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Devotion: What can I do?

I wish it would just end like this

I wish it would just be forgotten

Just like the sweet dreams that I dreamt last night,

If I cry like this, will I forget about it?

If I hate like this, will I forget about it?

So that you won't be able to live in my heart anymore

She sat on the ledge of the balcony and let her legs dangle off. It was over now…all over. Everything she had hoped for, built up for, was gone. She blinked back the tears.

Hinata wanted to be happy for them—no for him, she had never been really close to Sakura—even if it hurt her inside. She managed to smile through the whole ceremony and reception.

It was false though. All fake. Her laughs, her smiles, her voice—somehow, that all felt faraway. She wasn't there anymore.

I'm not really sure

The tears just keep flowing down

I can't live a moment of forgetting you

She had her chance, but she lost it. And now she was left with nothing on his wedding night.

Someone walked out onto the balcony too and immediately she blinked back the tears and wiped her face.

What am I going to do?

I love you so much.

I tried to love separation

And I hoped for you to be happy

And I smiled and let you go

Maybe my love isn't enough yet

(What should I do?) The tears keep flowing.

(What should I do?) My heart is hurting so much.

A breeze blew by and she sat still, not turning to regard her company. He didn't need it either.

Sasuke leaned back against the wall behind her. He had wanted to get away from it all too. As he watched Sakura get married, he felt glad for them—Naruto had loved her for a long time, and he just didn't like her the same way—but as he watched Hinata cry, his heart ached too.

Big parties like this weren't his style either and he'd rather be alone.

When she realized it was only him and not one of the other guests, she let the tears flow again. He had seen her cry in the morning already, and figured it out on his own. She had cried during the ceremony and had left with an excuse that she was a very emotional person. He hadn't been inside for the ceremony either and had seen her wreck her anguish out. She knew he wouldn't tell anyone.

She shouldn't have come to the party at night. She should've just gave the excuse that she got sick and stayed at home.

I wish that today wasn't happening

I wish that tomorrow wouldn't come

So that I can fall asleep, thinking about you

I'm afraid of today passing by

I'm afraid of tomorrow coming.

Because I'm going to fall asleep in my tearful grievance

The pond below the balcony was looking very inviting to her by now, and she could feel herself wavering to the wind. Anytime now, she would succumb to the breeze and let it take her down.

Maybe if she let herself slam down onto the concrete basin, it would let her relieve some of the pain inside of her.

Sasuke watched as she swayed to the wind, ready to topple over at any given moment. He saw her lean forward slightly, the champagne glass in her fingers smashed into tiny pieces on the floor as her grip loosened on the ledge.

Her dark blue skirt fluttered in the air as she seemed to float for a minute before she plummeted down.

All her miseries would end this way, and sometimes she thought why she didn't think of it sooner.

She closed her eyes and let the darkness consume her.

But she never reached the bottom.

Sasuke held her awkwardly as his tuxedo was too stiff to move around easily and his legs were now drenched in freezing cold water up to his knees. She was now unconscious in his arms and it would be no use to take her back in. Neji had left awhile ago.

~End: What can I do?~

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