Following Shadows: Chapter 1

...The fog was everywhere, giving her the sense that the evil was around her. She walked in it, breathed it. The only way of knowing which way to go was to follow the screams of her teammates. As she carried on, the screams stopped. Suddenly, a flash of red, black and green darted past her, followed by a blur of green and a mane of red hair. "Wait!" she cried out in frustration. "Why are you running away from me?" No one answered. Hearing the crunch of heavy feet on pavement Raven turned. Four very familiar shadows formed a circle around her.

"Raven?" croaked the smallest shadow. 'He sounds happy' She thought sarcastically. "It's no use Beast Boy" Boomed what she suspected was Cyborg. "She's not the Raven we know".

"Friend Raven? I am very sad to lose you" wept Starfire. "It is very distressing".

"Sure it is" snarled a voice Raven didn't recognize. "I'm absolutely positive you'll turn up to my funeral" This only made Starfire cry harder. Raven ignored her and faced the shadow she guessed was Robin. She felt a surge of anger build up in her.

"So, o boy of wonder" rasped the demonic voice that had made Starfire upset. "Now is your chance. Kill me or watch her die"

In an instant Starfire was wrapped in a dark power and pulled high into the air. As she struggled against whatever was holding her, Raven had a strange sensation of twisted enjoyment at watching the alien girl's discomfort.

"Raven" Robin's hoarse voice told her that he had been crying. "Raven please. Don't take this out on the others. It's me you want."

'Oh you don't know how right you are' Raven thought. Then she frowned. Where the hell did that come from?

"Very well" murmured the voice. "Very well"

She then slammed the others against the wall of a near by building tying them up with metal pipes.

"Raven!" Cried Beast Boy. "Raven!"

"SHUT-UP!" she yelled. He did. Turning to Robin she grinned in a very nasty way. "Ready O wonderful leader?" Raven summoned her powers.

He flinched. "Raven, I don't want to hurt you." Raven raised an eyebrow. "Oh you don't do you?" She made the pipes around Starfire squeeze tighter making the girl cry out in pain. Robin tensed.

"How about now?"

"Raven!" He spat "Leave Starfire out of this! She has NOTHING to do with what happened! NOTHING!"

Fury clouded her vision as Raven remembered what had happened. "Wrong wonder boy, wrong. She's the reason I hate you"

Robin paled. "Hate me?"

"Yes Captain. HATE you" The over-whelming feeling of anger washed over her again. Instantly the pipes tightened even further around Starfire making her scream and sob with the pain. Turning, Raven hissed "Kill me Robin. I don't want to live!"


"Yes!" Starfire screamed once more as the pain doubled. "Or it'll be HER grave you visit."

Giving in, Robin whipped out his staff. "Let Starfire go."

The pipes loosened.

Raven hurled a near-by car at him as he ducked her fist. Swinging his foot out Robin knocked her off her feet. A lamp pole made a go for him next.

"You hate me" she hissed. "You want to kill me."

"I don't hate you! I don't WANT to kill you!" Robin yelled back, wishing the fight would stop before something happened.

"Starfire will die, she's weak, she'll never survive" Raven dripped poison in his ear, baiting him.

It worked. "SHUT-UP!" In anger, he hurled his staff towards Raven at lightening speed.

It went straight through her chest and came out the other side. Robin stood there staring at Raven with horrified eyes.

"RAVEN!" Screamed Beast Boy "RAVEN!"

Cyborg just stared in disbelif as Starfire started to cry all over again for her friend.

Raven fell to her knees, feeling the pain. The evil shadow that she had felt slowly slipped away and everything that she had done finally hit her.

"I-I d-deserve to d-die"

"No, no! Don't say that" Robin dropped beside her, desperate to tell her, desperate to let her know...

"Don't say it Robin. Don't make this harder than it already is" she said softly.

He reached out his hand as if to touch her, but let it drop. Raven could feel the grief and regret pouring out of him. There was another emotion, one that over powered the other two, but she ignored it. "Look after Nightwing"

Robin just nodded.

"Raven!" Beast Boy ran up then, closely followed by Starfire and Cyborg. "My powers are dying" she informed Robin who stared at the others wondering how they had been freed of the metal pipes. 'With me' she silently added.

As the blackness on the edge of her vision swept over her, she heard Robin whisper in a broken voice, "I'm sorry".


Raven woke up with a start. She'd had the same dream for the past week, the same feeling of dread. Whatever it was, she knew it was going happen. And there was only one way to stop it. She had to leave the Teen Titans.