Miko: Hello all, how are you doing?

Joey: Hello...

Hiei: Save me!

Sesshomaru: 'wont say anything aloud! Nope wont do it!'

Miko: anyway, Sesshy-chan, can you do the disclaimer?

Sesshomaru: grumbles under breath about how all women are stupid—Miko does not own Inuyasha! There, are you happy?

Miko: Quite. Now, I know Inuyasha can defeat Naraku's demon puppets, but this one is really-really strong, ok? Oh ya, this will be a Sess/Kag fic. In addition, yes Shippo and Miroku are dead ok? OK! Now without further ado...

The moon hung low as it shone a deep crimson. The wind blew wildly, bringing the scent of blood and death with it. The towering trees swayed back and forth while leaves danced on the ground beneath them.

"Kagome." came Inuyasha's voice. Kagome looked up just in time to dodge a giant tentacle that flew her way. She swerved to the left, and landed hard on her side, dropping her bow and arrow as she did so. She let out a moan of displeasure. Inuyasha yelled out to her, and Kagome looked up. Inuyasha was fighting a rather strong demon puppet of Naraku's. Kirara and Sango were bringing up Inuyasha's rear with Miroku and Shippo lying on the ground beside her, dead. Kagome was still in a state of shock when she yelled to Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha!" she yelled. Inuyasha glanced over to Kagome, but quickly turned his attention back to the matter at hand. Naraku's tentacle's wound through all the trees in the area, making it impossible for an escape. Inuyasha had already given up trying to fight with just his claws, and unsheathed his sword. Sango had also done so, slicing through as many tentacles as she could at a time.

"There are too many!" yelled Sango, who exchanged a brief look with Inuyasha. "I can't hold them off muc-." But before Sango could finish her sentence, a sharp tentacle came from behind her, piercing the armor of her back. Kirara growled, and then charged for the puppet.

Sango dropped her sword, and cried out in pain. Naraku's puppet laughed. "Ku ku ku. Foolish mortal, did you honestly think that you could ever beat me?"

Sango didn't answer, and Kagome instantly jumped up and ran to her aid. "Sango!" She yelled.

"Kagome! Wait!" interrupted Inuyasha, slicing through another tentacle. Kagome didn't stop. "Sango! Are you all right? I am comi-." But before Kagome finished, she tripped over one of the puppet's tentacle's, and fell face first into the dirt. The puppet took advantage of this and sent another tentacle Kagome's way.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled, and Kagome looked up from the ground just in time to see a blur of red jump in front of her. Kagome's face went pale when realization hit her. Inuyasha had just ...saved her.

'No!' she thought. 'Inuyasha would never.' Sure enough, Inuyasha let out a yelp, reassuring her of what Inuyasha had just done. Inuyasha again let out a pained moan, and then cut off the tentacle that pierced his stomach, then in one quick movement, jumped up in the air, sword raised high above his head.

"Inu-Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled, standing up. "Inuyasha!" she repeated. Her shouts went unanswered though. Inuyasha continued his assault, Kirara jumped out of the way just in time as Inuyasha sliced down the center of the puppet, hearing an ear-piercing cry as the puppet disintegrated into nothingness. Inuyasha smiled, and then with a feeling of satisfaction, fell to the ground listening to Kagome's shouts in the back of his mind.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome cried, running to his aid. "Inuyasha." She yelled again, running to him, and then kneeling down at his side, and lifting his head to meet her gaze. "Inuyasha, are you alright?"

Inuyasha half smiled while looking deep within Kagome's eyes. "Ka-Kagome. I- I want-t you t-to-." He coughed, spitting up some blood. Kagome stared with disbelief as Inuyasha continued. "Find my b-brother."

"Stop talking Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled. "It's sapping all your strength!" "N-no, find h-him. Tell him th-e w-western L-lord fal-ls." "Inuyasha." Kagome said, letting a solemn tear kiss her cheek.

"K-Kagome, finish the j-jewel...a-and k-know I-I really do. I-I...I love y-you Kago-me."

And with that, Kagome let out a wail as she watched Inuyasha slip away in her hands. His eyes roll back in his head. "INUYASHA!" Kagome yelled. "Don't go Inuyasha! I love you too!"

Again, Kagome received no answer. All that could be heard is the rustling of the tree leaves. Kagome continued crying as she softly laid Inuyasha's head on the dirt below him, closing the great half demons eyes for the last time. "I love you too." She cried. "I loved you too." "Kagome!" came a voice, and Kagome looked up to see Sango scooting on her stomach, pushing her body forward with her left leg.

"SANGO!" Kagome shrieked, standing up, and then running to Sango's aid. "Stop moving Sango! You'll make you're injuries worse!"

Sango stopped, and rolled over on her back. "Where's Inuyasha?" she panted. Kagome wiped away her tears and sat down beside Sango. "He is..." she trailed off. Sango got the message and turned her head. "Sorry." "It's ok Sango, lets just get these wounds treated. Do you think you can sit up?" Kagome asked. Sango nodded.

"Good." Kagome sighed, then looked over at Kirara who was sitting next to Shippo and Miroku. "Kirara! Can you bring me my bag?"

Kirara got up and then with a slight huff, strode over to Kagome's bag. (I couldn't think of what cat's do when they walk. Besides crawl, which didn't sound right)

Kirara picked up Kagome's bag with her teeth, and then 'walked' over to Kagome and Sango.

"Thank you Kirara." Kagome smiled, taking the bag from the overgrown cat, and then watching as the cat transformed into a kitten.

"Now." Kagome sighed, rummaging through her bag. "Here we go." She finished, taking out bandages and antithetic from her big yellow backpack. "Come on Sango, how do you take off your armor? Oh wait never mind." Kagome sighed, taking off Sango's armor, and then spraying her open wound with antithetic. Sango winced in pain. "It hurts." She huffed. Kagome paid no attention and then moved on to bandaging her wound.

"So, what are you going to do know, Kagome?" asked Sango. "Avenge Inuyasha?"

Kagome laughed, "Not quite. Inuyasha...he left me with some words. I plan to carry them out."

Sango smiled, "Just know I am there if you need help, Kagome." "Thank you Sango." Replied Kagome, patting Sango's back lightly after finishing bandaging her wound. "Then when you're better, I want to finish the jewel."

"Count on it! Naraku wont get the jewel! I still have a score to settle with him. So know that I will be by your side Kagome, I promise!" Sango yelled, balling her fist.

"I know Sango." Kagome smiled. "I know."

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