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Setting: After FN

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A Normal Girl

Alec's POV:

Why does she have to do that? Everything's perfectly fine, we're having some fun, then she has to go and ruin it. It's like she has to prevent herself from having a good time.

I sigh and stash my loot with the bike before I follow after her. The rest of the night is definitely going to suck now. Max will sulk the whole time and probably ignore me which I can't stand. Oh, well. If she wants to be stupid about this, then fine. I didn't do anything wrong this time. This is all her doing so she can work it out on her own.

She's stopped just outside the entry gate, so I catch up to her there.

"Jump the fence, disarm the cameras and the door alarm, in and out." Max says without looking at me.

"You think?" I reply.

I see Max twitch a little at that remark, but she doesn't say anything. She just takes off for the fence and leaps over. I roll my eyes at her stubbornness and follow. Sometimes hanging out with Max feels an awful lot like banging your head into something hard and metal repeatedly. Hmmm, and sometimes I end up with similar bruises, too.

Max moves to take the camera on the left, so I head for the one on the right. In about four seconds I've reworked the wiring so that the image will loop the past 60 seconds of empty front yard. I glance up and to my surprise and annoyance, Max has finished about a second before me. Ten years of training on her and she finishes a second before me. I'm getting rusty. But rather than gloat, Max continues to give me the silent treatment. I resist the urge to sigh again and watch as she moves to the door and disables the alarm.

When I'd first stopped by this place, I'd earmarked it for the big screen TV. Sadly, that kind of haul just wouldn't fit on Max's bike so we were here for the fancy sculptures in the entrance hall and for the safe that I'd just happened to notice when the woman of the home stashed the package I delivered.

I start to head for the safe, but Max shoves her way past me and goes to work on it.

"Fine." I grumble, turning to gather the sculptures, "Stupid stubborn female. If I didn't know better I'd swear she's PMSing. Damn, I know I wouldn't bother if she wasn't so hot."

"Would you shut the hell up?" Max snaps.

I glance at her. I'd almost forgotten that she has the same sensitive hearing that I do. At least she's talking to me again. Well, maybe not talking so much as yelling, but it's a start.

"Gee, and hear I was thinking of sharing my ice cream until you so rudely yelled at me."

You know, I don't think I'd ever hear Maleah giving me such a hard time about nothing. Well, maybe not nothing. With Max it's always something. But man, I'm really starting to think staying home and entertaining the newest resident of TC would have been a lot more fun than this. We were just starting to hit it off, too. Yeah, she definitely wasn't too bad looking. A little chubbier than most of the girls I see on a daily basis in TC, but a little time in there will melt the pounds off anybody. Seriously, the stress alone burns about a pound a week. And to be fair, the girls I see on a daily basis tend to be X5's these days and X5's do have the advantage of a hyperactive metabolism. Which leads me to the reason why I raided that fridge in the first place. A high metabolic rate like the one all X5's have means two things: first, you'll never run across an overweight X5 and second, X5's are always hungry. Which is probably why Max and I tended to raid Logan's fridge every time we stopped by. Max could always get away with this, of course, but I had to be a little more sneaky about it. Give Max and Logan a private moment, stuff my face with pasta, pop back in before things got a little too "dramatic." I may not think too much of Logan, but the guy knows his food. Not that I don't like Logan. He's just a little too high and mighty for me. He's always all, "Hello. I'm Logan the superhero. Not only have I managed to overcome my wheelchair, but I did so while simultaneously broadcasting an Eyes Only hack saving small children from evil drug lords and cooking risotto. Aren't you in awe of my amazing talents? But don't worry, I will bring myself to stoop to your uneducated and immoral level so that I may share my lofty and idealistic principles with you. I'm that good of a guy."

But hey, I can't get too mad at him. I can't really blame him for getting caught up in the "spell of Max." I mean, would I really be here stealing....well, bad example. Would I be living in TC where the air always smells funny if it weren't for Max? Seriously, what is it about her that makes people do things against their better judgment all the time? I get that she's extremely hot, but it's more than that. For example, in my case I've come to accept that there is absolutely no way in hell that Max would ever, ever sleep with me so the hotness factor should no longer be an issue. And yet, here I am, taking more abuse for no good reason. Why?

I instinctively flinch when I feel Max's fist on my skull.

"Hello?" she calls, continuing to knock on my head, "Is Alec home? 'Cause we really need to get going."

I push her hand away and head for the door without replying. Give her a little taste of her own medicine.

I catch her frown in that confused, pouty way she has out of the corner of my eye and then I hear her follow after me. I can't help but grin for a second, knowing that my plan's working. She maintains stubborn silence until we've almost reached her bike before she gives.

"Okay, Alec. Look, I'm sorry, okay? I don't know what's up with me."

"I don't think I heard that. Could you repeat that? A little louder maybe?" I ask, cupping my hand to my ear.

"Oh, shut up. You heard me." she saves, shoving me.

But she doesn't shove me too hard and she's smiling, which are both good signs. I stash my loot on the bike and grab the sack from the earlier stop.

"You wanna share this before it melts?" I ask, reaching in and pulling out the tub of ice cream.

I catch a glint of what appears to be desire in Max's eyes as she fixates on the ice cream, but she shakes her head slightly.

"Not here. Someone's bound to figure out they've been ripped off soon. Come on. I've got an idea." she says, getting on the bike and patting the spot behind her.

I don't need to be told twice. It's not often that Max is in a good mood, especially after I've pissed her off a couple times in a row. I definitely do not want to pass up this chance to see what Max is like when she's not hitting me or yelling at me or sulking or acting like the tragic hero. So I hop on behind her and avoid asking any questions. Besides, I have a hunch that I know where she's going anyway. And when the Space Needle looms closer, my hunch is confirmed.

"Miss that place, don't you?" I ask, knowing she'll here me despite the wind whipping past.

"Yeah." she replies after too long of a pause while shifting her seat.

"Max?" I press, suspicious.

"What?" she snaps.

It dawns on me that Max has been sneaking out, visiting the Space Needle. It also occurs to me that I could bring up how hypocritical it is of her to yell at me for sneaking out of TC when she's been doing that exact thing. But finally, I realize that holding this over Max's head right now would not be the best idea. Besides, I can always remind her of this the next time I've got somewhere slightly outside of TC that I have to be.

"Nothing." I reply.

"Good." Max says as she stops the bike at the base of the Needle.

I slide off the back and Max's springs off after me. In an effort to get back the happy Max I decide to challenge her.

"Race you to the top?"

"Alec, you are such a child." Max says, frowning at me.

I shrug and turn to grab the bag with the ice cream in it, "Whatever."

But when I turn back around, Max has disappeared.

"That's cheating!" I yell after her before I take off up the stairs.