone she leaned into him returning his kiss with her need to feel him immense. His lips were warm and sweet on hers. She was savoring every moment, there was a intensity to the kiss that she had gotten swept away in. It was intoxicating. Ash was feeling a unstoppable need to intensify the kiss, he forced her lips open gently and persuasively with his thrusting tongue. She welcomed it with an eager response and kissed him back more intensely. They finally had to breath so they would not die so they reluctantly broke apart.

Ash started walking her back to his house holding her hand. She squeezed his hand and smiled she was so happy she felt like she was floating. Ash felt the same way he was drunk, but not from alcohol.

Delia was home and she noticed that they were holding hands. "When's the wedding?" She teased and Ash blushed and said, "Someday Mom but don't rush us, ok?" Delia smiled. grandchildren in just a few short years! Yes.

Ash took Misty up to his room to show her something. Pikachu decided to leave because they were doing 'that' again. Ewww! I don't need to see what that was leading too! Where are Bulbasaur and Bayleaf?

Meanwhile in the backyard, "So Babe leaf I told ya this is some good, Pokenip isn't it?" Bayleaf grinned, "Sure is! I feel so happy and I am really hungry let's hit the Pokemart and buy some Pokechow!" Bulbasaur gave a sly grin "And then you can come with me behind that bush over there and we can uh you know." Bayleaf blushed, "Ok."

Mrs. Ketchum went out to her garden later that day. "Oh my word, I did not want to see THAT! Ewww! Bulbasaur! Bayleaf! Get out of my garden! My poor tomatoes! We can't eat them now! Ewww!"

"Ash get down here and get your Pokemon! They ruined my tomatoes! Ash! Ash! Ash can you hear your mother calling?" She marched up the stairs, "Ash Ketchum, young man you had better unlock this door." Ash opened the door his hair was a mess, well messier than usual and he was all flushed looking. His clothes were all a mess on him like he'd just put them on in a hurry. He had had Misty get in the closet. Because his Mom kept getting madder and it was taking her too long to get dressed. "Just what were you doing?" *Ash sweatdropped* "Uh I was trying to sleep?" Delia laughed. "Yeah, right and I'm a Pokemon Master!"

The End

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