And He Bled Crimson
By: Lost Nin
Disclaimer: There's no way in the world I can ever be as creative as Masahi Kishimoto, so in other words.... not mine in any way shape or form.
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Warning: If you're not reading the manga this fic has some spoilers.

Chapter 1

A single crimson drop fell to the ground, followed by another. Dark onyx eyes widened in mute horror at the scene before him. His left arm twitched, his hand pulsed. The world around him seemed to come to a standstill. He was unable to move, yet his mind was telling him to do so. A warm hand rested on his arm, its owner was wearing a small smile.


Sasuke found himself unable to breath, his heart ached as though someone had ripped it from his chest and stabbed it a thousand times with their kunai. His body started to tremble as the reality of the moment started to set in. He tried to take a step back, but the hand that held his arm grasped him tightly.

"Naruto, I...."

The blue eyes before him were filled with so much pain, tears threatened to spill, but yet the bearer still wore his smile.

"Damn you!" Sasuke growled. "Why didn't you get out the way!?" Tears of his own started to sting his eyes, but he refused to let his feelings overwhelm him. He had done so once before, letting his anger fuel his desire. He had nearly lost himself, and it took the friendship and determination of one person to get him to change his ways, that was to a point. The rage of getting his revenge against his brother didn't burn through his veins like it once use to, but the thought was always there. He knew that one day he would complete his vow when he was truly ready, but now wasn't the time.

The blondes grip slackened as he faltered, his feet nearly gave out on him. Sasuke stepped forward, pulling the boy against him with his free hand. It was at that moment the older Shinobi's eyes fell upon his left hand. Blood streamed through his fingers with each pump of the smaller boys heart. Sasuke glanced frantically around for help, he didn't mean for this to happen, he never wanted this to happen. A blur of black, green and gray appeared beside him. And just as quickly his hold on the other boy was yanked free as he was tossed roughly to the side.

He fell quiet while holding his arm as it throbbed painfully, the aftereffect of using the Chidori. "Kakashi-sensei..." He took a step toward the two people before him before freezing in his tracks when Kakashi looked at him. His Sensei's own Sharingan eye stared back at him in pure anger. He could read everything that Kakashi wanted to say to him in that moment.

"Later, Sasuke."

The soul survivor of the Uchiha massacre lowered his head in shame as his Sensei scooped his teammate into his arms, then took off in a hurry.

He hadn't meant for this to happen. He and Naruto had been doing their usual bantering when things suddenly turned ugly between them, something in him had finally snapped. Just thinking about the feeling that nearly consumed him in that one moment frightened him. He had up to that point been working with Kakashi at keeping his emotions in check, knowing that the seal thrived off of his anger, but found it impossible to do so once the level two cursed seal broke free. It scorched his skin as it rapidly overtook him. He was unable to control himself as he lashed out. By the time he had realized what had happened it was too late.

Why hadn't Naruto gotten out of the way!? It was as if the blonde purposely allowed himself to be injured...

Sasuke's head snapped up as he stared in the direction of the village. He had up to that point always called Naruto a "baka", or by his labeled nickname "dobe", but all along Naruto was always the brightest one of them all, their light when times were dark. And once again the annoying Shinobi had shined bright. If Naruto hadn't done what he did, then the seal surly would have consumed him. It was Naruto who drove the seal back. Naruto saved him from the dark once again.

"Naruto... why?"

There were times he felt like he wasn't worth it, he didn't deserve the blondes friendship. When he first met Naruto he would have given anything to get the hyperactive loudmouth to leave him alone, but that eventually grew on him. He wouldn't call the friendship they had now that of best friends, nor would he call Naruto just an acquaintance. He was something more, it was hard to put words to the feelings the blonde stirred within him.

When he had returned home with Naruto, after the younger Shinobi saved him from making the mistake of going to Orochimaru, they had grown closer. He enjoyed having Naruto around. He found their quarrels amusing and looked forward to training each day with Sakura and Naruto. He started to enjoy life, just a bit. And it was all thanks to Naruto, the boy who seemed to change everyone around him on his quest to become Hokage, the boy who was probably dying in their Sensei's arms at that very moment.


Sasuke quickly came out of his stupor and rushed at an almost uncontrollable rate toward the village, chasing after the source that was giving out its life essence. He followed the trail of blood, too much blood, as it moved into the trees. He breezed by the branches, not caring that a small branch smacked him in the face and cut his cheek.

He jumped onto a neighboring building, running across the roof with ease, then springing onto the next all the while keeping his eyes on the crimson drops that led the way. His eyes transfixed on the tower the Hokage resided in. That's where Kakashi must have taken Naruto! The Fifth was supposed to be an incredible medical specialist.

He dropped to the ground with catlike reflexes and raced across the street to the entrance of the building, drawing the stares of people nearby. He halted before the doors and the two Anbu members that stood guard.

"Did Kakashi bring Naruto here?"

One guard nodded. The other stepped forward, grabbing a hold of Sasuke's shirt. "Uchiha Sasuke, you are to remain here until Kakashi returns."

"I'm not going anywhere." Sasuke glared at the two guards and yanked free of the hold on him. He wanted to get inside, to see how the blonde was doing, but it seemed as though Kakashi had left instructions to the Anbu for him not to gain access to Naruto. His Sensei was angry beyond words. He had lectured him before on using the Chidori on a comrade, and he had once again broken Kakashi's trust.


Sasuke glanced over his shoulder at the pink-haired Shinobi that raced toward him and growled in disapproval. He didn't want to be bothered at a time like this. He may respect Sakura, but there were times when her entrances were more then he could take.

"Sasuke-kun, what brings you here?" She smiled at him as she touched his arm. "Are you waiting to see the Hokage? Do we have a mission or.... you're hurt." She reached out to touch his face.

"Sakura, not now." Sasuke cut her off, glaring at the girl as he smacked her hand away. She took a step back from him, her eyes were wide in shock. The sight of her made his heart ache ever so slightly, he hadn't treated her that badly in a long time.

"Sasuke-kun, what's wrong? What happened?"

There was one thing that he always gave her credit for, she knew when something wasn't right.

This was a situation that Hatake Kakashi knew he would be in again one day, but he hadn't wanted it to be this boy. As he held his young student in his arms the blonde did nothing but ask about the one who had put him in the situation he was in, begging him not to be angry with the other boy. But as time passed, and Naruto's condition deteriorated, he felt like hunting the Uchiha down and making sure he felt the pain that he put Naruto through.

Tsunade worked frantically trying to save the boy. Her assistant, Shizune hovered by her side ready to assist her if she were to call upon for her help. He watched the scene before him quietly, knowing that he very likely would be bidding goodbye to yet another person he cared about, they all left him at one time or another. It was times like this that made him rethink about letting anyone get close to him.

"Come on, Brat!" The Fifth plead for the young boy to snap out of it, but no matter what she did the blood refused to stop flowing and the boys shallow breathing finally came to a stop. "Naruto breath, damn you! Don't give up, you've never given up before!"

"Tsunade stop!" Shizue grabbed the Hokage firmly by the arm, yanking her back from the body. "He's gone, the damage was too great. You tried your best."

"NO!" Tsunade pushed the startled woman away. "It's not his time! He's to be the next Hokage! He's...." The Fifth trailed off, her eyes fixed on something.

Kakashi felt his heart come to a stop himself as he watched the Hokage slowly reach out and touch the necklace that hung loosely around the boys neck. He had never noticed it on Naruto before, until now. Her hand shook as she ran her fingers along the ore. "Damn this cursed thing. It has taken them all..." Her hand wrapped around the metal as she bowed her head. "Forgive me, Naruto. I should have never given you this."

Kakashi willed himself to step toward the young Shinobi, uncertain if he wanted to intrude. As he stood over the boy he couldn't help but stare, even in death the blonde held his pride, his smile. Kakashi crouched beside him, pulling the glove off of his hand before placing it on the youth's forehead. He closed his eyes, having a moment in silence before rising back to his feet. He quietly exited the room, leaving that half of his life behind.

Sasuke found himself becoming more impatient by the second. What was going on in there? What was Naruto's condition? "Hey, Anbu. What's Naruto's condition?" The guard that had grabbed him slipped into the building, but not before giving a stern warning for Sasuke to remain put.

"Naruto?" Sakura stared at him with worry. "What's happened to him? What's going on?" He could hear the concern in her voice, hell he was worried too. But what would she think if she knew what happened?

The dark-haired Genin could feel the familiar presence of someone appearing beside them. He didn't even bother greeting the Chuunin, if something concerned Naruto, Iruka wasn't far behind.

"Iruka-sensei!" Sakura grasped the older mans shirt. "What's going on with Naruto?"

"I was just about to ask the both of you. I just got word that Naruto was injured and Kakashi-san brought him here. Do you know how bad it is? Is Naruto ok?"

"I don't know, I just got here myself. But Sasuke-kun..."

A shout from inside the building caught everyone's attention. The Anbu guard that was still at the door rushed inside. Sasuke quickly followed knowing that Sakura and Iruka wouldn't be too far behind. This was his chance! He could make it up the stairs and see what the hell was going on. Once inside the building he followed the guard toward the stairs, but came to a halt once he spotted Kakashi heading toward them. Kakashi paused at the bottom of the steps, he looked like hell.

"Kakashi-san!" Iruka stepped toward the disheveled Jounin. "Naruto....?"

Sasuke swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat, Kakashi's gaze was upon him. That one visible dark eye was so cold, and yet so empty. Within those first few seconds he knew what had happened, his body began to shake, he took a wobbly step backwards.

"Naruto's dead."

Kakashi's only words rang through his head like a never-ending echo. He could hear Sakura gasp, before she sank to the floor. Iruka shook his head in denial before calling Kakashi a liar, then hurrying up the stairs. All the while Sasuke slowly backed away from the scene. Naruto.... dead! Then that would mean... he killed him. He killed one of the few people in his life that cared, and the only person he cared for back. Sasuke sprinted out the door, running away from the tower, not caring where his feet lead him as long as it wasn't anywhere within the village. He didn't belong in Konoha anymore.