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Strange Meetings

Blood. It bathed the trees and grass. The stink of death overpowered the senses. She stared down at them. Three dead bodies lay at her feet. Not an ounce of blood was left in the bodies. It was covering the grass and trees. She felt nothing as she stared down at the bodies. She had stood long ago. They interfered with her survive. Death was always twisted and linked with her. In some cruel and sick way it had become an art to her. The ability to take their life blood and splatter it all around their death scene. Ironic really. They were surrounded by their own life but still dead. It might have brought a smile to her lips. If she didn't hate it. If she didn't live through it night after night, drowning the her own guilty. What did they call themselves? It sounded like something from a fairy tail of sorts. She scrunched up her brow in thought. Ninja? She shook her head clear of such thoughts. It was no use to think such things. She dropped to her knees as she stared at herself in a puddle of blood. She bit down on her crimson colored lips and closed her blood red eyes. She lifted her hand up to her ear and poked it. Her pointed elf looking ears stood out as always. She shoved herself off of the ground with a sigh. The strange woman stared up at the night sky. How long until these . . . ninja? . . . were noticed? She shook her head and stared down at the strange head ban they wore. She crouched down and felt some of her hair fall over her shoulder. She pushed back the annoyance at the fact that it was only a few inches pass her shoulders and tilted her head to the side as a plot entered her mind. She moved a body over and stared at it. Female. That worked out nicely. She pulled off the head bank and stared at the markings on the headband. She couldn't understand it. She shrugged, figuring that she wouldn't need to. The bodies said something about passports . . . . she stared down at the woman and searched for her passport. Finally she pulled it out of a back pocket. She sighed and shook her head. Some things need to be down. She scratched out the last name and scribbled what came to mind first. Uzumaki Yuki. She paused.

"Uzumaki? Yuki?" Her strong yet gentle voice filled the air. Where had she heard those names before? Maybe it had to do with her family? She stopped her thoughts right there. It did no good to think of the lives of the dead. Their moment in life was over, there was no need to torment anyone with the thoughts of live. She merely shook it from her head and pulled visors off of another body and fixed the picture on the passport so it would be hers. She smiled slightly at the picture. Her true eye color couldn't be told from that picture. She searched around once more. Finally, she found a black beanie hat on one of the bodies. She pulled it on and tied on the headband. She shoved on the visors and shook her head as she stood. She thought for a moment. "Uzumaki Yuki . . . . Let's hope I don't answer to Setsuko." Setsuko mumbled as she threw her bag over her shoulder and began her track through the country once more.


Naruto leapt over a wall and looked around. Training for the day was over. He was free for the time being. Meaning one thing. A grin spread across his face when he caught sight of it. The best place in the whole world. The ramen here was the best! Naruto ran into the building at top speed. The only thought that entered his mind was to get there and have something to eat. He bumped into a woman on his way in. She landed with a thud and let out an indigent Ouff!

"Sorry." Naruto mumbled as he stood up.

"Naruto, by now I think you would have started to pay more attention." A familiar voice spoke from behind him. "Forgive him. My name is Hatake Kakashi." Kakashi looked over the woman as she stood back up. Truth be told, she had a fine hourglass figure. A magenta tube top with a tan colored jacket over it. The dark boots made no noise. They came up to her knee and tied up. Her dark brown pants were skin tight. The golden chain earring hung from her cartilage and connected to her earlobe on her right ear danced with her hair as she moved. She reached up and shoved back her dark forest green hair. Her skin was almost snow white with a tint of light blue to it. Although, nothing was very big. However, nothing was small either. Every part of her was perfectly proportioned. Pale skin that seemed to be tinted light blue. Her dark green hair went pass her shoulder. It was covered by a black beanie. Black visors stopped him from seeing her eyes. However, what drew the most attention was her headband. She belonged to a village in Cloud Country. "Cloud Country? What are you doing here? I was told nothing of someone from Cloud Country coming here." The woman stared at him as though he was a puny insect. She rose an eyebrow as she narrowed her eyes. Atleast, that's what he thought she did. She was sizing him up, like a predator before it went in for the kill. She sneered at him as thought she had tasted something vile.

"I honestly think that is none of your business." With that said she walked off, leaving the two wondering about her.

"What woke her up on the wrong side of the bed?" Naruto turned and smiled at Sakura.

"Hey Sakura-chan! I thought you were going home!" Sakura shrugged.

"I was but then I heard that there was some strange Ninja in town. I wanted to see if it was true." 'That, and Sasuke had disappeared.' She finished in her mind. The boy still acted as though he didn't know she liked him. Sakura felt herself sigh and shake her head. She turned to Kakashi to ask him about the strange woman. The Ninja was no where to be seen. Sakura rolled her eyes. Figures, she took her eyes off of him for a second and she's stuck with Naruto. Sasuke was the same way. Sakura glared at Naruto, who was smiling. "What?"

"Since it's just the two of us, how about-"

"No." She cut him off. Every chance he got he would ask if she would go out on a date. She didn't even think he really liked her anymore. He just asked anyway as if he felt the same about her as he first did. Sakura turned and left Naruto to his Ramen. Naruto merely shrugged and went back to running into his version of heaven.


Setsuko turned the corner and was out of the small little village. She scoffed to herself. More like mini city. There were so many people and streets she and gotten lost in there more times than she could count. And she had only been in there for a hour! She moved to the edge of the forest as fast as she could without drawing attention to herself in anyway. With a heavy sigh the woman leaned against a tree in deep thought, reflecting what had happened for her to actually go into the village. She had only passed through to get some good food. She couldn't cook every well and the smell of food overpowered her good sense. Something tat would never happen again. She had almost gotten caught. That masked guy with the kid almost cost her more time than she could afford if she wanted to get away form the three dead bodies. Setsuko hit her forehead with her palm.

"Stupid! That's the last time I go through villages!" She snapped at herself. Setsuko pushed herself off of the tree with one foot and turned to be on her way again, this time she couldn't be going through any villages.

"Why's that?" Kakashi asked, standing right in front of her with his usual bored face. Setsuko jumped back a few feet and placed a hand over her heart to try and get it to slow down.

"Don't do that!" Kakashi rose an eyebrow.

"Aren't you a nin from the Cloud Country? I would have thought that you'd of noticed me." Setsuko glared at him.

"Listen pal," She snapped as her temper flared. "I'm passing through. So there is no need to freak out. Leave me be. That's all I want." Kakashi watched her carefully. Something about her wasn't right. Kakashi could have sworn he saw a red glow from behind her visor.

"I must insist upon seeing your passport." Setsuko narrowed her eyes. Who did he think he was? The emperor of the world! She felt her temper rise.

"Get lost." She hissed through clenched teeth and moved to go around him. Kakashi grabbed her upper arm.

"Your passport." He demanded. Setsuko yanked her arm out his grasp and sighed.

"If it will get you to leave me the hell alone . . ." She reached into her bag and shoved the passport at him. Kakashi scanned over it.

'Uzumaki!' Kakashi didn't let his surprise show.

"Aren't you alittle rusty? Two times you have been caught off guard. That's not good for an elite-"

"HEY! IF I WANT A LECTURE I'LL BEAT IT OUT OF YOU!" Setsuko yelled. Kakashi stared at her with unchanging eyes.

'Definitely related to him.'

"I am going to ask you to come with me. There is something . . . important about your passport." Setsuko shook her head and gave out a huff.

"Drop dead! I didn't come this far to be told what to do!" Setsuko walked pass him without a second glance.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Setsuko looked back at him.


"Your passport." Setsuko glared at him as her put at her hand. He smiled. Well, at least that's what she thought it was. With his mask covering half his face she couldn't tell.

"Glad you decided to come Yuki!!!" He grabbed her hand before she could pull it back and the two disappeared in smoke.