This is my answer to Caligo Origuu challenge (at least one of them...) Not on par, but hey, poems were never my strong point...She gave me numbers for syllables and I had to make the "poem" fit it. Hope you like it...I promise I'm almost done with the next chapter of 13 ways...

The More Realistic Love Ballad of Inuyasha and Kagome

6- Her eyes glowed with dark light...

6- as her captor carried

4- her into the

6- silence of the black night...

6- Cackling fiercely in

6- his delight, the boy's hair

6- a single flash of white...

7- 'Mine you're been, and mine you'll be!

8- You're fate was sealed under that God Tree...

9- Fast you can run, faster yet, you climb,

10- Fate is naught but a circle twisted like

11- vines, wrapped around dreams that sealed it behind.

12- And in all my travels, deep in my mind, somehow

5- I knew it'd be you...

5- I knew it'd be you...

6- The someone I would find.'

4- Her dark eyes flashed,

4- Her face was flushed.

7- Yet still his mad cackling would

3- not be hushed.

3- Sighing, she

8- said with her head held high, 'Put me

2- down, boy...

2- or else

9- I'll say it and we'll fall from the sky...'

1- 'Keh.'

1- 'Fine!'

10- Her final thought,*Vengance will be mine!*

1- 'SIT!'

Rubbing his sore behind, Inuyasha glared at the girl sitting prettily next to him. "What the hell was that for, wench!?"

Kagome only glared at the boy...

"Oh, come on! I was even being kinda poetic!" He snarled and waited for the spell to wear off his weary bones. His free hand raked through his sliver hair glimmering in the moonlight.

"Inuyasha..." Kagome began with a deep omnious tone... "I said I'd go with you didn't I?"

"Well, yeah..." Ears drooped.

The flickerings of angry aura began to light Kagome's figure from behind. "I promised didn't I?"

Again, more drooping... "Yeah..." He spat out in a small voice.

"THEN WHY DIDN'T YOU WAIT FOR ME TO GET DONE WASHING MY HAIR!?" Kagome wrapped the modest towel around her body, suds dripping into her eyes and stomped off, back towards the house. Her eyes glowing darkly, face read as a beet. When she heard the boy behind her get to his feet she waited just long enough for him to the acheive the false sense of security before uttering her parting words... "Inuyasha, the poem was sweet, but...SIT!"

And all there was left was a growling, surprised moan to reverbeate in the still moonlight. And a sullen "keh!"


Okay, so this one's a bit off topic, but I promise that the next chapter of 13 ways is almost done. It will be posted soon.