First of all, some background to this story:

This first appeared on the Rurouni Kenshin Fanfiction Discussion list back in September of 2000, when the United States Presidential Elections were in full swing. Because I was in college at the time, and supremely bored, I got the whacked out idea to run some members of the RK cast for president.

What follows is 7 chapters of weirdness. There are bits of information missing, mostly because there were discussions on the mailing list that were not saved that forwarded the "plot" of this funky little experiment. I'll try to fill in those gaps where I see them.

During the time this story was going on, I had a webpage on geocities and I was running an actual election via an on-line poll to determine the winner. I personally had no hand in the results. The people spoke louder in this case than they did in the real life US elections that fall.

Why am I posting this now? Two reasons.

First, I think it's funny.

Second, I'm planning on doing it AGAIN this fall. That's right…RK Presidential Election 2004 will happen and I wanted the people to know what happened in 2000.

Right. On to the story. Oh, by the way, I left my demented little ramblings before each chapter because, well, they're funny. Obviously, I was insane in college.

Elections 2000!'s election year and...well...I really have no excuse for this
other than it amused me during French class when I'm not normally amused. for the parties...well...I mean no disrespect to anyone's
particular party affiliation, everyone has the right to go their own way, I
just put each character with the party that fit them best. Really...don't
smite me. Generalizations galore...I was raised in a political household, but
I never really paid attention. ^^x
There will be more unless you absolutely hate it!
Some spoilers for Revenge Arc
Standard Disclaimers Apply
And now...without further ado: Elections 2000!

The Candidates: 
Democratic Party
Candidate: Himura Kenshin
Slogan: "Oro?"
Some political stands:
Anti-death penalty
"No one is fundamentally bad...[rest edited out for time]
Vice President Candidate: Shinomori Aoshi
Why: " was either him or Sano...and I thought he'd be less of a
Sano: HEY!
Political Heroes: Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln
"Gandhi's passivism in the face of adversity was truly admirable."

Republican Party
Candidate: Shishio Makoto
Slogan: "Vote for me or else"
Some Political Stands:
Pro-Death Penalty
"The weak will become food for the strong...[rest edited because it was
Vice President Candidate: Houji
Why: "He is very loyal and his organization skills are unsurpassed. Why...he
could assemble an army to take over the world in under twenty minutes!"
Political Heroes: Stalin, Napoleon
"Josef Stalin was extremely good at smiting his enemies with style."

Independent Party
Candidate: Yuukishiro Enishi
Slogan: "Vote for me, not Himura!"
Some political Stands:
"By running on an independent ticket, I can take votes away from Himura and
thus fulfill my Jinchuu!"
Reporter: But what are your political beliefs?
Enishi: "Huh?"
Vice President Candidate: Nee-san
Why: "Because she's always guided me down the path to revenge and potential
Political Heroes: The Mongols
"Their usage of psychological as well as physical destruction in war was
truly forward thinking. And nee-san likes them."

Stay tuned for next week when we profile the Vice Presidential Candidates
and hear them debate!
Here are some excerpts from the VP debate.
Peter Jennings: "What would you do if the president became incapacitated and you had to take office?"
Aoshi: "..."
Tomoe: "..."
Houji: "Shishio-sama would NEVER become incapacitated! He's invincible!
Peter Jennings: Oookay, let's go to commercials.