TITLE: BY: princess-cutiepie SUMMARY: Clark and McDowell go undercover in a bid to stop a rapist/murderer helping the special victims unit, with the rest of their squad as backup. RATING: PG-13 for now Action/romance/adult themes.

Disclaimer: I don't own NYPD BLUE or S.V.U., they belong to someone else, so don't sue me.


Clark jr and McDowell have been dating secretly for six months at the time off this story, and are living together.

"Are Clark and McDowell here yet?" the lieutenant to nobody in particular. "Yeah do you want me to call them boss" Ortiz says to the lieutenant. "No, just tell them I want to see them when they come out" "Kay" sipowitz says " wonder if there I trouble" sipowitz wonders aloud, "yeah" Ortiz says. Meanwhile in the locker room, clark sneaks up on connie, and wraps his arms round her waist and starts to kiss her neck " hay gorgeus" he says in between kisses. " hay...baby" connie says at the same time as wrapping her left arm round the back of john to support herself while he's kissing her. " weve...gotta...go to work...baby" sghe says to john, but in reality shed rather stay here and make out with him all day, but she thinks everyone would get slightly curious. " do we have to" john says as he stops kissing connie and she turns around in his arms. " well we have got like 10 minutes, so..." she says with a glint in her eyes, and john knows exactly what it means, and instantly starts kissing her, they back into the lockers kissing passionately, then john starts kissing her neck and she grips ontop him, and then he lifts her up and they make out with connie sitting on the sink wall, she wraps her legs around john to get closer to him and hey kiss passionately, just as she's starting to undo johns shirt, therese a knock at the door its rita " hay the lieutenant wants too see you both in his office" she yells at them threw the door "okay" connie says as john continues to kiss her neck " were coming" she says. She unwraps her legs from around johns waist, and hops down and they head for the door, and before they go out they kiss passionately, as they come out Baldwin, rita, and andy look at them, Baldwin comes over to the couple " nice lippy Johnny boy" he laughs, connie looks at john not noticing before that her lipstick is on johns lips, she wipes it off, " so what have you two been up to in their" he jokes. " you two in my office" the boss says, they are both glad off the interruption. " whats up sir" connie says as they go in and closes the door " ive got a special case for the two of you, I had a call from svu ant the 16th, they need too young officers who have had undercover practice to pose as a couple for them to catch an serial rapist and murderer? You up for it?" " yeah" they both say. " ok the rest off us will be there as back up for you both, the svu are coming over at 11am so do any 5's that need doing and wrap up any cases you can" " ok sir" they both say " oh and are you two gonna be ok making out and stuff?" he says already knowing the answer, because he's observed them over the last few months and knows they are dating, and is quite proud off them for keeping it professional when around everyone else. " yes sir" " okay good, ok off you go" " thanks sir" " your welcome, oh and clark, mcdowell, you make a cute couple, and well done for keeping it professional" " what" they both say shocked " ive noticed you too over the last few months" " oh, sir are we gonna get in shit" " no I know you can work together ok so iam okay with it ok" " thank you sir" they say then walk out.