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Inuyasha's Choice

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Kikyou cried in front of a large Cherry Blossom tree. She had just seen Inuyasha and Kagome kissing each other on the outskirts of her younger sister Kaede's village. Kagme had tears running down her face and Kikyou was certain that they were tears of happiness. She cried even harder. Naraku had disappeared after leaving an alternate cure for Miroku's wind tunnel. No one else knew why but her. Naraku had given up because of her rejection and now without Inuyasha to love her, she'd be all alone in this world. A living dead woman who would never find love with another. Just living aimlessly and pretending that all her happiness lay in helping people.

But she couldn't do it. She couldn't go on living if that was the life that she'd have ahead of her. Kikyou pulled out an arrow. The same arrow from the set of arrows that she had which had used to protect her people as well as others from demons and others evil creatures. She took the arrow and stabbed straight into her broken but still very much beating heart.

(Twenty Minutes Later)

"Kagome stop following me!" Inuyasha cried angrily as a sobbing Kagome kept up with him no matter how swift he walked since she knew his destination, "I've made my choice and you've just got to accept it!"

"But I can't live without you Inuyasha!" Kagome shouted tearfully, "how can you choose her over me!" she wailed, "you know that you have feelings for me!" she cried, "I know you do!"

"But I have stronger feelings for Kikyou," Inuyasha stated as he stopped and faced Kagome, "unless you want to follow me for closure," he continued, "you better head back to the others," he told her and continued to his destination, "wait," he said suddenly and sniffed the air and Kagome who started to walk away turned, "oh no," he said in disbelief, "Oh God NO!" he cried and broke off at a run leaving Kagome in shock and way behind.

(Kagome's POV)

I was shocked when Inuyasha just sniffed the air and tore off running.

Maybe he sensed a demon. But if he had sensed a demon maybe Kikyo was getting attacked or something…. (Kagome's thoughts)

"Oh no," I whispered, "I'm coming Inuyasha!" I cried and hurried to catch up with him and assist him in anyway that I could.

Long after I finally reached the Cherry Blossom Tree and panted for breath. But when I looked up I froze. I saw Inuyasha crying against the tree. But I noticed something else. Between him and the tree was a blood soaked motionless Kikyo.

No. Not after all we've been through. (Kagome's thoughts)

"Kikyou!" I cried tearfully and hurried towards her limp body.

But Inuyasha grabbed unto her and glared at me fiercely.

"She must've saw us kissing earlier," Inuyasha said through a snarl, "she must've thought that I rej…" he continued but stopped and started to sob again as he buried his face in her long black hair.

I sat beside him and gently stroked his white hair. Suddenly he let go of Kikyo and hugged tightly unto me tightly and sobbed even harder. I could feel his body racking with sobs as he bawled into my bosom. I hugged him tightly and soon I too was crying on his shoulder. We sat there for hours crying that day.

(Ten Years Later)

(Inuyasha's POV)

I laughed and tickled one of my pups who giggled cheerily and squealed as I continued to tickle her. She was the youngest at four years old. The older ones; our male twins, were both six. Our youngest Ki had white hair like mine and dark eyes like her mother's. The older ones; Ivan and Tai, had my golden brown eyes and their mother's black hair.

"I'm happy to see you two having fun together," my wife said as she stepped in with the groceries and Ivan trailing behind her hungrily, "if we can just get Tai to come downstairs," she added.

"Tai!" Ivan cried and soon Tai hurried down the stairs.

"Mom!" Tai cried happily and hugged his mother.

"How's my genius?" Mrs. Inuyasha asked and leaned to kiss the top of his head.

"Kiss!" Ki cried and ran from me to go hug unto her mother's leg.

"I'll put down the groceries," I said with a laugh and took the groceries from my wife as the kids bombarded her for kisses, hugs and food without all the mushy stuff in Ivan's case.

I placed the groceries on the kitchen table and sighed. Sometimes when I remember what happened that day to Kikyo I still wanted to break down and cry. But I force myself to stay strong. I was with the one that I was meant to be with now. Unfortunately the one who wasn't meant for me was buried beside a shrine in our backyard.

I sighed. I didn't want to. But I had to. I had to go to her tombstone and get this over with.

I walked out the back door and continued until I came to her tombstone. I knelt before it and prayed. Then I looked up at it and remembered how the person whose name was engraved on it used to be when she was alive.

"I remember," I said, "that day when I found out you had died," I continued, "I felt like everything had just stopped moving," I whispered, "I couldn't believe that there was still a world with you not alive in it," I said my voice starting to crack, "but she helped me," I said more firmly as I thought of my wife, "and even if…" I said but stopped, "that doesn't matter," I said seriously and rose to my feet, "we're together because we're meant to be," I said strongly, "and I'm happy about the life we know have along with our children," I said proudly, "I just wish that you could've been here to see it," I said my voice starting to crack again.

"So do I," my wife said from behind causing me to jump ten feet into the air, "I miss her too Inuyasha," she told me.

"How many times have I told you not to come behind me like that!" I demanded angrily and I saw her and the kids laughing at me, "it's not funny Kagome," I muttered and turned back to the grave.

"I know Inuyasha," Kagome said and placed a hand on my shoulder, "I'm glad that you really accept me," she whispered suddenly in my ear.

I looked at her in surprise. What did she mean by that? Then it clicked in my slow dog brain. She must've still had worries that she was only second best. Only second best to a dead woman who if she were alive, might probably be my wife right now.

Suddenly Ivan shuffled past me and knelt in front of the grave. I noticed him dig something out of his jeans pocket and place it in front of the tombstone. Then he got up and went to stand by his mother. I noticed that the others were looking at the card that he had placed there with great curiosity. I leaned forward and picked up the card and read what was on it.

Dear Old friend,
we will never lose all these years,
these years we shared.

Dear Old friend,
we will never lose all these years,
these years we shared.

Can you?.

Can you make it to the end?
Through all the turns and dead ends,
Can you live out your dreams?
Far from easy, we'll all see.

Friendly Lover divine,
we will never lose the time,
that's covered in our blood and tears.

"Where did you get this from?" I asked Ivan softly.

"A lady came to me in a dream last night," Ivan said softly, "she had pretty long black hair like mommy's and work a white and red kimomo pants suit looking thing," he continued, "she asked me to write down some words for a song and put the card at the grave in our backyard when you came to visit it after Mom came home with the groceries," he said as he rocked back and forth, "I wrote it in the dream but woke up to see it on my night table this morning," he said, "is that ghost lady from my dream buried here?" he asked.

"If it weren't for this whole miko thing," Tai spoke up suddenly, "I'd never believe in ghosts and stuff."

"Well you're in junior High," Ki said, "because you're so smart!" she cried talking about something that had nothing to do with what was currently going on, "is she a friendly ghost Mommy?" she asked Kagome.

"Yes," Kagome responded, "she was a very close friend of your father's," she continued and eyed me carefully, "she died one day and we were very sad," she said, "but we're grown up now and have you children to fill our days with joy."

"Yay!" Ki cried and hugged her mother.

"But what does the song mean?" I asked still confused.

Suddenly I felt a tug on my pants. I looked down to see Tai holding out his hand for the card. I gave it to him since he was able to decipher a lot more stuff than I could.

"Hmmm," Tai said as he read the card, "I think it's something about never forgetting all the times you guys had together or something," he said and gave me back the card, "was the lady from your dream happy Ivan?"

"Yeah," Ivan responded, "why?"

"I think it means that she's moved on and but she'll never forget the times she and Dad had," Tai estimated, "I think," he added.

I thought about it closely. Then I smiled.

"I think Kikyou is giving us her blessing Kagome," I said to Kagome who's face looked confused, "I think she's happy that we're together," I explained, "and also wanted us to know that she's okay wherever she is."

Kagome's eyes suddenly filled with tears as she smiled.

"I'm glad," Kagome said, "she deserves to be happy," she added softly.

"And so do we," I said and kissed her on her head, "kids, head inside a moment," I ordered.

Tai got them to go inside despite Ki's protest and Ivan's declaration that he must get special treatment because he was the best sports star in his third grade class.

"Kagome," I said softly and kissed her on the lips, "I've always cared for you," I said and she nodded, "but I started to truly love you years ago," I said and she looked at me in surprise, "stop doubting," I added in a whisper.

"Okay," Kagome said in a shaky voice and kissed me lightly on the lips, "thanks for choosing me in the end," she added in a cracked voice and hugged me.

"There's no in the end," I told her firmly, "we were meant t be together," I said shaking her slightly but gently, "you ARE my choice," I said and hugged her tightly.

"And you mine," Kagome added and kissed me more passionately on the lips and I responded in kind.

"Kissy! Kissy!" Ki cried and I looked up to see Ki peeking out of an upstairs window as Ivan and Tai stood on either side of her grinning.

Kagome and I broke our kiss and hug and started laughing.

The End

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