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Eternally Yours



A digital alarm clock bleated into the early morning calm for about two seconds before a shot of red light from the bed reduced it to a pile of ash.

"Damn muggle contraption," Severus muttered, rolling over to bury his face in his wife's frizzy brown hair.

"You had better be able to fix that this time," she mumbled. "I'm not going with you to buy a new one; not after what happened last time."

"That guy was a moron," Severus said, the sound muffled in Hermione's hair. "He had so many tattoos already anyway; he probably didn't even notice."

Hermione wormed away from him, and he protested the loss of warmth with a low moan. She patted the blankets in the vicinity of her husband rump as she sat up in bed. "Come on, it's time to get up."

Severus groaned, "Why is it I'm getting up at 6:30 in the morning again?"

"Because it's your son's first day of school, and you need to see him to the station," Hermione answered him, conveniently leaving herself out of the equation.

"And why is it that he can't just floo in with us tonight, again?"

Hermione sighed, "We talked about thins weeks ago, remember? It's bad enough that both of his parents are professors. We need to be sure not to favor him. Besides, it's important that he has the chance to meet new friends on the train. You know how it is; if he doesn't have the chance to meet some of his classmates now all of his friends will be in his own house."

There was a slight movement from Severus that may have been a shrug. "I don't see how it matters; all of his friends will be Slytherins anyway. Besides, he has plenty of friends already."

"Friends his own age," Hermione clarified.

"Having mature friends is a sign of intelligence, and he does have a few friends his own age."

"Human friends."

"There is nothing wrong with Orion and Cassiopeia." Severus was quick to defend. Firenze's twin foals were hard-headed, and, despite their names, didn't share their race's propensity for having their head in the stars.

"Of course not! I just think that it's important for him to make school friends." Hermione laid on her side to face Severus, and she brushed his hair away from his forehead. "Anyway, you agree with me. You're just arguing because you don't want to get out of bed."

He grabbed a lock of Hermione's hair and twirled it between his fingers, tugging gently. "Can you really blame me?" The corner of his mouth quirked as he brushed a hand across one perfect breast.

Hermione smiled. "What makes you think that we have time for that?"

Severus pushed up against Hermione, meaningfully.

Hermione moaned in anguish. "No time."

"Quick," Severus whispered into her neck.

"You're never quick Sev."

"Please?" He joined his hand with his lips.

Hermione let out a puff of breath at the sensation. "When we get back from the station."

"You're being a hypocrite."

"How's that exactly?" she asked, brushing his hand away as it tried to move south.

"Weren't you just having a pointed talk with our son yesterday about procrastination? Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today? Wasn't that what you were saying?"

"I didn't say tomorrow. I said when we get home from the station."

"Same thing. Come on, we have enough time if you stop arguing with me." He moved the spurned hand northward once more, took her hand in his, and moved them both somewhere more interesting.

Hermione's lips curled into the kind of smile that he was after. "Alright, but quickly. If you're up for it old man."

Severus growled. "you'll pay for that."

But, whatever Severus' retaliation would be, it was cut short as a whirlwind with frizzy brown hair came pelting into the room, yelling loudly, and plummeted head first into the bunched blankets on her father's side of the bed.

The little girl gathered her bearings and looked at her mother with wide eyes, a shade of brown so dark it was almost black. "Is it time to go to Hogwarts yet mommy?"

Hermione smiled down at her daughter, discretely straightening the front of her nightgown as she sat up in bed. "You can come with us to the station when we drop off your brother, but you're going to stay here with uncle Albus while mom and dad go to work."

The little girl squealed in joy, and ran back out of the room gabbling excitedly about sweets.

Hermione got out of bed and Severus, having resolved to finish what they had started the instant they got home, cocooned himself in the blankets. Hermione sighed, and grabbed the edge of the comforter. She pulled it all the way off the bed, in hopes of coaxing something resembling life from her husband. With a yawn, she went to the wardrobe and began to get dressed.

Severus was finally venturing a reluctant toe to the floor as Hermione made her way to the door.

"When you're dressed you can attempt to wake your son," she called to him as she headed down to the kitchens to help Dennis with breakfast.

Severus managed to force himself into a respectable set of muggle clothes, and examined himself in the mirror. It was his firstborn's first day at Hogwarts, and he felt immeasurably old. He began to examine the few sparse gray hairs that had begun to form at his temples. He brushed the hair aside quickly, covering it from sight, and took in his entire appearance again. He ran a finger to the lines at the corner of his mouth: laugh lines. Who would have thought Severus Snape would ever have laugh lines? It was his son's first day at Hogwarts, and he couldn't be happier.

Severus smiled at his image in the mirror, and returned to the closet. Pulling from its magically enhanced recesses a neatly wrapped brown package, the smile morphed into a smirk.


Severus entered his son's room with the utmost caution. He skirted a tottering pile of grimmoires stacked by the door; the boy had obviously pilfered them from the library in the middle of the night. Severus squinted into the semi-dark, scanning for any particularly hazardous obstacles littering the floor. The only clean spot in the entire room was centered around the brand new trunk at the foot of the bed.

He made it across the room without suffering any grievous bodily harm, and looked down at his peacefully sleeping son with a sense of pride. The boy was almost a mirror image of himself at that age, with none of his flaws. He was half a head taller than Severus had been at eleven. His black hair was somehow softer and silkier than his father's had ever been, even before puberty. He wore it just long enough to be constantly falling into his eyes; it drove his mother insane, but Severus rather liked it. His eyes were as dark as Severus', and his mouth had a tendency to quirk up at one corner whenever he found something amusing. The Snape nose protruded, a bit unfortunately, from the boy's otherwise angelic face. This had been much to Severus' dismay when the boy had been born, and there was no end to the snide remarks from Hermione regarding Snape women dieing in childbirth, but he'd grown into the nose, and now it lent a dignified sharpness to his features.

Severus laid his hand gently on the boys shoulder to wake him, and gave a good shove. He watched as his son's head jerked back and his eyes flew open.

"Whadafa?" He squinted up at his father, and very slowly some semblance of realization dawned on his face.

Severus smirked, "ah, there we are."

"I…, Merlin, what time is it?"

"Morning," Severus gestured around at the room, acknowledging the level of light. "I would have expected you up hours ago, repacking everything for the hundred and forty-seventh time."

Becks cracked a smile. "I think I made it to one-sixty last night, at least." He pointed to the stack of grimmoires by the door. "I decided not to take those. I wanted some of mum's old charms books instead, thought they'd be more useful."

Severus chuckled a little; how could the progeny of Hermione and himself be anything other than a complete nerd?

"I finally decided to go with your old textbooks for class." Whether he should use his mother or his father's text book had been the subject of much debate over the past few weeks. "Mom's had lots of notes about the important parts of the text, but yours have better notes regarding practical application. My reading retention is pretty good, so I decided that yours would be better." He paused, and seemed to have some kind of revelation. "I should definitely take mom's history books though. Where did I put those?" He hopped out of bed, clad in a pair of red boxers, and began to dig through the piles of books and papers on the floor.

Severus tapped the side of Beck's trunk with the side of his foot. "Did you put any clothes in this thing, or did you run out of room after you finished packing half the library."

Becks didn't catch the sarcasm in his father's voice; he was too busy looking for his mother's history of magic book. "I put an expansion charm on it. I packed my school robes and a couple of cardigans, but I had to leave behind the first addition defense books that Harry sent me."

Severus smiled wider. "You'll be happy that you eighty-sixed Potter's books in a couple months when it starts to snow."

"You're right. Aha," Becks straightened up with the book.

"Here, I brought you a little present." Severus handed over the parcel that he'd had stowed away in the back of his closet for the last month.

Becks took the package from his father and gave it a squeeze. "This is an awfully squishy book."

Severus let out a gasp in mock shock, and put a hand to his mouth. "There must be some kind of mistake."

Becks smiled. "I don't remember the last time I got a present from you that wasn't a book."

"Don't be ridiculous; I bought you a broomstick just last Christmas."

"Yeah, but it came with about seven books on flying safety, two more on Quiddich maneuvers, and another one on the history of Quiddich in Britain, so it all kind of evened out." Becks smirked, and tore the paper on his gift. He let the paper fall to the floor and held up a pair of emerald green socks with silver stitching and the Slytherin House emblem on the side.

"You can wear them now, so you don't have to leave any books to make room for them."

Becks tried to keep in the laughter that was bubbling up inside him, and managed to say, "thanks dad," in a somewhat convincing manner without snorting.

"I'll meet you down at breakfast," Severus said, and left his son alone to get ready for school.

The minute his father left the room, Becks burst out laughing. When he managed to get it under control, he went to his closet and pulled on a pair of jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and the Gryffindor sweater that his mother had brought him the night before. Grinning again, he pulled on his father's socks as well.


Becks went down to the kitchen after doing another quick check over of his trunk. He sat down across from his father, and Hermione set a plate of food in front of him. Severus had his nose buried in one of his monthly potion magazines. Becks smirked.

"Hey dad, can you pass me the marmalade?"

Severus set the marmalade in front of him, but didn't look up from his magazine.

"The butter as well, please?"

Severus joined the butter with the marmalade, but still didn't look up. Becks frowned in consternation, and then smiled sweetly.

"And a piece of toast?" That got his attention.

"Why did you ask for the marmalade if you didn't," he started, folding up his magazine, "have any," but he came up short when he caught sight of what his son was wearing.

Severus took one look at his son and then sent a death glare at Hermione. His wife was giggling at him through her porridge.

"What is that?"

Hermione feigned innocence. "What is what, dear?"

"Clearly I must be mistaken, but it appears as though my son is wearing a scarlet and gold sweater with a lion on it."

"Your powers of perception serve you well," Hermione informed him. "It does have a lion on it."

"It says Gryffindor on the back," Becks added, turning in his seat and pointing to his back so that his father could see. "Don't you like it?"

"It's hideous."

"You're right. It doesn't match his green socks," Eileen added, emerging from under the table to join the conversation.

Hermione arched an eyebrow at her husband. "Green socks?"

"At least I'm discreet. What do you think is going to happen when he sits down at Slytherin table wearing a Gryffindor sweater?"

"The same thing that will happen when he sits down at Gryffindor table wearing Slytherin socks!"

Eileen snorted through her toast. "It doesn't matter anyway. Becks"ll be sorted into Hufflepuff for sure."

Severus moved the glare onto his daughter, but she just diffused it with a sweet smile. "And what house will you be in, pumpkin?" he asked.

"Slytherin of course, but I don't want any socks."

Severus ruffled his daughter's curls fondly. "That's my girl."

"I hope you're happy, now that you've corrupted our children."


Something strange happened in the time between when they left the manor and when they arrived at Kings Cross Station. Somehow the cool collected young woman that Severus had fallen in love with had turned into Molly Weasley. And, as he was suddenly overcome with panic over a missing luggage trolley, he realized that he wasn't that far off himself.

The station was bustling with muggles, and instead of the self-contained confidence he usually felt around anyone non-magical he was filled with a defensive sort of uneasiness. One hand was hidden in the pocket of his coat, clutched into a fist around his wand. His other hand was clutched to the handle of a luggage laden trolley. Outwardly, he didn't look any more annoyed or ready to attack than anyone else in the crowded station.

Hermione, on the other hand, was beaming and friendly with the other travelers. She made sure that Eileen held onto her hand, and she continued to fret over the collar of Beck's coat.

"We really should have gotten your hair cut last weekend. You'll have to prove to everyone that you're not some kind of punk deviant now," Severus could hear Hermione muttering. But, from the weight of the trunk he was dragging through the station, on a broken trolley without the aid of magic, it probably wouldn't take too much proving. He was about to make a remark something to this affect when they neared the gate barrier.

Hermione's eyes darted around, closely monitoring the muggles around them. "I'll take Eileen through, and then you two can follow with the trolley."

Severus watched as she sidled nonchalantly up to the barriers, and made a pretense of scanning the arrivals board before she decided no one was looking and backed through the solid brick wall.

Severus scanned his son's face in silent evaluation, testing the boy's nerves. "We can take it at a run if you like."

Becks rolled his eyes. "Don't be silly. I think I can handle it." He took the trolley from his father and walked calmly into the wall, not paying the muggles surrounding them any heed whatsoever. Severus hurried after him, as surreptitiously as possible.

When he emerged onto the familiar platform all thought of reprimand escaped him. Hermione seemed to have it covered though.

"Careless! I can't believe," Hermione was ranting, but Becks cut her off.

"It's not careless at all mum. The ministry has plenty of anti-muggle wards shielding the platform. It wouldn't matter if I ran around the station squawking like a chicken for twenty minutes beforehand, no one would notice me going through the gate. Besides, dad's the one who wanted to take it at a run."

"It doesn't hurt to be extra cautious," Hermione continued, but she'd pretty much lost interest in the argument; Becks had a point.

"Oh look, there's Harry and Ginny!" She pointed to the other end of the platform where a tall dark haired man and a plump redhead were surrounded by a whole herd of children.

Hermione made a beeline for them, and Severus struggled to follow her with the trolley.

"Please tell me that these aren't all yours Potter," Severus said, abandoning the trolley and wading through the children to stand next to his wife.

Harry smiled. "Just the ones with glasses, and the bun in the oven of course," he put a hand over Ginny's swollen belly. "The two sets of twins are Fred and George's, and the redheaded girls all belong to Ron."

"And they just left their children with you? There may be hope for them yet."

Ginny giggled. "They're getting the kids situated on the train," she said. Hermione hadn't wasted any time in feeling the other woman up, but Ginny didn't seem to mind the invasion of her personal space. She beamed as Hermione felt along the curve of her stomach, hoping to feel the baby kick.

Eileen wasted no time in befriending the group of redheaded girls and proclaiming herself their leader. Becks lingered at his father's side, staring openly at Harry. Harry and Ginny had been living abroad for the past decade; Harry was good about keeping in touch, and he always sent Christmas gifts, but he and Becks had never actually met.

"So you're Harry Potter," Becks said finally, after taking sufficient time to size him up.

"So I am told," Harry smiled indulgently. "I haven't seen you since you were a baby. You certainly take after your father."

"I've been reading about you lately." Becks continued to stare at him, and this seemed to make Harry nervous. "Are the things that they say about you true?"

Harry smiled sheepishly, "Yes, well I think they have most of the dates right."

A look of mild interest crossed Becks' face, but he didn't say anything.

Fred and George chose that moment to step off the train just in front of their family, and the train let out a final warning whistle.

"Hey 'Mione," Fred said, as George came over to ruffle her hair.

"This the wee scamp then?" George asked, looking at Becks.

"Best be getting that trunk onto the train lad," Fred said, addressing Beck's directly and then turning to his brother. "Well come on Georgie, you must know the drill by now."

George sighed, and went to help Fred with the trunk.

Becks looked frantically from his parents to the strange red-headed men that were carting away his entire wealth of books, and then back again.

Severus smiled, "Well go on then. You don't want to miss your train."

Becks nodded; he was finally starting to look worried. He made an effort of straightening his jaw and gave his father a firm nod, hugged his mum, and then fled after his precious books.

Becks finally caught up with Fred and George as they were stuffing his trunk into a compartment at the far end of the train.

"There you go then," Fred said.

"Have fun at Hogwarts," George added.

"Thanks," Becks said.

"Don't bother thanking us," George said.

"Just cause a bit of trouble for your dad on our behalf."

Becks smiled, and the twins left down the corridor. He just shook his head and entered the compartment.

Two redheaded boys and a redheaded girl looked up when Beck's entered the compartment. The girl was definitely the oldest, but the scrawny boy in the thick glasses was the first to address him.

"Sirius Potter," he said, extending a hand.


When they returned home, Dumbledore was already there waiting for them.

"I took the liberty and made some tea. I hope you don't mind." He handed a cup to Hermione.

Hermione took a sip, "Oh, this is wonderful Albus."

"Thank you." Severus accepted a cup as well.

"We ran into Harry at the station."

"Ah, yes. I understand that he and Ginny finally decided to return to England so that their oldest could enroll at Hogwarts."

"What would Hogwarts possibly be without the next generation of Potters," Severus snickered.

"He'll be sorted along with your son this evening," Dumbledore said.

Hermione brightened. "Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful if they were both sorted into the same house?"

Severus' eyebrows knitted together. "That hardly seems likely."

"That way they can both be in Hufflepuff," Eileen giggled. She had burrowed herself into Dumbledore's robes and was helping herself to the sweets in his pockets.

Dumbledore beamed down at Eileen, and he handed her a pumpkin cake that he'd brought especially for her. Eileen squealed in delight.

Hermione shook her head and snorted at her impetuous child. "Well, I hate to just run out on you like this Albus, but I have a million things to get ready for classes tomorrow and we really need to get going." She put a hand on Severus' elbow. "I'm just going to run and grab my sweater."

Severus watched her leave, and then turned to Albus. "She's been rewriting her lesson plans all summer. It doesn't matter how many times I tell her that they're perfect: most over-prepared woman I've ever met."

"Ah," Dumbledore smiled. "Even after fourteen years, she still thinks that she needs to prove herself to you. From what Minerva tells me, she's doing an excellent job of proving herself to everyone else in the process."

"The students like her."

Hermione returned wearing a Gryffindor sweater. Severus scowled at her, but didn't comment. "Thanks again for babysitting, Albus," she said.

"Not at all; it's always a pleasure."

"See you tonight then. Be a good girl, Eileen." Hermione disapperated, and Severus followed.


Hermione arrived at the staff table that night, slightly out of breath.

"What have you been doing?"

Hermione smirked. "Wouldn't you like to know."

"Yes, that's why I asked."

"Well, I'm not telling you."

"If you did something to my office…"

Hermione cut him off with a kiss. Severus grabbed the back of her neck and leaned into her lips.

"Oh, would you two quit. The students will be here any moment." Minerva interrupted them.

"Of course, headmistress." Hermione broke contact and straightened her robes.

Severus growled and glared at the old woman.

There was a hollow sound as the doors opened, and the students began milling in.

"I told you." Minerva said, drinking from her goblet. "Hagrid should be here with the first years shortly. I should go get the sorting hat."

"I can go get it for you, headmistress." Neville, who was sitting next to her, offered.

"Oh, thank you Professor Longbottom."

Severus snorted as Neville left the table to fetch the sorting hat. Hermione hit him, and he snorted again. "Behave," she hissed. "What's gotten into you?"

His lips curled into a knowing grin, and Hermione felt his hand move under the table to her thigh.

She smacked him again in the shoulder. "Quit it."

Severus returned his hand to the table, and turned away from her to engage Flitwick in conversation.

Hermione sighed, placing her hand in his.


"Are you nervous?" Becks asked Sirius.

"A little, are you?"

Becks' hands were clammy, but he wasn't sure if that was from nerves or the rather wet journey across the lake. "I think so."

"I hope we're in the same house."

Becks smiled at his new friend. "Me too."

"Alright students, follow me." Minerva threw the doors from the entrance hall wide and led the students into the Great Hall.

They all lined up uncomfortably near the entrance and looked around with wide eyes. Becks glanced up to the head table, and met his parents' eyes; he gave them a weak smile.

He was in a daze as he listened to the hat's song and watched his fellows divided amongst the four house tables. The daze lasted all the way up until he heard the Headmistress call his name.

"Rebecca Granger-Snape," McGonagall called out, and Becks stepped forward.

He paused for a moment to give his parents a withering glare, he could already hear people giggling and chatting in quiet tones, before sitting down on the stool. He was bathed in darkness for a moment as the sorting hat was dropped on his head. A moment later there was a loud cry of, "Ravenclaw!"


It was echoed almost immediately by both of his parents, sounding more incredulous than congratulatory. He looked up to give them a smirk, before joining his house at one of the long tables.

"Ravenclaw?" Severus repeated, quieter this time in hardly more than a whisper.

Hermione shrugged. "I guess we should have expected it. Maybe it's better if he's not in either one of our houses."

When Sirius Potter was sorted into Ravenclaw as well, Severus gave out a groan. "You do realize that, barring some miracle, Ravenclaw has the next six Quiddich cups in the bag."

"Guess it's a good thing that Gryffindor's going to win this year then, hunh?"

"Not even if it means I have to hex your entire team," Severus muttered.


Becks felt a little ridiculous sitting at the Ravenclaw house table wearing a Gryffindor sweater and Slytherin socks, but he took it all in stride. The other students seemed just as interested in him as they were in Sirius, and he was beginning to feel pretty confident.

"So your name's really Rebecca?" an older boy asked him, grabbing across his plate for a roll.

"Everyone calls me Becks," he answered. "That was just my parents trying to embarrass me."

"So they really are your parents then?" This was a blonde girl sitting directly across from him, "Professor Granger and Professor Snape?"

Becks nodded.

"Isn't that weird: having your parents work here?"

"Could be worse."

Sirius snorted. "How could it possibly be worse?"

Becks gave him that patented Snape smirk. "I could be Harry Potter's kid."



Severus was still seething that night as they returned home and sat down to have a nightcap with Dumbledore.

"Rebecca is a very clever boy, and I think that he will fit in well in Ravenclaw."

"With Sirius Potter?"

Dumbledore raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

Severus groaned. "Yes really."

"That is a bit of a surprise."

"You're telling me."

"Well, if it's any consolation, I think that your daughter is Slytherin bound for certain."

"How is that?" Hermione asked.

"Ah, well, today your lovely daughter asked me, quite earnestly, if maybe I should consider a trip to St. Mungo's to have my eyes checked. When I enquired as to why this was necessary, she told me that if I could see myself properly in the mirror, I never would have left the house in this hat."

Severus snorted, looking much less annoyed, which had been Albus' intent. "Cheeky little thing, isn't she?"

Hermione looked appalled.

Albus fingered the brim of the hat in question sheepishly. It was a very whimsical shade of lavender to match his robes, which would be okay save for the rather poor rendition of a dragon done in orange embroidery. "Perhaps I'm a bit out of style in my old age. Maybe I should take advantage of your daughter's keen fashion sense, and take her shopping with me tomorrow." Dumbledore set his glass down and began to pull on his robe.

Hermione and Severus rose as well.

Hermione gave him a quick hug. "Thanks again. Eileen will be back in school next week and we won't need a sitter."

"Really Hermione, no need to thank me. It's always a pleasure. If I'm left to my own defenses I get up to all sorts of trouble." He winked at her. "Goodnight now."


The moment Albus was gone, Severus grabbed Hermione by the waist and pulled her roughly to his chest.

Hermione giggled into his neck. "What has gotten into you today?"

Severus began unbuttoning her robes. "What do you mean?"

"You can't keep your hands off me."

Severus ran a hand over her bottom. "We got back from the station hours ago."

Hermione bit her lip and looked up into his eyes. "Dumbledore was here, what was I supposed to do?"

"We still haven't had sex in your office."

"And we're not going to."

Severus unbuttoned his collar. "We had sex in mine."

"That doesn't count." Hermione pulled off her t-shirt, grabbed the cuff of Severus' robes and led him into the sitting room.

Severus watched the line of her back. He liked the way she looked in just jeans and her bra. Her hips sidled back and forth, and the tips of her hair were brushing across her small delicate shoulder blades. "Why doesn't that count." He spun her and kissed her as he pulled her down on the couch on top of him. "You had four orgasms."

"I was seventeen. It was test anxiety. I was weak. It won't happen again. And I was seventeen, four orgasms isn't such an accomplishment, so don't look so smug." She bit his jaw, lightly, just under his ear.

"You don't think I can do it again?"

Hermione finished unbuttoning his shirt for him. "I'm happy to let you try."

"And what do I get?"

"For four orgasms?" She sat up in his lap and unhooked her bra.

Severus lost his shirt and leaned forward to lick one of her nipples. "Four."

"We can have sex in my office."

"Anytime I want?"

"Well, I don't…" what she was going to say was lost in a moan as he did something really interesting with the hand that wasn't unbuttoning his trousers. "Anytime you want."

"Then we have a deal."

Severus slid out from under her and finished removing his trousers, batting her hand away as she reached for her own zipper. He leaned over her, brushing his lips against her naval as he did, and undid the button with his teeth. His hair brushed across her belly, and Hermione bit her lip again to stifle a moan. Severus caught that moan with a kiss. Cupping her breast and teasing the nipple with the thumb of one hand, he used the free one to unzip her jeans.

Hermione parted his lips with the tip of her tongue, seeking the sweet taste of peppermint that still lingered, from dessert, on his breath. Severus let her have her way with his mouth, and, abandoning her breast, used both hands to slip her jeans and panties down over her narrow hips.

She lost contact long enough to let out a deep hollow breath as she relished the sensation of the stiff denim brushing across her hips and down her thighs. The breath deepened into a moan as she felt Severus' skin against her own, and she felt him hard against her stomach.

"Oh god, Sev," she let out, as he grabbed her on either side, just above her hips, and entered her with one slow steady motion.

He suckled the sensitive spot in the hollow of her left shoulder, as he pulled out again, and Hermione threw her head back against the arm of the sofa and closed her eyes. As he thrust in again, he moved his mouth down from the hollow of her shoulder to the already sensitive nipple and bit down. With that, her head popped up again, and she bucked her hips into his.

Severus deepened the motion, pushing their bodies together, and she moaned. Her skin began to quiver all over as Severus found his rhythm, and within minutes he had her breathing hard and flailing under him. As Hermione's breaths slowed and she let out a gasp, Severus pushed himself into her again and paused.

He brushed her hair behind her ear, cupped her cheek, and leaned in to whisper, "That's one," before he pulled away and took up a new rhythm: faster now.


Hermione sat at the breakfast table the next morning, completely exhausted, nursing a cup of tea. Severus was in a similar condition, but with a smug grin plastered on his face.

"That was stupid," Hermione finally said. "We both have classes all day today."

"You said you wanted four."

Hermione smiled a little. "That was actually five, but I wasn't going to stop you."

Severus raised an eyebrow.

"You're missing the one in between rounds when you were rubbing my back."

"Was that what that was?"

Hermione flushed. "I've been a little stressed this week."

Severus managed to look even smugger. "Well I am good then, aren't I?"

"At your age-" Hermione's rebuttal was cut of mid sentence as Dumbledore apparated into the room.

"Good morning," he said energetically. "Are you ready for classes this morning?"

They both made noncommittal grunts, and rose stiffly from the table.

"Eileen's still in bed," Hermione told him. "We'll see you tonight. I have to go make sure all my first years make it to breakfast; last year one of them got locked in a wardrobe." Hermione grabbed her bag and shuffled off into the sitting room.

"I better go make sure all my first years make it to breakfast as well," Severus added, straightening his robes. "Last year two of them lost track of time when they were busy locking some idiot Gryffindor in a wardrobe." He gave Dumbledore a smile, and followed Hermione into the sitting room.

Hermione was throwing floo powder onto the fire, and she didn't see him snag the panties that were stuck between two of the sofa cushions and put them in his pocket. He smirked and followed her through the fire.


They both had classes with the first years all the way up until lunch. The Ravenclaws had double-Defense Against the Dark Arts with the Gryffindors, and then double-Transfiguration with the Slytherins. Severus was convinced that Minerva had scheduled it like that just out of the pure pleasure of torturing him.

There was a slight hitch in Severus' step as he left the head table, and made his way down to his classroom, muttering about cruel and unusual punishment. Hermione grinned as she watched him go, and gave the Headmistress a wink. It was worth having to put up with the Slytherins if it meant that Severus had to have the Gryffindors first thing in the morning: especially if it wiped that smug look off his face.


Hermione caught herself looking at the clock again. It was almost lunch time, and she fully intended to spend the two hours between classes asleep on the couch in her office.

A loud noise caught her attention, and she looked away from the timepiece. She couldn't help but smile when she realized that the noise was the result of her son whispering something, no doubt disreputable, into Sirius Potter's ear.

The smile deepened to a smirk when she considered the spectacle of her son, the very image of his father, whispering and giggling with his new friend. Sirius was wearing his pointed black wizard's hat, and, with his trademark Weasley hair out of sight, he looked just like Harry had at that age. The whole affect was a little disconcerting.

She felt bad cutting their conspirations short, but the two boys were starting to get out of hand.

"Would I be able to start a fire with your toothpick, Mr. Snape?" she asked.

Becks flashed her Severus' arrogant smile, and held up a perfect redheaded match. "You could start a fire with my match if you really wanted to," he said, in a slightly higher copy of his father's velvety drawl. He flicked his wand at a deck of playing cards, which she'd confiscated earlier, sitting atop her desk, transfiguring it into a tiny silver object. "But I'd suggest using a lighter."

Hermione picked the lighter up and, flicking it open, produced a small blue flame. She looked up at her class in interest. The muggle born half of the class were impressed by the magic, while Rebecca had won over the wizarding half by producing a means of creating fire without the use of magic.

"Very well," she conceded with a nod. "Perhaps you could keep it down though, or lend the other students a hand instead of being a distraction."

"Of course, professor," he said, eyes twinkling.

Of all the traits or quirks he could have picked up from Albus Dumbledore it had to be that one! Hermione was starting to wonder if Eileen spending so much time with the old man was such a good idea after all.

At the end of class, Becks hung back from the other students, taking a long time to gather up his things, and instructing Sirius to go on ahead of him. Once everyone was gone, he sidled up to his mother's desk, grinning.

"You know," he said. "When dad yells at me in class he calls me Mr. Granger."

Hermione's lips twitched and she sighed. "What did you do to him?"

"Nothing he won't recover from… in time." He smirked and sidled out of the room after his friends.

Hermione let out another sigh, messaging her temple, and trying not to smirk as she considered the possibilities. With a little snort she grabbed her folder off the desk and trudged wearily up the steps to her office. She was looking forward to slumping down on the sofa when she got there, but it seemed that someone else had beaten her to it.

"Hard time with the first years?" she asked, a knowing smile curving her lips as she sat down on the chair instead.

"My only son is in Ravenclaw, and his best friend is an annoying redhead named Sirius James Potter," he spat out each name venomously. "I'm in hell; this is what hell feels like."

"It can't be all bad."

He looked up at her for the first time. "This sofa is quite comfortable."

Hermione shook her head. "Oh, no! I know I said anytime, but I can barely stand up right now."

"Merlin, woman. Who do you think I am?" He held out his arms to her, still slumped into the comfort of the sofa cushions. "Nap?" he asked, his face morphing to a cute inquiring look.

"I love you."


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