The Silver Door

by: Midnight*Starfire

Rated: PG-13, this is subject to change however.

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Notes(please read):

*This is my first attempt at a horror story using fanfiction. I have written horror stories before, but using my own characters. So if you review please no flames.

*If you have read any of my other fics, you should know now that this won't be real fluffy like the others. The secondary genre is romance however (which is something all my stories have in common)so there will be some fluff. This is another Link x Zelda, by the way, but there are some other pairs too.

*Sheik is not Zelda, he is a separate person, just like in "Because Of Me".

*Were also going to pretend that Rauru and Nabooru are the same age as Zelda , Link , Malon , and Sheik. Rauru's not old and grey in this one, because I needed another male character.

This takes place after Ganon's defeat(OOT) , so everyone is an adult.

The Silver Door


Curiosity has been a dangerous thing throughout the history of time. It eats at you and consumes you, making all your thoughts focus upon the one thing that you want to know. It begins as a want, but then becomes a need. Before long you need to know. You waste precious time pondering what is it that you do not know. Then often at times you attempt something dangerous or risky just to know. But once you know there is no going back, even if you find yourself wishing you didn't know. What's better knowing or not knowing? At least when you do not know, you can pretend that nothing bad will happen. But once you know, you cannot shut your eyes to the truth. There's no going back once the truth has been revealed. You know what they say, that old saying, curiosity killed the cat right? Very true.....

"In the east wing of Hyrule Castle at the very end of the corridor there is a small staircase. Descending these steps will bring one to a basement door. A locked wooden door, that has planks across it, to permit someone from entering. Down several rickety wooden stairs and into the dark desolate basement there is a bookcase against the back wall. The bookcase is ancient and dusty, the books on it are worn and tattered. Behind the bookcase is a small tarnished silver door, a door that should remain locked at all times. The door to purgatory as it has been called. A door that one would have to bend down to enter, to crawl through. Long ago the inhabitants of Hyrule Castle tried to hide the door, finding no way to remove it. Everyone in the Castle tried to keep the door secret, and they told lies about the disappearing royalty that ventured through the doorway and were never seen again. They say that also the door leaks crimson blood, and this blood often oozes from underneath the doorway. This secret could never be hidden, and it is said that if one is close enough, a shrill screaming can be heard from the other side of the bookcase. That torturous scream can be heard the same time every full moon at one o clock. A person may enter the door at one, but those who enter never leave. They say the bookcase moves it self and the door opens on it's own accord, and you can look into it and see a bright white light and nothing more. That's when you see them. The spirits of the people who went into the door, they call to you and beg you to save them, to come through the door and join them. They know your worst fears and your every thought. Their whole goal is to pull someone in with them and trade places with them. Then once one's close enough, and looking into the light you start to feel an icy cold breeze only there's no wind, and something begins to pull you in and before you know it-"

"Whoa whoa whoa! Stop right there. Is this supposed to be a true story, Zelda? You didn't say if it was true or not when you started telling it," Nabooru said.

"Nabooru , don't interrupt the story it was just getting good!" cried Link.

"No that's fine with me," said Malon looking around, "I don't want to hear anymore, I'm scared enough."

Sheik laughed at Malon, "You scare too easily, Malon. But that's okay, I'll protect you if the ghosts get out of the castle," he said making a face to try to scare her, which worked.

"It's true , every word of it. I've heard the cries coming from the basement at night,"Zelda insisted, a haunted look in her eyes , "But not everyone can hear them, they choose who they want".

"So it's not just a story?" asked Link seriously, with that look in his eyes, asking for adventure.

Zelda shook her head.

"Of course it's just a story, come on!" laughed Nabooru skeptically. "It was a better story than Rauru's haunted mailbox, I'll give you that!"

They all laughed at this.

"How could you not believe my story," said Rauru trying to defend himself, "Many a person has lost a hand to that damn thing , you know."

Zelda signed, annoyed that no one seen to believe her , "It is true you guys, I swear it."

Link turned to Zelda contemplating the story out loud, "Well honestly it's a big typical don't you think? I mean come on full moon, a dark forbidden basement, and no one ever comes back."

Zelda narrowed her eyes at him, he didn't believe her either, Link out of all people! "Think whatever you want!" she huffed as she moved away from him and closer to the fire. He immediately scooted closer to her and she turned away from him, refusing to look at him.

The six of them had made a fire in the Lost Woods and were sitting around telling ghost stories, such was a tradition for every full moon. A lot of the stories told usually revolved around the full moon, because of this. Malon and Rauru had already told their stories, which were boring and unrealistic. There was only one rule for this meeting, everyone had to tell a story, be it truth or fiction. Link's stories were usually most terrifying because of everything he had seen, and a lot of them were actually true. Nabooru's stories were the second best, because she had a wild imagination , and would go into great detail. Zelda was still pouting when Sheik said, "Hey Nab, isn't it your turn?"

Nabooru looked at him, "It most certainly is, and don't call me Nab. She."

Sheik frowned at her, but before she could begin , Link said got up and drew out his sword. He walked over to a truth stone(I can't remember what those stones that tell time are called, help) and struck it.

"It's almost midnight, everyone. That gives us enough time, about an hour," he deducted.

"An hour for what," questioned Malon bordering on terrified.

"To find the door in Zelda's castle. I want to see it, I want to know if it's true," he told everyone.

Zelda looked up at him, "No way Link, it's much too dangerous!"

Link smirked, "Not for the Hero of Time," he joked, "besides I have my Master Sword, what could go wrong?"

Famous last words.

Sheik jumped up "I want to know too, I'm with Link".

Nabooru nodded, "I'll go," she said excitedly .

Rauru looked around, "It's probably a waste of time, but fine, I'll go too."

That left Malon and Zelda.

Link extended his arm down to Zelda to offer her help up, "Come on my Princess, we can't do this without you," he said offering her his sweetest smile.

Zelda scowled at him. If she would have know that her story would create a sneaking through her castle adventure she would not have told it. Reluctantly, she grabbed his hand allowing herself to be helped up. "Alright. Fine, let's go,"she said grudgingly.

That left Malon.

"No way, I'm not doing it, you cannot make me," she declared.

Sheik walked over to her , "Come on Mal, what are you going to do, sit here alone?" he asked .

"That's right, I'm going to sit here.....alone," she replied unable to mask her growing fear.

"Fine, sit here alone. In the dark Lost Woods, all alone where no one can hear you scream. You didn't forget it's a full moon right?" said Sheik.

Malon jumped up and grabbed onto Sheik, "F-fine, I'm going to. But only if you stay with me," she said grabbing onto his arm. Sheik nodded indicating he would stay with her.

And after they put out the fire, they were off.


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