Chapter One

A strange Proposal

'Miss Granger,' Snape said from behind his desk. Hermione's head snapped up from where she sat before her empty cauldron pouring over notes. 'Would, you be so kind as to stay after class, I'd like a word,' Snape sneered from behind his desk.

The bell rang and Harry and Ron looked expectantly at Hermione. 'Run along then,' Hermione told them, 'I have Arithmancy next anyway.'

Harry and Ron looked at her sympathetically and then left to go to Divination.

'Just wait in my office if you would.' Snape gestured towards a door on his left and began putting potion ingredients back onto the shelf.

Hermione went into the rather dismal room the potions master used as an office, and sat in a chair before the large oak desk in the middle of the room. Several minutes passed, during which Hermione gazed interestedly around at the numerous books placed on a shelf to her right, before Snape came in and sat behind the desk.

Professor Snape folded his hands on the desk and stared down at them. He remained silent, and Hermione wondered if she should say something, but was saved the turmoil when Snape began to speak.

'Miss Granger,' Snape still hadn't looked up from his hands. 'I realize that this is a personal question, but I would appreciate it if you answer honestly, lying will not help you in any way under the circumstances. But... are you a virgin?' he asked raising his head slightly.

'Professor!' Hermione exclaimed, 'That is a very personal question.'

'Just answer the question Miss Granger,' Snape sneered.

Hermione looked at him questionably and then with a quavering voice she answered, 'Y-yes Professor.'

Snape looked up at her, expressionless, and unfolded his hands. 'Well good,' he said with a surprised tinge in his voice. 'Allow me to explain.' Hermione gestured for him to go on. 'I need some assistance with a rather difficult potion. It involves unicorns, and for some mindless symbolic reason it needs to be brewed by a witch,' he paused for a moment and then added, 'A virgin.'

Hermione looked at him slightly perplexed. 'You want me to brew this potion?' She asked.

'Well yes, with a bit of help from myself,' Snape said looking at her sternly.

Hermione frowned, 'Isn't there a Slytherin girl that you could have do this instead?'

'Ideally yes,' Snape frowned. 'But for several reasons that wouldn't work out. Slytherin is populated by a large number of loose women. The few witches who are competent enough to brew a potion of this difficulty are not virtuous enough to qualify. Also the potion is for the order. So now that I know you're a virgin, you're involved in the order, and as much as I hate to admit it you are more than competent enough to brew a potion ten times as difficult as this one; all of this adds up to the fact that you, Hermione, are the perfect candidate. The only qualified candidate I might add.' Snape folded his hands into his lap once he had finished.

Hermione felt slightly flattered and smiled inwardly. If Snape had just paid her a compliment she could be assured that it most definitely had been earned. Hermione couldn't remember ever hearing Snape compliment a Gryffindor in her entire five years at the school.

'Well then Granger,' Snape started. 'If you'll met me here in my office this Saturday at Seven p.m. we can get started. This potion takes an unbelievable long time to make, and while I'm not looking forward to it, we might as well get it over with.'

'Yes professor,' Hermione answered.

'Well then, if there's nothing else, you had best get to class. You wouldn't want to miss but a single word of professor Vector's rapture enducing lecture on whatever useless topic you happen to be studying at the moment, now would you?'

'No professor,' and with that she left Snape's office and began the trek to Arithmancy.


Later that day at Lunch Hermione reiterated her conversation with professor Snape to Ron and Harry.

'So you mean that Snape said he wanted your help to brew a potion for the Order of the Phoenix, and he actually told you it was because you are good at potions?' Ron asked grinning.

'Well yes, and because I'm not a slutty Slytherin bimbo.'

Ron turned red at the mention of Hermione's virginity. Harry just started to laugh, 'That is rich, Hermione.'

Professor Snape glared down at Hermione from the staff table.

'And Snape wants me to meet him in his office on Saturday night to get started.' Hermione said looking at Harry.

'Isn't this Saturday a Hogsmede weekend?' Ron asked.

'Yeah it is,' Harry said.
'Well good,' Hermione said with a slightly defiant tone in her voice. 'I can go and have a bit of fun before I'm condemned to the torture of spending my Saturday night being fumigated in the dungeon with Snape.'