PB: ^_^; eh heh heh sorry I have been gone for song long. Not that anyone cared though...ANYWAY!! Welcome to another fan fiction by Phantasy Bubbles!

Hiei: ...shit...I can not believe you are still writing...

PB: *shrugs* It helps me take my mind off all the shit that is going on in my life right now. Anyway as you probably have guessed, this is a parody of Monty Python and The Holy Grail! Yay! Anyway here is the casting list of characters appearing in chapter 1:

Koenma: King Arthur

Jorge: Patsy

Touya: The first guy who was obsessed with the coconuts

Bui: The second guy who was obsessed with the coconuts

PB: As you know I do not own any of this! So on with the show!!


Koenma: *galloping along through a field next to a castle with George behind him clapping two coconuts together*

Touya (from up on top of the castle): Stop! Who goes there?!

Koenma: It is I, King Koenma! Ruler of Makai! Defeater of...stuff...

Touya: Who is the other one? *points to Jorge*

Koenma: *looks behind him* This is my faithful servant Jorge. Anyway we have ridden the lengths of this land searching for brave and noble knights who will join be at my court in my court at Makai. I must speak with your lord and master.

Touya: Wait, wait ridden on a horse?!

Koenma: Yes!

Touya: No you haven't! You're using coconuts dumbass!

Koenma: What?! You dare to insult me?

Touya: Look, you've got two halves of coconuts and you're bangin' them together!

Koenma: ...so what's your point?

Touya: Where did you get those coconuts?!

Koenma: ...we found them...

Touya: Found them? In Makai? The coconut is from Ningenkai! Besides this is a temperate zone!

Koenma: What do you mean?

Touya: Well the coconut is tropical...it would not grow here...

Koenma: Well a swallow may fly south for the winter. Yet this is not a stranger to our land?

Touya: ...are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

Koenma: Not at all! They could be carried!

Touya: Are you saying a swallow carried that coconut?

Koenma: ^_^ Well duh! It could grip it by the-

Touya: It is not a question of where it grips it! It is a simple matter of weight ratio! A five ounce bird, could not carry a one pound coconut!

Koenma: *sigh* It doesn't matter! Will you please go tell your master that Koenma from Makai is here?

Touya: Listen! In order to maintain airspeed velocity, a swallow needs to beat its wings 43 times per second right?

Koenma: PLEASE!!

Touya: Am I right?

Koenma: I don't care!!!

Bui: *who pops out of nowhere* Well couldn't it be carried by an African Swallow?

Touya: Well an African Swallow maybe but a not a European Swallow, that is my point.

Bui: Oh yeah I agree with that.

Koenma: *starting to get pissed off* Will you PLEASE ask your master if he wants to join my court at Makai?!

Bui: *not paying any attention* But then of course...African Swallows are non migratory...

Koenma: *sigh* Come on Jorge....*gallops off with Jorge close behind*


PB: *^_^* Well that is the end of chapter one! If you liked it/loved it/hated it or just thought it was ok, please tell me through a review! Oh and if you have any suggestions for who should play who then do tell me! So far I was thinking Hiei would play Sir Lancelot and Kuwabara would play "Brave" Sir Robin. But if ya'll have different ideas, do share them with me! Come on! You know you want to review...you know you do...