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The sound of a pair of soft footsteps echoed in the dark, empty passageways of Hamunaptra. The faint light of two half-dead flashlight bounced off of the ancient red stone walls, revealing a pathway of sand and loose stones, as well as skeletal remains of rats that had become trapped so far underground. Two muted voices conversed with one another, one a light, sweet voice of a teenage girl, and the other a deeper, more confident young masculine voice.

"Are you sure about this, Alex?" the feminine voice whispered hesitantly.

"Yeah, of course I'm sure," replied the teenage male. "What could possibly go wrong?"

"Oh, I have a good long list for that," said the female, grinning in anticipation. "First, and what's definitely happening without a doubt, is that Jonathan will realize we've ditched the tour group, tell your parents, and we'll be put on restriction until we get back to England in two months. Or more likely, they'll just ground us for life."

"Too late to change that," Alex shrugged. "Next?"

"Second, we could bring a mummy to life. And not just any mummy, but one that's supposed to bring about the end of the world or whatever. I mean, your parents did it last time an O'Connell was here."

"Okay, Paige, first of all the last time my parents were here they killed a mummy. It was only the time before that that they raised a mummy."

"Yeah, yeah," Paige sighed, rolling her dark brown eyes.

"Second of all, 'we' could not bring Imhotep back to life. I could. You can't read ancient Egyptian."

"Rub it in my face, why don't you?"

"And third, I couldn't bring him back anyway. The book is locked in a museum, and Imhotep's body is probably burned up by now – or whatever it is that they do in the ancient Egyptian's version of hell."

"You mean you don't know?" gasped Paige, raising a hand to her throat in a sign of disbelief. "I thought you knew everything."

"Shut up, Paige."

"Alex, in my experience, you never know. Anything that can go wrong, will. And anyway," she said, softly punching her companion in the arm. "I was doing the 'first of alls' first. So let me continue."

"Go on."

"Where was I? Oh, right. Third, we could get caught being in the forbidden part of Hamunaptra. This area is banned, and we could get, I don't know, thrown into an Egyptian prison or whatever."

"My family has immunity, since we, you know, saved the world a couple times."

"Well, my family doesn't, and I don't think immunity extends to house guests, no matter how many months I've stayed with you."

"Good point," Alex said, stopped and pointing his flashlight at Paige. "Any other worries?"

"Let's see," said Paige, then she stuck her flashlight in her mouth as she pulled her shoulder-length blonde hair into a high ponytail. She thought for a moment, and then took the flashlight out, pointing it at her tall, blonde friend. "Those man-eating beetle things, finding a mummy even if it is still dead, getting lost in this place after our flashlights die and then getting trapped and dying of thirst or those flesh-eating bugs…"

"So you want to go back?"

Paige Woods raised her eyebrows at Alex. "No. Who said anything about turning back?"

Alex rolled his eyes. "Then stop complaining."

"I just want to be able to say 'I told you so'."

After most of the sand and dangerous debris had been removed, the City of the Dead had become a popular tourist spot, as popular as the Sphinx and the Pyramids. Crowds of people came from as near as Cairo and as far as Australia, Canada and Japan. Hundreds of people a day came to take pictures of the ruins, and the lucky (or rich) few were allowed tours inside the city. Today, however, was considered a rather slow day. There were a mere three tours inside Hamunaptra, the last containing only thirteen people.

Jonathan Carnahan had been volunteered to take Alex and Paige on the last tour of the day so that Evy and Rick could take a romantic ride down the Nile, and then have a nice, quiet dinner in their hotel room.

Paige Woods was sixteen, and from America. Her mother Diana had grown up in Egypt, a childhood friend of Evelyn. Now that Diana and her husband Robert were going through a particularly nasty divorce – and since Paige managed to get herself into trouble on a daily basis at home – she'd asked her old friend to let Paige stay until everything was sorted out, and Evy happily agreed, hoping to get Alex some friends other then his books or inventions. But with Diana and Robert's inability to communicate or to compromise, the stay that meant to be only three months was looking as though it might last a year or more.

Not that Paige or Alex minded. They got along as though they'd known each other forever and they spent a lot of time hanging out, reading books and going to the movies or showing off to each other (Alex showing off his inventions, Paige showing off her acting skills). They also played cards quite a lot.

Alex O'Connell, now seventeen, had managed to talk his friend into ditching the tour of Hamunaptra to go and see the room where his mother had nearly died almost twenty years before.

"So," began Paige as they continued to walk down the corridor. "Where is this room you've been telling me about nonstop since I got here – oh, about three months ago?"

"It hasn't been nonstop," Alex said, again rolling his eyes. "And it's hardly 'little'. And it should be here somewhere…"

"Well, that's encouraging," replied Paige, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "And how do you know how big or little this room is? You've never been inside."

"My parents described it to – oh, here it is," grinned Alex, pointing his flashlight at…a wall, covered with faded hieroglyphs. "Or, it should be here."

Paige cleared her throat. "I told you so."

"Well," snapped Alex, "It should be here, which means it is here, probably just behind the wall. We'll be able to get in once we move it."

"What 'we'?" objected Paige, as she watched Alex set down his flashlight and canteen and put his shoulder against the wall, attempting to move it aside. "I'm just a poor, weak female."

"Yeah, that explains the bruise on my arm from where you hit me last week," Alex said, a bit out of breath. "Are you gonna help me or not?"

"No, I think I'm good with just watching you. I've got some of that Desperate Housewives thing going on."

"You've never seen Desperate Housewives."

"I'm still good with watching. I don't want to break a nail," joked Paige.

"Oh, you're so helpful." It was Alex's turn to be sarcastic.

After a moment or two of watching Alex struggle with the wall, Paige sighed and set her flashlight and canteen on the ground beside Alex's and joined him in pushing against the wall.

"Honestly, what would you do without me?"

"Die, I guess," grunted Alex.

After about fifteen minutes of pushing with all her weight against the immobile wall, Paige slid down it, gasping for air. She wasn't exactly 'in shape'; the most exercise she'd done lately was dancing in their high school musical.

"Okay, this isn't going to work," Paige gasped. After another shove, Alex had to agree. But he refused to get this far just to be blocked by the wall. He was risking eternal grounding just to see this room, and he wasn't going to stop now. He collapsed beside Paige, sighing.

Paige looked over at him. "So what now? Do we just go back, or was there something else you wanted to see?"

Alex shrugged, glancing over at their stuff. Suddenly he had an idea. He crawled over and tossed Paige their flashlights, then grabbed their canteens. "Shine the flashlights there," he said, motioning to the edge of the wall they were trying to move forward. She turned on the flashlights and shined them both to where he'd pointed, but the half-dead lights didn't do much good. Still, he crawled over and began digging in the sand, praying he wouldn't shut off some booby trap or come across a mummy. Eventually he came to a solid rock floor. Grinning, he cleared the space around the wall a little more thoroughly. Then he took his canteen, opened it and poured the water all around the door. He spotted a gap at the bottom and peeked through it into a dark room, but he felt cool air coming from the other side. He opened Paige's canteen and began to pour water and pushing it through the crack.

"What are you doing?" Paige objected. "Don't pour all of it, you idiot, we don't want to die of thirst before rescue comes for us."

Alex looked up at Paige skeptically. "You do realize we aren't actually trapped, right?"

Paige shrugged. "It's more fun to pretend."

"That we're going to die?"

"I wanted the water anyway," Paige insisted, dropping the flashlight and taking her canteen from him, taking a defiant swig.

Alex glared playfully at her and stood back up. "Well, come on, let's move this wall."

"You really think the water's going to help?" asked Paige, setting aside the flashlights and canteen and standing up.

Alex shrugged. "Maybe. But clearing the sand out definitely should."

So Alex and Paige began pushing against the wall again, and after another minute of struggling with the wall, it finally budged a few inches. Paige and Alex used all their strength pushing against it, and eventually managed to push it far enough to slip through. Alex began to move through the gap, turning his head inward to get through without hurting himself.

"Pass me a flashlight," he said once he got in, unnerved by the complete darkness. Anything could be hiding in there.

"How dark is it in there?" Paige said, her voice uncertain. She was completely terrified of the dark. She hated it almost as much as she hated heights.

"Oh, it's not dark at all. Bright as day in here."

"Really?" asked Paige hopefully, peeking in. It was pitch black.

"No. Now hand me my flashlight."

Paige sighed and stuck her hand through, and felt Alex take the flashlight. She saw it turn on then disappear, then come back a moment later, shining in her eyes.

"Are you coming through or not?" Alex wanted to know.

"I'm thinking not," replied Paige. "I don't do well in dark places."

"Suck it up, this is awesome."

"No, I'd rather not."

Alex sighed in frustration. "Give me the other flashlight. I'll shine it where you walk so it's not dark anymore."

"What if the flashlights die while we're in there?"

"They still have enough power to last a while. We'll just be in here for a couple minutes, just to look around."

Paige hesitated, but then picked up her flashlight and handed it to Alex. "I'm going to regret this," she stated, handing her canteen over to him. Then she took a deep breath, and turned her body to the side, her head toward Alex, and then began slipping through the crack. The edge of the wall scraped the side of her face a bit, but otherwise she made it to the otherwise without harm. Alex handed her the flashlight and canteen, then began to look around.

He'd been right; it wasn't small, not in the least. His entire house – mansion that is – could have almost fit in the room. There were bits of debris around it – pieces of statues, blocks of something that looked like sandstone – but most of it was, amazingly, intact. There were statues of Osiris and Isis everywhere, and a few of Re. There was an altar in the center, with a pool of water nearby it, which eventually turned into a stream which disappeared underneath a wall.

With a small shout of excitement, Alex rushed towards the altar.


"Whoa what?" Paige asked, though she knew the answer.

"Are you serious? I already told you – my mom almost died there. You know, before she and dad got married."

Paige gasped dramatically, raising her free hand to her mouth, then placing it on her chest. "But then there would be no you! Whatever would I have done without you?"

"Die, I guess," responded Alex with a grin, before launching into the story he had told her a thousand times, of how Imhotep had captured and nearly killed Evy in his attempt to raise his girlfriend back to life, but then Rick and Jonathan and some guy called Ardeth had come to her rescue. "Not that Mom didn't have a few tricks up her sleeve herself, it's just that-"

Paige was bored before he had even gotten three words into his story. Toning out her best friend, she began to shine the dimming flashlight around, getting a closer look at the place. Sand, hieroglyphs, sand, a few statues of Egyptian gods, more sand; she really wasn't as into the whole Egyptology thing as Alex was. Sure, the history was kind of interesting, and the mythology seemed cool, but she wasn't obsessed like all the O'Connells seemed to be.

She walked up to one of the walls, looking at the symbols. An eye, a bird, a…squiggly line? She turned to ask Alex to translate, but paused when her eyes caught something on the wall to her right. Hieroglyphs like on all the other walls…only these almost looked new.

"Hey, Alex, look at-" she stopped speaking as she looked over her shoulder and saw the Alex wasn't listening. She sighed and rolled her eyes, and walked towards the writing. As she approached, it seemed to begin to glow deep red, and it glowed bright the closer she got. It was at that point she would have said something to get Alex's attention, if only she was aware that she existed. She had somehow forgotten about Alex, the room, the whole world…everything except the hieroglyphs. Slowly the dark red writing began to glow gold, and then a brilliant white. As she reached the writing, Paige knelt down in front of it. The sound of wind gathered in her ears, and she felt her eyes stinging from her hair whipping into them. And then words seemed to be dragged out of her mouth.

"Let he who has been banished rise again into this world.

I call him from the other side, from the underworld.

Bring forth the only one whose powers rival the Gods.

Bring him to where I am; bring the dead to the living,

Let me hear his words, let me speak to him,

I call him forth, bring him forth to me."

The wind died down, and the glowing stopped. She felt a firm hand on her shoulder, and screamed as it pulled her away.

"Paige! What are you doing?" Paige breathed a sigh of relief as she heard Alex.

"I don't know, I-" she stopped suddenly, as she realized what had happened. She felt lightheaded…like she was going into shock. She didn't have time for that. She jumped to her feet. "Alex? What happened? I don't speak ancient Egyptian!"

"No, but I do. You basically just called Imhotep to us!"

"How?" wondered Paige, hearing the panic creep into her voice. She began to shake.

"I don't know, but we have to get out of here before he gets here!"

Paige dropped down and grabbed her flashlight and canteen, swinging the strap over her shoulder. Alex grabbed her hand and dragged her to her feet. He dragged her along behind him, and she nearly fell trying to keep up with him. But they only managed to stumble forward a few steps when there was a loud 'crack!' behind them.

Paige and Alex turned, and shone their flashlights behind them. About ten feet away stood a tall, half-rotted corpse. The mummy.

Paige's jaw dropped automatically, but she closed it quickly and then swallowed hard. "Oh…my…" she whispered. "Al- Alex?" ige'

"Imhotep!" Alex cried, and continued to drag Paige away with him.

"Ihatep," Imhotep spoke softly, though his ruined vocal cords caused it to come out much rougher. He began to follow.

Paige hesitated, looking back. What was that emotion in his voice? He'd sounded almost hesitant. That wasn't very scary, was it? Not like a mummy at all.

"Come on, Paige!" Alex shouted, and she realized that she'd stopped running for a moment, even begun to drift towards Imhotep.

"Ihatep! Isis!" Imhotep sped up, beginning to catch up with them.

Paige turned and began to run, almost passing Alex though he was in much better shape then she was. Alex shone his flashlight from the ground to the way they'd gotten in. Suddenly the entrance seemed so very far away.

"Ihatep!" Imhotep cried again. "WAIT!"

RubyMoon's Secret Place

RubyMoon: I don't speak ancient Egyptian. Just to make that clear.

Roselyn: No, really. –rolls eyes-

RubyMoon: Shh you. By the way – welcome to my Secret Place. Here is where I hide from everyone who wants to kill me, and there's quite a list.

Hayate: -appears- RubyMoon!

RubyMoon: Sadly, it's not very effective, since everyone and their sister knows where it is.

Roselyn: By a lake, up a tree that's beside a mountain, in a cave in the mountain.

RubyMoon: Thank you, Roselyn.

Roselyn: Any time.

Shin: -walks in-

RubyMoon and Roselyn: Oh, kawaii! –fawn over Shin-

Shin: RubyMoon-san?

RubyMoon: Yes?

Shin: Nakaru is on his way.

RubyMoon: o.o

Nakuru: -hops in and tackles RubyMoon- NAMESAKE-SAAAAAAAN.

RubyMoon: Erm…Nakaru…remember our…erk…talk?

Nakaru: ^.^

RubyMoon: Erm, well…please review!