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Setting: After FN

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A Normal Girl

Maleah's POV:

I stand at the back of the seemingly tireless mass of protestors and news crews. They seethe along the edge of the police barricade, yelling and throwing things at the Terminal City fence line. The anger, fear, and hate of the amassed people is a palpable blight on the atmosphere. I'm half expecting to hear a cry of, "Transgenics ate my baby!"

People are stupid. They would rather be in the dark than afraid. They were perfectly happy living their lives not knowing about the existence of transgenics and now that they know about them they long for how things used to be. They scream at them to go back where they came from, which they obviously can't do since Manticore was burned to the ground. But people don't think about that. All they ever think about is themselves and how they have been inconvenienced.

I come here every day and listen to them. I've come here ever since the media started talking about transgenics and how they might be in Terminal City. Today, I've had enough.

I walk away from the crowds, looking cautiously over my shoulder to make sure that I'm not followed. I head down a virtually deserted street and slip off my backpack. I set the pack down on the ground, unzip it, and pull out a crowbar. I take one more quick look around before I start prying up the manhole cover in the street.

I've thought about this for awhile, worked it all out, and I'm convinced. It's risky, but there is no turning back now. Besides, if my plan is successful, it will be worth the risk.

With that thought in mind, I ply all my strength and move the cover enough for me to slip through. I smile, return the crowbar to my pack, and take a final look around before putting my backpack on and descending into the sewers. I do my best to try and replace the cover, but it's simply too heavy. I give it up and reason to myself that the cops aren't smart enough to piece anything together anyway. If they were intelligent at all, they would have already tried the sewers.

It's really dark in the sewer. I can just barely see the rungs of the ladder thanks to the light coming from the opening in the street overhead. I jump and land with a splash in some greenish water. I reach for my pack again and extract a flashlight before continuing on.