Whootness, a Wolf Tower fanfic. This is my version of what happen after Claidi got in the Wolf Tower and with the Irnonel chick and then " you are the wolf claw now " its base on that part. Except its going to be written the way that I wanted it to go like. Yes don't be fooled by what you are about to read, for I am tricky and sly and creative ^^;;


The Claidi Journals where created by Tanith Lee, I just came up with the storyline.


She was walking and she continued walking down the endless corridors. She was walking in this stiffy, tight, long, dragging dress.

Yes, so what if it got pretty jewels and delicate silk embroidery engraved on it. The dress was just unbearable to her!

But why is she fussing over some dress right now, when her world has just collapsed. How everything she believed in was just a facade. No, Nermin wasn't " her " prince charming and he was engaged to the freaky pale girl, Moon Silk.

I mean come on. What kind of name was " moon silk ". And the whole thing with me becoming the Wolf's Claw, what was that?!! Roll some freaking dice to foretell some poor man's future?

Borned as a slave serving a brat spoiled princess, now being told that her parents where the royals. And oh how tragic was her mother being banned from ' The House ', falling in love with her steward......and had I the illegitimate child.

As Claidi strolled down the corridors, muttering angrily to herself. A bright red flower caught her eye from afar. It had such a red crimson colour, she walked towards it. She noticed what a wonderful fragrance coming off from it.

She drew closer and closer then she reached out of the window. She carefully plucked the flower off it's stem. It was the same flower that Nermin showed to the Old Lady.


Claidi walked back to her wing, waving the flower like a wand spreading its lovely aroma around the hall. She once again glanced outside of the window. She looked straightly at the skies.

Big white puffy clouds perfected with a droning color of blue and the fresh lush forest supporting it. She longed to get out of here. To get out of the cold castle and wildly roll down the green hill in a nice ragged dress.


A voice said from nowhere. She looked around and no one was in sight.


The voice said again. " Hello, anyone there......Argul?...

// Oh please god, oh please let it be Argul. Coming to rescue me from this place //

A shadow rose behind Claidi, it grasped her tightly. It took the flower from her hand and put it in her rich hazel brown hair. Her heart raced bump'n bump'n it went. She was locked in these strong arms, bounded.

" Claidi- Baa " whispering to her ear.

Her heart leaped, it Argul, she turned around quickly. Her eyes stung with tears and there she saw was.................


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