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Devotion: A.S.A.P

Just like a person who loved you since the beginning

Just like a person who loved you since long ago

It wouldn't end with a lot of scars in heart will it?

Like an idiot, I fell in love

You were probably tired from being tangled with me as well

I can't get you out of my heart

You probably want to come to me like I do

It was stupid—what he did. Stupid, rash, and unbelievable on his behalf. He had summoned up all his courage for it. Just because he was Uchiha Sasuke—whom many girls want—it didn't mean he had practice on it or something. But somehow, it had all worked out in the end.

Are you that tired?

It's time to leave that [guy]

I go along with you better than that other [guy]

You know this

She had stood before him, her head slightly tilted up to look at him, since she only reached up to his shoulders. She blinked a few times and her mouth opened once or twice, trying to say something, but only to be clamped shut by a change of mind.

But it had felt nice.

She had reached up and felt her lips with her fingertips, where his lips had lightly brushed by.

Ever since I first met you,

I put you in my heart

So that you will leave [him]

And in there, I will go


It came out unsure and tentative.

Then, he had backed away from her voice as if it stung him. He had acted too soon; she wasn't ready for what he wanted to tell her for so long. He shouldn't have done it.


Now he just had to tell her and get it over with.

"I…love you, Hinata…for a while now…"

I have been waiting for you

I want you


Even your line of vision

It's time to take

I don't want to share your love

Was he serious? She had stared at him, wide-eyed, still speechless. He had loved her this whole time?

She wasn't sure whether she loved him back the same way—or just a friend.

But if she had only liked him as a friend, wouldn't she have been repulsed by his action, and not craving for more?

His lips had felt…nice.

It was all too confusing for her now. Nothing much really registered to her except for the slight kiss. And yet, in her confusion, she was aching for more too.

I'm so exhausted and tired

And even if I want to lean against you

I will have to be pain until you are mine

Just like a clock going around and around

Just like a person going around the world.


Your eyes and your devotion

You know the one love will have to be in pain

You know that I will have you

He had sighed and closed his eyes, and waited for her to turn and leave him. That was all that was left, he had thought. The way her eyes had looked at him after he had kissed her made his heart ache. It didn't seem like she loved him back the same way.

No matter what kind of love it is,

You can say goodbye

Why are you hesitating?

You will choose me anyway

Something soft brushed by his lips and he had opened his eyes to see Hinata's face just inches from his. She opened her eyes tentatively as she started to move away. Ebony eyes met white pearls.

He could see himself in her eyes. Just himself. Her eyes were finally one him…and just him.

Before she could move out of his reach, his arms wrapped around her thin waist and pulled her close to him, his face lowered into hers. Her arms had then moved cautiously to wrap around his neck as their bodies came in contact.

In all their months of living together, this had been the closest contact either of them had. And they had taken that opportunity.

I'll come to you

Leave that [guy]


So that I can have your everything

It's time to love

So much that you can't refuse me

I know you, who are trapped with me

Sasuke sat on the couch, replaying what had happened that morning. It had all went by so fast for him.

"You ready?"

He looked up to see her, dressed in a dark blue skirt and white T-shirt.

She may not be as flashy as those other girls he had seen at the malls and places that gave him looks, but to him, she was perfect.


Hinata handed him his jacket as she made her way to the door.

He closed the door after him and they made their way down the stairs.

It was just like before, when they had been living together.

But now she was his.

And only his.

She turned back and smiled at him as he wrapped on arm around her waist.

"Let's bring a cheesecake."


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