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Chapter 1: Rebuilding

The Iwo Jima approached Thundersdawn slowly, the latest of the Prometheus class vessels to be completed the Iwo Jima had only taken off from Earth for the first time 7 days ago, just 4 days after the 'Rogue' Gou'auld's attack She had completed several days of shakedown cruises and was now heading towards Thundersdawn for supplies and her orders. Thundersdawn still clearly showed the scars of her recent brush with destruction, large areas of the hull were brighter, showing clearly where hull sections had been replaced and construction crews were crawling all over the new Dry-dock 4, and the backbone arms that held the dry-docks perpendicular to the primary hull. It appeared to the Iwo Jima's captain as if several extensions were being built as well as the repairs.

"Thundersdawn calling Iwo Jima, Come in"

"Iwo Jima here, we are under orders to report for supplies and orders"

"Understood, we have your orders here, please dock at L1"

"Location of L1 please"

"Lower 1 is the lowest point on the hull, sending guidance data now"


"Roger, you are cleared to dock at L1, Thundersdawn out"

"Captain, it's a bit odd they didn't mention anything about supplies, I mean they said they had orders, but not supplies"

The Iwo Jima's Captain was an experienced air force officer, and had always tried to get his subordinates to think, it was in fact one of the main reasons he was selected for command of a Prometheus class, it usually paid off, like now for instance. He pondered the Exec's words, orders but no supplies? Had to be a milk run.

"Captain Harris, welcome! I'm Captain Peters, commanding officer of Thundersdawn, and this is Captain Dodge USN, our SGC liaison"

"Your appear to have a strong station here, and it's nice to know there is a dry-dock waiting for us if he shit hits the fan"

"That's why Thundersdawn was built Captain Harris, now your orders are simple. Thundersdawn will be having a major refit courtesy of the Asguard and you"

Captain Harris raised an eyebrow at that, while he liked the idea of Thundersdawn being adequately protected, it meant his home was better defended after all, he didn't like the 'courtesy of you' part of that statement.

"It's not what you think, General Hammond has arranged for the Iwo Jima to be temporarily transferred to our command, for the duration you will take orders from me and Admiral Thompson RN. Your main mission is retrieval of technologies. The SGC has given us locations of several abandoned pieces of Gou'auld equipment we need to bring the station up to scratch, these will be relatively short hops only, first up is three sets of transport ring abandoned on PX-659…"

"Conn. – Sensors, new contact inbound!"

"Any ID?"

"Contact dropped out of hyper close to Jupiter, contact firming up now… Profile suggests Asguard design Captain"

"Our delivery boys, and bang on time too, comms, warn the construction crews, our new guns and shields just arrived"

Ground Control, RAF ST Athan

"Admiral, signal from Thundersdawn, the Asguard have arrived"

"Thanks, any word from America yet?"

"Just coming through now sir"

The ensign grabbed the printout from the Reuters news service hook up they didn't have, officially.

"It's confirmed sir, he just announced he's running, Admiral"

The admiral nodded and told the Ensign to leave. Sighing, he picked up his phone and tapped in an international number.

"Yes?" the voice at the other end was accent less, unremarkable.

"In the immortal words of Tom Clancy, he just became a Clear and Present Danger to the security of this world"




The line was closed at the other end, and the admiral sat back down and prayed that no one would ever know what he had just done.