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Vincent put his hand in his pocket, pulling out the little golden key that allowed entry into his room. Turning it swiftly, the pair heard a click as the door opened, and swung open.

Yuffie peeked into his 'abode' to see the clock and found, with some surprise, that it was past two o' clock in the morning. She would have normally been tired and fed up, but something in her was too elated to feel this way. It wasn't like she had done anything with Vincent (if you get my meaning) as Cid or Barret would have assumed, but being so close to him was… it was special. It felt different to the way she normally felt around her friends, it felt like Vincent and herself were…different. Not from each other, but from the rest. When she got down to it, past all of the barriers that he put up, past all the coldness and dislike of everything and everyone, her raven-haired gunslinger was a lot like her; fun, happy, content. She turned to her friend and said quietly,

"Well Vinnie…good night."

"Yes. Good night Yuffie."

They looked quickly away from each other, and began to walk away. Yuffie frowned, turned back to Vincent, and stretched up on her tiptoes to give him a quick kiss on the cheek before running to her door. Vincent smiled slightly behind the cape that masked his face and stalked into his room, closing the door quietly, so as not to wake his resting friends. He took his cape, shirt and boots off and began walking into the little en suite bathroom, catching a glimpse of himself in the long mirror on the wall. He examined the various scars on his torso, like he did every night, as if he hoped for them heal and disappear, like his painful memories were beginning to. Through the past year, the only ache in his heart had been the longing for his new found friends, not for Lucrecia. He sighed and started to walk into the bathroom, as was his previous intention, stopping as he heard a knock at his door. He rolled his eyes and stepped over to the door, opening it to find, to his surprise, Yuffie, looking sheepish. She blushed when she found herself facing Vincent's naked upper-body, and looked to her feet.

"Vinnie… um… Do you have my room key?"

Vincent raised an ebony eyebrow, before motioning for Yuffie to enter his room. She thanked him and flew past him, gasping slightly when she brushed against his cold stomach. She paced the room a second, wondering where to stand, before choosing a place by the door to the balcony, and leaning against the wall, watching Vincent. They stared at each other for a brief second, before looking away hurriedly. Vincent motioned toward the bed and said,

"You can stay here tonight. I can sleep on the floor."

"Oh Vinnie, no, I couldn't sleep in the bed, I'd feel so mean."

"Call it chivalry," Said Vincent, his voice dripping with something that sounded like sarcasm, but with no malice in his words.

Yuffie laughed a frightened sort of laugh, sidling awkwardly up to Vincent. He looked down at her, his hair falling forward like a silken waterfall, and he smiled at her, the first one of his that Yuffie had ever properly seen, over the high collar on his cape. He said quietly,

"It's going to be difficult to explain."

Yuffie swallowed nervously at being so close to Vincent. It was stupid, she knew, as she had been with him all evening, rode a snowboard with him, danced with him, ate lollipops with him on the skylight of the battle square. But this was different somehow. She felt strange around him, and her stomach, which at the time was practicing backflips in order to join the circus gymnasts, was not helping.

"What will?"

"The bloody great Chocobo in the stables," he said in a hushed voice.

Yuffie was shaking. She could feel the intense shivers running up and down her spine, the lightness in her head making her feel slightly drunk, and the violent pounding of her heart threatening to break through her ribcage. She breathed deeply, before saying,


"Yes Yuffie?"

"I think we'll find this slightly more difficult to explain."


Vincent was not able to finish his sentence, as he found himself caught in an epic battle with Yuffie's lips. He was taken by surprise, but after a few moments he managed to recover his scrambled senses, and he wrapped his arms around the little ninja's body. He found his limbs, beyond his control, travelling from the innocent placement of the small of her back down to her legs, and he felt her tighten her embrace and press her busy mouth harder against his. Suddenly he pulled back and looked down at her, breathing heavily, a look of pure bewilderment written across his beautiful face, and he shook his head mutely. Yuffie's eyes were locked onto his, and a look of fear was creeping in. They stood silently for a minute of so before Vincent finally found words.

"No. It isn't right. Yuffie, technically, deceptive though my looks are, I'm old enough to be your father, perhaps older."

"Yeah but, with all the weird test things, that doesn't matter right?"

"Well… Yuffie, that isn't the point!"

Yuffie looked bitter, and her emerald eyes began to fill with tears.

"Yeah, Vincent," he flinched. Yuffie never called him Vincent, "I guess you're right. Like always."

She turned away from him, ashamed tears dripping onto the floor. Vincent frowned, before saying determinedly:

"Oh, screw it."

Yuffie looked at him and grinned, flinging her arms around Vincent and kissing him passionately. He ran his arms up hers, untying the ties of her sleeves, leaving them to flutter to the floor like discarded ribbons. She spun around with him, and they fell gently onto the bed. Vincent assisted Yuffie with her top, flinging it away, kissing her now exposed neck, and she slipped out of her skirt, and they paused, looking at one another, holding each other close, before Vincent helped her with the rest…

'Unfortunately', says Yuffie, who is typing into my keyboard, 'this is, for the moment, where you must leave the modest couple to their innocent activities, because, after all, some things should remain private.'


"Yuffie?" More knocks on the door. "Yuffie, where are you? Are you even listening to me?"

Tifa knocked harder on Yuffie's door, before deciding that, after nearly beating the door down, she honestly wasn't in her room. She found it even more odd when she saw that Yuffie's key was lying inconspicuously on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.

"Cid? Barret? Could you check on Vincent, he isn't up yet. He might know where she's got to."

Barret grunted in response, before kneeling down and looking through the keyhole. He squinted before yelping and falling back onto the floor.

"What the… gah! WHAT THE HELL!? Cid! CID! Get yo' ass over here!"

"What is it you crazy £$%^& weirdo?"


Cid did so, and his reaction was pretty much the same as his friend's. When he looked through the little hole in the door, he focused his eyes onto the bed, finding that the lump in the sheets that should have been small and thin had miraculously doubled in size. What frightened him even more though, was that when the smaller lump turned around, it had an oddly familiar face. The face of a ninja. A ninja called Yuffie.

"Holy £$%^&, TIFA!"


"So, let me get this straight. You," She pointed at Yuffie, "and you," and then at Vincent.

The pair nodded, quite obviously embarrassed by the entire situation. The stood close, avoiding the looks of Cid and Barret, who were threatening to rip Vincent's throat out. Vincent had corrected them stubbornly, claiming that this would be impossible seeing as, due to previous experiments, he no longer had a throat to rip out. Barret had almost charged at this, held back by a struggling Reeve and Cloud. Red was doing his bit, tugging on his trouser leg with his mouth, to hold him off. Vincent smirked and crossed his arms. He had opted not to wear his cape, and so his defiant grin was completely open to his shocked group of friends who, throughout knowing him, had never seen him smile once. Reeve stood next to Tifa and faced the couple, saying:

"You're going to have to explain this to me one more time. You two are…" He seemed lost for words. "You're…you and you…You two…you're…"

He linked two fingers together desperately, searching for a better phrase than 'sleeping together'. Vincent rolled his eyes and said in an exasperated voice,

"Yes, Reeve. Yuffie and I are perfectly aware of what we did."

Yuffie put her hands on her hips and said,

"Yeah Reeve, don't be such a baby. Me and Vinnie did a naughty, grown up thing that we aren't supposed to know about. Pwease daddy, teach me about sex? Is it when a mummy and a daddy wuv each other vewy much?

The group cringed when Yuffie said 'sex'. Reeve stuck his tongue out and muttered,

"Yes, thank you, Yuffie, I think you've made your point."

Vincent stepped in for her, retorting,

"Well really, we're both adults, we're perfectly capable of taking control of our own lives."

Barret roared at him, his face going various angry shades of red.

"Yuffie ain't no adult, she's just an innocent kid! What the £$%^& do you think you're doing with her!"

"Frankly, Barret," growled the irritated gunslinger, " I think I'm sleeping with her."

Vincent took Yuffie's hand and led her out of Tifa's room, where AVALANCHE had congregated, slamming the door after him, so hard that they could it splinter. He leaned against the wall, closing his eyes and sighing heavily. He heard a quiet tittering, and he opened one garnet eye to look at Yuffie, who had wrapped her arms around Vincent's chest, and was looking up at him, giggling.

"Oh, sod off."

"Aw Vinnie, you know, I've never heard you talk so much."

"Quiet Yuffie-chan, or I'll throw you back into that room so that Barret can get all protective again."

"Oh come on, it was sweet."

"He thinks you're a five year old."

"Stop filling my head with evil thoughts about my comrades."


"You know, I bet we entertained Chaos last night."


"Pervy little ass-demon!"

Vincent picked her up and put her over his shoulder, walking down the stairs of the ghost hotel. Yuffie screamed, kicking her legs in a desperate attempt to make him drop her.

"Hey! Lemme down! LET ME DOOOOWN! Vinnie Valentine likes eating cat poo!"

"Spreading vicious rumours about me isn't going to help your case Ms. Kisaragi."

Yuffie stopped struggling and began another approach, one which made Vincent drop her almost immediately, to wipe the slobbery kisses off of his neck. He pouted and whispered quietly to her,


Yuffie's eyes went wide as saucers of the flying persuasion, and her mouth hung open. She giggled madly at his use of the word, taking his hand and dancing with him.

"At this moment in time Vinnie Valentine, you are my favourite person in the world."


What kind of evil person with I be if I left the story there, eh? To sum it up, a short epilogue is in order I believe. AVALANCHE left the Gold Saucer, Barret still plotting Vincent's murder, with Cid, his accomplice, aiding him in this. Cloud had a surprise waiting for them, which was the main reason for the reunion in the first place, a large house on the outskirts of Kalm, where they were all to live in peace and harmony. Right? Wrong. You have Cid, Barret, Vincent and Yuffie in a house together, sharing a bathroom. There's only so much hot water in the mornings. Cloud plucked up the courage to propose to Tifa after six months or so, and they had a sweet, simple wedding in the large back garden. Vincent and Yuffie followed in their footsteps, deciding that it would be far more convenient for them to bicker and fight if they were married. Their betrothal made Barret hate Vincent much less, and after a year arguing and fighting, they finally made friends again. A happy existence it was, and they made sure to make the most of it. Vincent tells me that if I ramble on anymore I will bore my readers, so this, my friends, is where I will leave you. Yuffie, Vincent, take a bow. Thank, and good night.


Well, overall I am extremely pleased with the last chapter. I think, for a thirteen-year-old girl, I handled the sex part pretty well. I think I might raise the parental level a bit, due to Vincent's bad mouth :( I want to give a huge thank you to all of my reviewers, you've all been sweet, and friendly, and kind, and it males me happy to see so many nice people respond. Thank you everybody.