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Chapter 15: Reparations

News Broadcast

"Five days have past since the attack on RAF St Athan using stolen US military equipment, and still no organisation has come forward to claim responsibility. The latest figures indicate that at least 750 people died in the attack, most of whom were involved in the attack on St Athan, but we now have a list of a least 45 names of individuals killed when a burning helicopter landed, and exploded on their block of houses.

In other news, US President Ordover announced the dissolution of the NID, a civilian intelligence gathering agency responsible for monitoring top secret projects on the grounds of wide-spread corruption within the NID. The FBI, in conjunction with the CIA, National Reconnaissance Office, and we are told, MI5 has been conducting widespread raids on NID facilities, and inspecting a number of Top secret facilities, looking for NID operatives. This is the first time that a major government has torn down one of its own agencies, a fact that has caused widespread alarm amongst the American government, along with renewed support for President Ordover for his willingness to take such strong action"


Hammond listened to his orders and nodded. This was an understandable move by the president, one he could live with. The only worry he had was the increased chance of a leak with all the extra personnel that would be flooding the base. Sure, they were RSS personnel, which meant they had been rigorously checked before hand, but he preferred all people that came into contact with the StarGate to have been security checked by his people, not someone else's. Neither the less, the President wanted a number of RSS personnel on base as liaison, and to be trained in off-world tactics then that's what the president got.

Hammond just wondered what else had been done to keep the RSS quiet over the real cause of the St Athan attack.

GC, St Athan

"Sir, the final list is here"

"How bad is it?"

"85 NID operatives captured, naval intelligence is already working on interrogations, we're bouncing the interesting stuff to Taskforce Lucifer in the US"

"Lucifer, the fallen angel, too apt to be a coincidence"

The lieutenant snorted, privately agreeing with the admiral, never mind codenames were supposed to be randomly generated by computer nowadays.

"We've got another 435 NID operatives in body bags, most of the helicopter crews are in very small body bags though, no survivors found from there. 43 civvies dead, two showed up alive in a local hotel; ironically they were saved by their affair"

Thompson smiled, and shook his head bemused.

"The Royal Welsh lost 75, plus another 50 will probably get medical discharges. The SAS were lucky; they lost only 45 with 24 medical discharges"

"What about the Air Force Regiment?"

"The Rapier crews were wiped out, and the stinger crews didn't fare much better, 39 dead and 6 injured"

"What's the word from the American ambassador?"

"A third of a million to each of the families of the dead, quarter of a million to the medical discharges, and ten thousand to everyone who was injured"

"Reasonable, I'm just glad I'm not the one trying to hide that lot in the budget"

"The Royal Welsh, well they will be able to afford to start buying those updated rifles they have been so desperate for, RAF gets replacement Rapiers plus a squadron of F16's that were going to be shifted to red-lead row"

"Good, the Tornadoes F3 may use 90% of the same parts as the Tornado G3 bomber, but it's not exactly the best fighter out there"

"We get enough to start the Dauntless project, plus the Prometheus Batch 2 contract"

"They really want us to keep quiet, not complaining mind"

"Shall I pass the word around?"

"Better keep our end of the bargain, yes, any one who talks about who the attackers really were, gets slapped with a treason charge"


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