how long has it been?

very long

we were children

but we knew

I know I did

I look back and I know what should have

I know what could have been

we were destined to be together

for ever and always

all the laughs we shared

all the tears we shed

all the arguing and coffee we had

what else could it mean?

there was a time when i could see it clearly

our destiny

it was close enough to touch yet slipped through our fingers

a mist

an illusion

so close

so far

we drifted Lorelai

we floated apart

but deep inside it was always there

the illusion - the mist

it bonded us together

no matter how far we were

slowly we came together again


hoping this time would be different

again it was just mist

again so close

again so far

how long has it been?

does it matter?

no tears in your eyes

no pain in your heart

even if my body is with her

my soul from yours will never depart

no one understands

no one sees

that you are me and I am thee

so even though it seems once again we drift apart

its not so

you are always with me and I am always with thee